Often called “America’s first spa”, Berkeley Springs is a historic spa town that can be found nestled in the mountains of West Virginia. People have traveled to the charming mountain town for centuries, mainly to visit the historic mineral spa which they believe to have healing powers for the mind and body. You’ll love the small-town feel where everyone seems to know each other - it’s a world away from the hustle and bustle of the Washington/ Baltimore metro area, which in actuality is only around 90 minutes away. Other things you should definitely do in addition to visiting the springs is playing with the cats at Give Purrs A Chance, learning about the local history at the Museum of Berkeley Springs, or having a drink and hearty meal at the Hillbilly Heaven Bar & Grill.

1. Berkeley Springs State Park

Berkeley Springs State Park
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Berkeley Springs State Park has several features and amenities for visitors of all ages to enjoy, but their most popular aspect is the historic mineral spa which can be found in the center of the park. The waters of Berkeley Springs were thought to have medicinal and restorative powers for many years; people would bathe in it for relief from stress or body aches, while others drank it to heal internal disorders. There are two park bathhouses still operating at the health resort, which operates daily throughout the year. People come from far and wide to relax themselves - George Washington himself is said to have visited the springs.

Address: 2 S Washington St, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411, Phone: 304-258-2711

2. Give Purrs A Chance

Give Purrs A Chance
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Give Purrs A Chance is a non-profit organization with the goal of promoting cat adoption rather than purchase. Since their adoption center opened its doors in 2017, over 500 kittens and cats have found homes. Many of these animals were found in broken homes or saved from the cold outdoors. The cares are free to roam the two-story Victorian house which doubles as their temporary home as well as the cat adoption center. Visitors are more than welcome to visit the house and play with the cats even if they’re not able to adopt them. Additional aspects include a Catique Boutique which is filled with new and vintage cat-related items made by local artists.

Address: 51 Independence St, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411, Phone: 304-258-7299

3. Museum of the Berkeley Springs

Museum of the Berkeley Springs
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The Museum of Berkeley Springs is a local-history museum that can be found in what was once a 19th-century Roman bath house. The official goal of the museum is to not only preserve the rich and colorful history of the springs, but to also share that history with present and future generations in a fun and interesting manner. The exhibits are filled with tons of historical documents and photographs, local artifacts, and temporary individual pieces - be sure to see the displays of tools and arrowheads used by local Native Americans, and over a dozen sketches by Porte Crayon on the “Delights of Berkeley”.

Address: 2 Fairfax St, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411, Phone: 800-447-8797

4. Berkeley Springs Castle

Berkeley Springs Castle
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Berkeley Springs Castle, also known as the Samuel Taylor Suit Cottage, is a castle-like house that was built in 1885 as a personal retreat for Colonel Samuel Taylor Suit of Washington D.C. Years later, the sight was also used as a boys’ summer camp and a public museum. Today, the castle can be found on a hill towering above the spa town of Berkeley Springs, and is a gorgeous sight to see even from afar. Though it is now a private residence and no public tours are held, the space can be rented for events.

Address: 276 Cacapon Rd, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411, Phone: 304-258-4000

5. Lot 12 Public House

Lot 12 Public House
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Lot 12 Public House is one of the more unique dining establishments that you’ll come across in Berkeley Springs. The restaurant is housed in an elegant 1913 home that still retains much of its original charm. Their menu changes seasonally but is often filled with New American fare and an array of meticulously chosen wines. The family owned and operated restaurant is managed by Jan and Jonathan Heath - both native residents of Berkeley Springs. They pride themselves in using seasonally-available ingredients that are locally sourced and farm fresh. Patrons who prefer vegetarian or gluten-free meals will love the array of dishes they find on the menu.

Address: 117 Warren St, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411, Phone: 304-258-6264

6. Fairfax Coffee House & Eatery

Fairfax Coffee House & Eatery
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The Fairfax Coffee House & Eatery in Berkeley Springs is somewhat of a hidden gem in the renowned spa town. The spacious dining establishment is the type of place where ‘regulars’ get together for a chat and a hearty, homemade breakfast. The warm, yet trendy, coffee shop has an array of delicious cuisine for breakfast and lunch. You can also spend your time looking through their array of mugs and t-shirts for sale, or play one of the many board games with friends in the intimate bar area. If it’s sunny out, take your drink and meal and head to one of the outdoor sidewalk tables to enjoy the weather and people watch.

Address: 23 Fairfax St, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411, Phone: 304-500-2710

7. Maria's Garden and Inn

Maria's Garden and Inn
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Maria’s Garden and Inn is the product of the faith and hard work of the Perry family, especially Margaret “Peg” Perry who displayed a gift in the kitchen from her childhood. Though they invested their time and energy on several endeavors throughout their life, Maria’s Garden and Inn is the one that stood the test of time. You’ll find the dining establishment full of gifts from afar, many of which are relics, rosaries, statues, and other religious articles. Connected to the restaurant is a charming inn where you can stay as your home away from home.

Address: 42 Independence St, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411, Phone: 304-258-2021

8. Hillbilly Heaven Bar and Grill

Hillbilly Heaven Bar and Grill
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Hillbilly Heaven Bar and Grill was established by brothers Time and Andy Coble in 2010. They wanted the residents and visitors of Berkeley Springs to have a laid-back and relaxed place where they can enjoy delicious food, have a cold drink, watch the game, play a game of pool, or just have a chat with their friends. The bar and grill is open well into the night, and has often been ranked as the area’s “#1 nightclub”. You can feast on great foods like pulled pork, prime rib, and seafood - be sure to pair it with a drink from their full menu of local, national, and international beers and spirits.

Address: 3280 Martinsburg Rd, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411, Phone: 304-258-0004

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