The Seattle Children's Museum is located at the Center House – lowest floor, at the Seattle Center. It came about in 1979; with only one exhibition to its name. It measures 22,000 square feet with 11 exhibits. The play space available to the children is plentiful; allowing lots of kids to flutter to its floors. It seeks to be an educational experience for the young ones who pass through. The Seattle museum caters from the ages of 10 months to 10 years. The families are encouraged to bring their children along for a hand on approach to education. The activities are designed to bolster the learning, whilst keeping the inexperienced mind in-tune. The Children’s Museum’s values are high, and they certify to the parents that the 40 Assets (a structure used to gain proven results) is constructed and beneficial – to the environment that is proven to nurture the young minds that pass through their doors.


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The child is literally spoilt for choice at The Seattle Children’s Museum. There is so much to do, and so much to see, that it would be best for the visitors to get an idea of what can be done during the day. The imagination of the child is what the Children’s museum is trying to capture. For instance, ‘Discovery Bay’ is a little place for the tiny tots and preschoolers who want to practice their balancing whilst playing on the slide. The tots get the precedence here and can crawl or walk towards the fish tank that has a nice variety of fishes to examine. There is even a little hangout for the little ones to join if they feel like it. ‘Fort Adventure’ is as cool as it sounds. The option of building a tent, clubhouse or fort would be something that would keep the young mind active for hours. It’s a family activity with various supplies for the family to hurdle together and build from – the items range from shoe boxes, sheets, blankets and tires. Like a mini architect, the option of planning a Lego blueprint can be profitable for those who want an idea of their creation before beginning their tent, etc. ‘Imagination Studio’ calls all future artists to come and play. It’s been deemed a popular choice by the artsy – fartsy fans that visit. The child and parent can mold with clay, paint, and sculpt in the sculpture area. The ‘Eye Clinic’ makes fun of a sometimes-scary situation for the child. The exhibit is sponsored by the Optometric Physicians and teaches the child that it’s a relatively simple procedure that doesn’t have to be as scary as it looks.

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‘Mountain’ literally takes the outdoors – indoors. A pair of binoculars, a glacier, creepy crawlies and the flora and fauna is just enough to cultivate an image of being a wild, young and free. Science would have to find its way in somewhere and it does, with the ‘COG city’ experience. It was renovated in 2014 by the inspiration of Shaun Tang’s book, ‘The Lost Things.’ Balance, velocity and gravity can be taught through the various sized balls that are planted around and used to interact with. The choice of gathering up the balls; moving them along the conveyor belt or adding a few into a flow pipe is instructional enough to teach the kids the scientific way of life. ‘Metropolitan Market’ and ‘Sound Transit’ are popular exhibits amongst visitors. The ‘Metropolitan Market’ makes your little one feel as if they have a pintsized credit card and a shopping trolley full of food in Walmart, while ‘Sound Transit,’ has an accurate depiction of a train station, plenty of model trains to play with, and the choice to be a conductor. There is also the ‘Bijou theatre’ and ‘Global Village.’

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‘Birthday parties,’ ‘Camps,’ Group visits’ and ‘private events’ are programs that can be obtained if needed by visitors. The Seattle Children’s Museum willingly takes the reins and responsibility of the entire day. They offer an all-day admission plan; allowing access to all the museum's programs. The ‘Camp’ is a spring break adventure for children aged 4-10. There are different sessions and activities that take place, with special guest appearing from firefighters, artists, scientists, hula specialists and more. ‘Private Events’ gives a total of 2 hours’ private museum access, buffet area and exhibit interaction. ‘Group visits’ is as an accustomed package for school trip bookings.

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305 Harrison Street Seattle, WA 98109, Phone: 206-441-1768

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Seattle, WA: Seattle Children’s Museum

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