Based at the confluence of the Snake, Yakima and Columbia Rivers, Richland is one of Washington State’s Tri-Cities and an oasis for water-lover and aquatic adventurers. From fishing and power and pleasure boating to swimming and sailing, recreational opportunities in and around the city are endless.

There is also plenty of things to do for landlubbers, including bowling, mountain biking, hiking, watching sports games, and golf at one of several challenging golf courses in the region. The area is also known as the ‘Heart of Washington's Wine Country’ and boasts more than 200 wineries and wine estates, producing some of the best wines in the country.

1. Hanford Nuclear Reservation

Hanford Nuclear Reservation
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The Hanford Nuclear Reservation, previously known as the Hanford Site and the Hanford Engineer Works, is a decommissioned nuclear production complex on the Columbia River in Benton County. Operated by the United States federal government, the nuclear site was established during the Second World War for the production of plutonium, which was later used in the first atomic bomb. When operations ceased at the complex in 1990, the most extensive environmental cleanup job began at the site and continues today.

Washington, Phone: 509-376-7411

2. Howard Amon Park

Howard Amon Park
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Located on the shores of the Columbia River in Richland, Howard Amon Park is a multi-use recreation area with numerous recreational features, including playgrounds for children of all ages, access to the river for fishing, boating, kayaking and swimming, and a pavilion for events. Named after one of Richland's early settlers, Howard Amon, the park also features a paved bike path known as the Riverfront Trail that runs the entire length of the park ending at Sacagawea Heritage Trail. There is a rock-climbing area, a short zip line, four tennis courts, and a half basketball court, and water-based activities range from a small wading pool for young children to boating and swimming in the river.

500 Amon Park Dr, Richland, WA 99352, Phone: 509-942-7390

3. REACH Museum (Hanford Reach Interpretive Center)

REACH Museum (Hanford Reach Interpretive Center)
© REACH Museum (Hanford Reach Interpretive Center)

Located in the Richland Public Facilities District, the REACH Museum, also known as the Hanford Reach Interpretive Center, is an educational institution that focuses on the study of the history and geology of the region, as well as science and technology. The 14,000 square-foot center features two main exhibition galleries where visitors can experience and explore basalt lava flows and the geological impact of the Ice Age Floods, as well as and enjoy the spectacular natural scenery of the Columbia River and Badger Mountain. Other exhibits include the story of the Manhattan Project and its continuous influence on Richland, and the center has an outdoor stage for various events and musicals. Several educational activities and programs are offered for children of all ages, as well as guided tours of the center.

1943 Columbia Park Trail, Richland, WA 99352, Phone: 509-943-4100

4. J. Bookwalter Winery

J. Bookwalter Winery
© J. Bookwalter Winery

J. Bookwalter is one of Washington’s oldest wineries and most recognized boutique wine brands that produces exceptional wines through world-class vineyard sources and meticulous winemaking. The winery has a flagship tasting room in Richland, where visitors can sample some of the world-class wines produced under the J. Bookwalter label. The Richland venue also has a renowned, full-service restaurant that serves contemporary cuisine paired with wines from the estate, as well as other global vintages. J. Bookwalter also has a modern tasting studio in Woodinville.

894 Tulip Ln, Richland, WA 99352, Phone: 509-627-5000

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5. Goose Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery

Goose Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery
© Goose Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery

Goose Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery is a family-owned and operated winery and the largest contiguous estate vineyard in Washington State. Boasting over 2,000 acres of estate vineyards, Goose Ridge grows world-class wine grapes and produces over 40,000 cases of wine each year through five company brands and several other wineries. Nestled in the heart of the estate’s 2,500-acre vineyard is the Richland Tasting Room, where visitors can sample some of the winery’s world-class wines in an elegant and laid-back setting.

16304 N Dallas Road, Richland, WA 99352, Phone: 509-628-3880

6. LIGO Hanford Observatory

LIGO Hanford Observatory
© LIGO Hanford Observatory

The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) is the world's largest gravitational wave observatory featuring two gigantic laser interferometers that detect and understand the origins of gravitational waves through the exploitation of light and space. The interferometers are located in Hanford and Livingston, Louisiana, while two primary research centers can be found in Pasadena, California, and MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which are part of the Observatory. LIGO Hanford offers free public tours of the observatory on the second Saturday of each month, which includes a public talk by a LIGO staff member.

