Wing Luke Museum

The Wing Luke Museum in Seattle is dedicated to the Pan-Asian Pacific Americans. There are over 26 ethnic minorities presented, and 18,000 items on display, such as photographs, books, artefacts, documents and oral histories.

Wing Luke made the history books by being the first Asian-American to get elected into the Pacific Northwest public office. The naming of the museum is in honor of Wing Luke, who died in a fatal plane crash in 1965. Luke was adamant to keep records and perseverations of the ever – changing neighborhood alive, which is what forced Luke’s friends and close associates to donate money to the opening of his dream after his death. It’s an impressive 60,000 square feet in size and has three floors to explore. Wing Luke Museum

»History & Exhibits

History & Exhibits

Wing Luke, whose full name is Wing Chong Luke played a very vital role in the history of the Pan – Asians and should be remembered accordingly for his contribution to gaining equality for his people. He saw the segregation and isolation of his people, not only his people but others who fell under a demographic that was controlled by the ruling powers who sought to keep them down and out. Most Pan – Asian Americans and African Americans were forced to live in the Central District and Beacon Hill. Luke took to rallying forward changes that could be implemented with the position he held on the Seattle City Council. What he stood for was simple: the abolishment of racial discrimination against immigrants in the renting and selling of real estate, historic preservation, Indian fishing rights and urban renewal.


The Wing Luke Museum is known for its permanent and short exhibitions. ‘The Bruce Lee Exhibit’ is a spectacle that takes you through a day in the life of Bruce. The philosophical martial artist lived and breathed for his intense training regime, and dedicated his life to a healthy mind, body and soul. The museum opens a door on the intrinsic nature of Bruce Lee who was often wise and conversant with those who would listen. The idea is to measure your approach against Lee’s, and see if you can learn anything from his doctrine of living. There are also neighboring restaurants that offer ‘Bruce Lee Fortune Cookies.’ Nick Licata and Bruce Harrell (city council members) declared ‘Bruce Lee Day’ back in 2014, and took to the wearing ‘The Yellow Jumpsuit’ that Bruce fashioned in the movie ‘The Game of Death.’

There are other exhibitions like the ‘Year of Remembrance’ that tackles racism and recognizes the 75th anniversary of the executive order 9066. ‘We Are the Ocean ’looks at poetry, artwork and oral histories. The ‘New Year’s All Round’ applies a shared approach to the culture and special festivities of the Asian Pacific Islander Americans. The Wing Luke Museum has featured the new years from the Polynesian American Communities, Laotian and the Chinese. The American Festival of Lights has also been present at the exhibition. ‘Our Roots Run Deep and Broad,’ ‘Wing Luke and the Museum’ and ‘Chinatown – International District’ are some of the more permanent shows that go on. The Community Portrait Galleries showcases ‘I Am Filipino, ‘Hometown Desi’ and ‘Vietnam In the Rearview Mirror.’ Photo: Wing Luke Museum

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Wing Luke’s teen programs come in many different flavors. ‘Teensway,’ and ‘Youthcan’ are self-development opportunities for the young teens who work on projects with artists who wish for them to learn about their heritage and culture. There is even a summer camp for the littler ones who manifest themselves in a world of games and toys. The ‘Playtime: Toys and Games from Around the World!’ is educational as it glorifies toys from around the world: personalized game boards, sungka, spinning tops and campers are there to be tampered with ideally to have a significant impact on the child’s realization of the other toys that are out there globally.

‘The Tateuchi Story Theatre’ brings the contemporary arts together, while the ‘Jamfest is the live music equivalent to Wing Luke’s Museum.

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Address: 719 South King Street, Seattle, WA 98104, Phone: 206-623-5124 Photo: Wing Luke Museum

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