Go Overseas is an online listing and review website for all kinds of programs all over the world. Whether you’re looking to travel abroad or are already abroad, the site aims to help individuals make their way to foreign parts of the world in order to study, volunteer, work, or simply travel.

Some people have referred to the website as the TripAdvisor for those who want to study abroad, which is correct, though the site caters to so much more. The site aims to be a resource for individuals who are unsure of where to go or what programs are available in the place they’re going or whether a specific program they’re looking at is exactly how they imagine it to be.

How Does Go Overseas Work?

1. Browse through Programs

Users who use Go Overseas start off by browsing through the site’s wide collection of programs and categories. Here, not only will they be able to look through different kinds of overseas programs that match their interests, but they’ll be able to read reviews and interviews about it as well.

2. Bookmark and Compare

From there, users can create their own wish list of the programs they’ve taken interest in so that they can be bookmarked and saved for later. This will be useful when users will start comparing the different programs they’ll be choosing from side by side.

3. Meet Travelers and Ask Questions.

Once the choices have been narrowed down, users can then connect with other travelers from all over the world to learn more about a program they’ve taken interest in. This is a good way for them to get answers to questions they normally can’t find elsewhere.

4. Read More and Start Preparing.

Users can then proceed to reading more about the programs themselves and learn what they need to prepare for before departing and undertaking that program.The site also offers a wide selection of helpful articles and resources that may pique the interest of anyone looking to travel abroad for work, study, or leisure.

What Programs Does Go Overseas Offer?

- Study Abroad: Studying abroad can help give students a competitive edge in their learning that could translate to better careers in the future. Go overseas offers a chance for students to have an international experience in their college education. They make suggestions on the best places to study abroad and accommodate students who are looking to study abroad on a specific term. They also give information on the latest overseas programs that are trending.

- Volunteer Abroad: Volunteering is itself a very fulfilling experience that also happens to improve the skills of a person when matched with the right program. Go overseas helps aspiring volunteers to find the right program that best matches their abilities, allowing them to make an impact in the best way possible. The site also features programs based on their location and field.

- Teach Abroad: Sometimes teaching jobs are more abundant in places other than your own, so it makes sense to find opportunities to impart knowledge elsewhere. Interested applicants can search Go Overseas for teaching jobs abroad by country or by educational category. It’s a great way for individuals to try their teaching skills in an entirely new environment with people who have a different culture.

- Intern Abroad: Getting an internship can sometimes be what you need to get an edge in terms of work experience compared to other applicants. Sometimes, the internship abroad is a lot more palatable to prospective employers when they’re from a specific country. Go Overseas provides information on available internship programs on various fields found in different countries. They also offer resources on popular internship programs abroad.

- Gap Year: Need something to do during your gap year? There are endless opportunities if you go overseas. You can sign up for a work exchange, teach, get skiing classes, join a camp, and so much more at the country of your choice. It’s definitely a great way to have an adventure that will last you the entire year.

- High School Abroad: If you want to get a unique high school education experience, you can’t go wrong with going abroad. Just visit Go Overseas’ list of available high school programs which are sorted either by country or by the kind of summer program that you’re looking for (i.e. faculty, language, study, etc.). There’s also a guide for parents who want to send their kids to an overseas summer program.

- TEFL Courses: Getting the right TEFL training is all about getting enough number of hours for instruction and practice teaching with guidance from accredited institutions or universities. It also helps that you join a program with job placement assistance. Go Overseas helps you find those programs in the country of your choice, making sure that you get the best training for TEFL available.

- Language Schools: Want to learn a new language? Your learning experience will not only be more efficient but also more memorable if you go abroad to learn how to speak the language the way locals would. Go Overseas provides information on available language programs for all kinds of languages all over the world.

- Tours and Trips: Do you simply want to travel? Don’t worry. Go Overseas has that covered too! In fact, it will give you information on the trending destinations all over the world as well as the most popular travel activities there are based on the country of your choice. The site will even offer opportunities to book cheaper flights and accommodations so you get more for less. The site’s “Book on Go” feature guarantees the best prices for the destination of your choice.

Speaking of Book on Go, Go Overseas ensures the satisfaction of its travelers by making sure they don’t miss out. People can save a slot to any of the site’s verified programs by paying a refundable deposit up to two weeks before going. Overall, Go Overseas is a pretty good resource site if you’re planning on going abroad for study, work, or leisure, especially if you’re new to traveling abroad. (website)