127124 N Route 10, Richland, WA 99354, Phone: 509-372-8106

7. Sacagawea Heritage Trail

Sacagawea Heritage Trail
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The Sacagawea Heritage Trail Project is a 23-mile, family-friendly, recreational, and educational trail along the banks of the Columbia River. Dedicated to the only woman on the Lewis and Clark expedition, the bi-modal trail offers an environmentally sound and unique shrub-steppe habitat for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy in a variety of ways from walking, jogging, and running to hiking and mountain biking. The non-motorized loop runs along the riverfronts of the Columbia, Yakima, and Snake Rivers in the Tri-Cities area, linking waterfront parks and offering interpretive signs and sculptural elements about the local habitats, fauna, and flora along the way.

Kennewick, WA

8. Allied Arts Gallery in the Park

Allied Arts Gallery in the Park
© Allied Arts Gallery in the Park

Established in 1948, Allied Arts’ annual Art in the Park is an art festival that showcases local artists' works, promotes art education, and encourages the community to take a more profound interest in the field of art. The show is held in the Gallery in the Park, which was built in 1909 and always coincides with the beginning of the Water Follies hydroplane races that take place on the Columbia River. The family-friendly annual event attracts thousands of people who come to enjoy browsing the works of hundreds of Northwest artists, live entertainment, great food, and a vibrant atmosphere. More day trips from Seattle

89 Lee Blvd, Richland, WA 99352, Phone: 509-943-9815

9. USS Triton Submarine Memorial Park

USS Triton Submarine Memorial Park
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Located at the end of Port of Benton Boulevard on the banks of the Columbia River, the USS Triton Submarine Memorial Park was built to honor the USS Triton, a United States Navy radar picket nuclear submarine. The famous ship was the first vessel to complete a circumnavigation of the Earth underwater in 1960, and her sail superstructure is on display in the park along with a wealth of information on the submarine and its rich history. The park is part of the Richland Riverfront Trail, a marked hiking trail that connects to the Sacagawea Heritage Trail and focuses on the state’s contribution to the nuclear history of the United States.

3250 Port of Benton Blvd, Richland, WA 99354, Phone: 509-375-3060

10. Richland Players Theater

Richland Players Theater
© Richland Players Theater

Founded in 1944 to provide the community with live theatrical performances of dance, music, drama, and comedy, the Richland Players Theater has been doing just that for the past 70 years. The theater presents a full season of live performances every year, ranging from old classics by famous playwrights to contemporary works by emerging playwrights with five plays per year, presenting eight performances for each production. The Richland Players Theater also provides educational workshops and community outreach programs for all ages throughout the year and plays host to several special events such as the Washington State Community Theatre Association Kaleidoscope Competition.

608 The Pkwy, Richland, WA 99352, Phone: 509-943-1991

11. White Bluff Quilt Museum

White Bluff Quilt Museum
© White Bluff Quilt Museum

The White Bluffs Quilt Museum is a textile arts center and museum that celebrates the art of quilting, weaving, spinning, and basketry, and acts as a support organization for the craft’s guilds. The museum features rotating exhibits of beautiful quilts and offers educational workshops and classes for both adults and children in basketry, quilting, spinning, and weaving. The White Bluffs Quilt Museum celebrates the art and craft of quilting and textile arts with several events and exhibitions throughout the year and provides a space where people can share their love of quilting, weaving, and other textile crafts.

294 Torbett St, Richland, WA 99354, Phone: 509-943-2552

12. Barnard Griffin Winery

Barnard Griffin Winery
© Barnard Griffin Winery

Established in 1983 by Rob Griffin, Barnard Griffin Winery is one of Washington’s oldest wineries. Situated in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains, the award-winning winery produces a range of fine wines from their estate vineyard, Caroway, and high-quality fruit sourced from some of the best vineyards in Washington State. Visitors can sample some of the estate’s world-class wines in the Tasting Room, which is decorated with art installations and fused glass pieces created by winery co-owner Deborah Barnard. The tasting room boasts cozy sitting areas and ample bar space for group tastings, and there are a full-service restaurant and fused glass art studio on site.

878 Tulip Ln, Richland, WA 99352, Phone: 509-627-0266

13. Atomic Ale Brewpub and Eatery

Atomic Ale Brewpub and Eatery
© Atomic Ale Brewpub and Eatery

Atomic Ale Brewpub and Eatery is a snug microbrewery and eatery with exposed brick walls and industrial-style décor that serves classic pub grub, wood-fired pizzas, and a range of handcrafted and locally brewed beers. The menu features traditional all-American fare such as wood-fired pizzas, homemade soups, and fresh salads, entrées of hearty steaks, burgers, and fries, fresh seafood, pasta dishes, and decadent desserts. The full-service bar specializes in locally crafted beers on tap and by the bottle, as well as casual wines, signature cocktails, and high-end spirits. Atomic Ale Brewpub and Eatery is open seven days a week.

