Mineral Point is a small town in Iowa County, Wisconsin, established and thriving as a lead mining town in the 19th century. Many of the miners were from Cornwall, Great Britain, and some of their characteristic small dwellings have been preserved and turned into a museum called Pendarvis. Shake Rag Alley is a nonpro?t school of arts and crafts offering more than 200 courses per year. Brewery Pottery is an art studio and gallery located in the former 1850 limestone brewery. Mineral Point depot built in 1856 is the oldest depot in the state, today a museum.

1. Pendarvis

© Pendarvis

Pendarvis is a historic site in Mineral Point, Iowa County, Wisconsin. It consists of several 19th century cabins built by immigrants who came to Mineral Point to work in lead mines. The site is a museum of early lead mining in Wisconsin and is owned and managed by the Wisconsin Historical Society. During the height of the mining era in what is today’s Wisconsin, in the 1830s and 1840s, the population of Mineral Point grew to over 4,000 as people came to work in the lead mines. Many immigrants were tin miners from Cornwall, Great Britain. They built simple houses from wood or limestone. . As the lead mines were exhausted, many miners moved on to other mining sites, especially California. Many of the old cabins were being torn down in the 1920s. A couple of local residents purchased and restored several of the old Cornish buildings and called the first one Pendarvis. The collection of restored buildings was transferred to the Wisconsin Historical Society in 1970. The site was opened to the public as the Pendarvis Historic Site, containing a number of authentic mining tools and household items. .

114 Shakerag St, Mineral Point, WI 53565, Phone: 608-987-2122

2. Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts

Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts
© Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts

Shake Rag Alley is a nonpro?t school of arts and crafts founded in Mineral Point, Wisconsin in 2004 by local artists and community members under the leadership of founding board members Jim Kackley, Sandra Scott, and Judy Sutcliffe. The school is located on a homestead established in 1970 in a little valley around Federal Spring by Al Felly, who planted a beautiful garden and opened the house to artisans doing their crafts. Today the center welcomes students from all over North America, who participate at over 200 adult workshops per year. There is also a popular summer children’s program. The Center offers guest lodging, custom retreat rentals, and an outdoor theater venue called Alley Stage. Shake Rag Alley’s campus consists of 2.5 acres of paths, gardens, stone walls, and nine beautifully restored historic buildings. A natural stream runs between carpets of blue forget-me-nots, day lilies, wild ginger, daisies and hostas. The Center is open to visitors during business hours.

18 Shakerag St, Mineral Point, WI 53565, Phone: 608-987-3292

3. Brewery Pottery

Brewery Pottery
© Brewery Pottery

A former 1850 limestone brewery in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, .located on a hillside on the edge of town, is today a home, working studio and gallery for artists Tom and Diana Johnston. When they bought the brewery in 1991, they found it a perfect place for a home for their children and a pottery studio for them. They live in the malting tower and their work space, kiln and gallery are on the main floor. The large main fermentation room is now a basketball court and a golf driving range. The bottom floor is a woodworking space and welding studio. The old brewery is a charming setting for the gallery that shows the Johnstons’ pottery, sculpture and paintings as well as an eclectic range of artwork by artists from all over the country. There is also a small Mineral Point Brewery museum.

276 Shakerag St, Mineral Point, WI 53565, Phone: 608-987-3669

4. Mineral Point Railroad Museum

Mineral Point Railroad Museum
© Mineral Point Railroad Society

The Mineral Point depot built in 1856 in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, is the oldest depot in the state. The Mineral Point Railroad Society was established in 2000 to manage the restoration of the historic railroad depot. The depot opened to the public as a railroad museum in 2004. The museum contains a large collection of local railroad artifacts that include photos and maps of Mineral Point and surrounding communities from the "golden era" of railroading from 1890 to 1925. There are also railroad uniforms and tools from years gone by but the star of the show is a realistic diorama of the valley around the Mineral Point depot from the 1920s. This diorama displays the depot and numerous other railroad structures like a turntable, engine house, and watertank. Visitors can start a steam locomotive and make it run through the tracks around the depot by pushing a button on the side of the case.

11 Commerce St, Mineral Point, WI 53565, Phone: 608-987-2695

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5. Wantoot Modern American Art and Craft

Wantoot Modern American Art and Craft
© Wantoot Modern American Art and Craft

Wantoot was started in 2010 as an online resource to help American artists to promote their work. In 2012 Wantoot opened a real gallery and showroom in a historic 1891 building in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, showing a sampling of artworks shown on the website, but also new works that haven't made it online yet. The gallery supports local arts initiatives that offer opportunities for artists and art tourism. Wantoot represents artists based in the U.S.A. who embrace Modern aesthetic, with a special focus on discovering and promoting unique modern fine art and fine craft created in many mediums.

236 High St, Mineral Point, WI 53565, Phone: 608-284-5927

6. Gray Dog Deli

Gray Dog Deli
© Gray Dog Deli

RAY DOG DELI is a spacious, quirky eatery in the historic Gundry Gray building in Mineral Point, Wisconsin open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Homey décor and cozy nooks encourage lingering with friends over their delicious hot or cold sandwiches, soups or quesadillas. The breakfast is a special treat and is served until 11 am.. The menu changes often , the recipes are old-fashioned and the ingredients are the best possible quality, organic whenever possible. There is a surprisingly good wine list with wines from all over the world. Gray Dog is known for its live music events and wonderful patio. On the music evenings, gourmet pizza is on the menu.

215 High St, Mineral Point, WI 53565, Phone: 608-987-4000

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