Those who wish to travel around Central America will definitely want to take a look at the Namu Travel Group, a travel company that specializes in high end vacation plans for Panama, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. The company is composed of a team of 80 expert travelers who consider traveling to be a way of life, especially when it comes to exploring every part of Central America. They know every point of interest, hotel, and activity there is and even inspect them on a regular basis, allowing them to pick the ones they’re confident enough to highly recommend.

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The company has been widely featured in various publications over the years, including USA Today, Reader’s Digest, The Active Times, and more. The name Namu comes from the Bribri term for jaguar, which is one of Latin America’s most sacred beasts. The Bribri itself is one of the country’s biggest indigenous tribes. Namu strives to contribute to the overall understanding of the people as well as their customs through experiences that travelers will be happy with.

Namu Travel Group Brands

? Costa Rican Vacations: Namu is a trend setter when it comes to tourism around Costa Rica. Since 1999, the company has employed a customer-oriented approach to help them find the best experiences around the country according to their preferences. They also have the most up to date and relevant information that any travel agency could hope to offer it clients.

? Costa Rica Fishing: Offering the widest range of fishing partners to appeal to various anglers from all over the globe, Costa Rica Fishing pros is undoubtedly the top sport fishing agency based in Costa Rica. Dedicated to making sure that you’ll make the most of your fishing trip, the folks over at Namu will know about every single captain and boat you’ll be on as well as every luxury hotel you’ll be staying at.

? Panama Vacations: Since 2004, this company has specialized in exposing tourists to the beautiful and historic place of Panama, which now has one of the fast rising economies in North America. Being the capital of international finance, Panama is home to various hotels and tours, all of which are within Namu’s reach.

? Nicaragua Vacations: In addition to trips to Costa Rica, Namu has been offering access to hotels and other experiences based in Nicaragua since 2006. Their specialists have been giving their clients front row seats to the growing tourism destination that is Nicaragua. Namu is one of the very few who know of the beautiful destinations of the area.

Loyalty Rewards Programs

Repeat guests of Namu are treated to a rich loyalty program, allowing them to accumulate as much as $300 off on their next travel with the company. Loyal clients also get free rescheduling services as well as VIP lounge access at the airport.

For more information, visit Namu Travel Group’s official website or call them at (917) 538-1225 / (503) 803-0714.


Namu Travel Group, Calle 70, San Jose Province, San Jose, Costa Rica, website, 1-800-606-1860