1015 Lee Blvd, Richland, WA 99352, Phone: 509-946-5465

14. Lu Lu Craft Bar and Kitchen

Lu Lu Craft Bar and Kitchen
© Lu Lu Craft Bar + Kitchen

Lu Lu Craft Bar + Kitchen is a modern tavern-style eatery with a friendly, familial ambiance that serves contemporary cuisine with local flavors prepared from fresh, locally sourced ingredients and made from scratch. The charming restaurant has a cozy interior and a lovely patio where patrons can dine against a backdrop of beautiful river views. The menu features standard favorites like burgers and fries, succulent steaks and housemade pasta and sauces, and the bar offers a range of libations including over 80 local wines, 12 beers on tap, and signature barrel-aged martinis.

606 Columbia Point Dr, Richland, WA 99352, Phone: 509-713-7880

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15. Monterosso’s Italian Restaurant

Monterosso’s Italian Restaurant
© Monterosso’s Italian Restaurant

Monterosso’s Italian Restaurant is a privately owned and operated restaurant that serves authentic Italian fare and wine in a unique setting. Based within an antique 1947 vintage Pullman dining car, the restaurant is a perfect spot for a romantic dinner or celebration with crisp tables, soft lighting, and a quiet, intimate ambiance. Following in the train tracks of its glory days as an elegant railroad diner, the restaurant serves a menu of traditional Italian fare made with fresh locally sourced ingredients and accompanied by a selection of globally-inspired wines, craft beers, and signature cocktails. Monterosso’s Italian Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Friday and dinner only on Mondays and Saturdays.

1026 Lee Blvd, Richland, WA 99352, Phone: 509-946-4525

16. Bruchi's Cheesesteaks & Subs

Bruchi's Cheesesteaks & Subs
© Bruchi's Cheesesteaks & Subs

Bruchi's Cheesesteaks & Subs is a classic sandwich chain with diner-style seating and a friendly ambiance that offers cheesesteaks, gourmet sandwiches, subs, hearty burgers, and fresh salads. Founded as Bruchi’s Subs and Sandwiches in Spokane in 1990, the diner expanded to include the classic cheesesteak and was subsequently renamed Bruchi's Cheesesteaks & Subs. All food is prepared fresh and made from scratch with locally sourced ingredients and freshly baked bread. Special kid’s meals are available as well as a range of non-alcoholic drinks, and the diner is open seven days a week.

2630 1st St, Cheney, WA 99004, Phone: 509-235-5355

17. Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve

Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve
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Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve exists due to a public fundraising campaign by the Friends of Badger Mountain, who wished to preserve their beautiful mountain from development. The preserve was established in 2005 and now offers local residents and visitors a pristine outdoor recreational area where they can enjoy getting back to nature. The preserve currently covers around one square mile and boasts around 8 miles of trails which can be explored on foot, mountain bike or on horseback. Visitors will be rewarded for their efforts with wonderful views and the chance to enjoy some birding and wildlife watching. You can bring a picnic to enjoy along the way.

Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve, 533 Queensgate Dr, Richland, WA 99352, 509 736 3053

18. PerplEXIT Puzzle Rooms

PerplEXIT Puzzle Rooms
© PerplEXIT Puzzle Rooms

PerplEXIT Puzzle Rooms are another version of the nationally-popular escape room game. Basically, you and your team will enter a themed (and locked) room that is full of puzzles which you need to solve in order to escape the room within the allotted time – usually 60 minutes. PerplEXIT rooms include 2 themes which are suitable for first-timers and intermediate players including the pirate themed Marauders Mutiny and the Gemini room, in which you need to find a missing scientist. Those who have had some experience with escape rooms can pit their wits against the Radioactive room, which is considered to be the most difficult of the three.

PerplEXIT Puzzle Rooms, 750 Swift Blvd, Richland, WA 99352, 509 591 5914

19. Columbia Point Golf Course

Columbia Point Golf Course
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Located alongside the Columbia River, on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains, the Columbia Point Golf Course is an impressive golfing facility which was built by the City of Richland in 1997. The scenic lay-out of the parkland-style course includes wide-open rolling fairways and large greens, protected by well-placed bunkers. The course provides an enjoyable and challenging game for golfers of all abilities. You can practice your shots at the driving range and pick up anything you need at the well-stocked Pro Shop. After your game you can enjoy a meal and drink at the Clubhouse, which offers excellent views of the course.

Columbia Point Golf Course, 225 Columbia Point Dr, Richland, WA 99352, 509 946 0710

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