Established in 1708, Berryville is a charming little rural town which is well known for its historic downtown area. Continuous work is being undertaken to ensure that the town’s natural beauty is preserved for generations to come, and the citizens take pride in its quaint and friendly demeanor and atmosphere. Some of the most notable attractions in Berryville include the Barns of Rose Hill, My Neighbor and Me, Veramar Vineyard, Mackintosh Fruit Farm, Holy Cross Abbey, Watermelon Park, JBiT Ranch, and The Tea Cart tea room.

1. Barns of Rose Hill

Barns of Rose Hill
© Barns of Rose Hill

Once an agricultural estate, the Barns of Rose Hill have since been donated back to the community of Berryville by Mr. Horace Smithy. He was encouraged to do so after the death of his beloved wife, Rosalie McCormick Smithy, with the intention of it being used as a place for “the educational, recreational and cultural benefit of the community”. The 3.5 acre estate is made up of the old mansion—once said to be Berryville’s heart—and the two nearby livestock barns which were built just after the turn of the twentieth century. There is also a tenant house. The mansion was used as a center for hosting community events and art classes, whilst part of the grounds we turned into a Rose Hill Park. However, further development was discontinued due to a lack of funding, and a fire in 1978 meant the historic mansion had to be bulldozed. Nowadays, a non-profit organization has been established and is working toward raising the funds to convert the neglected barns into a center for teenagers. Browse our Romantic Weekend Getaways in Virginia guide for more ideas.

95 Chalmers Court, Berryville, Virginia 22611, Phone: 540-955-2004

2. My Neighbor and Me, Berryville, Virginia

My Neighbor and Me, Berryville, Virginia
© My Neighbor and Me

My Neighbor and Me specializes in the sale of exceptionally high quality, handmade fair-trade gifts made by craftsmen and craftswomen across the Global South whose talents have otherwise been ignored. The store aims to create a safe and welcoming space for people to meet up and browse the exceptional artisan produce that they stock. They place a heavy emphasis on the importance of looking after one another and our planet with unwavering attention given to recycling and reusing wherever possible. They encourage and promote the skills of creativity and integrity among their visitors and the local community. Their hope is that one day, other stores will realize the benefits of supporting local, small scale crafting and that such skills will be better received among communities far and wide.

317 1st St, Berryville, VA 22611, Phone: 540-955-8124

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3. Veramar Vineyard, Berryville, Virginia

Veramar Vineyard, Berryville, Virginia
© Veramar Vineyard

Two generations after his grandfather’s arrival in America from the Italian Alps, James Bogaty founded the Veramar Vineyard in an attempt to get back to his family’s farming and wine-making roots. The scenic 100-acre estate, of which 28 acres are covered by vineyards, was purchased in 1996 with the goal of creating a long term family farm that could be passed down through generations. This ambition for legacy and heritage over a desire for quick profits means that every bottle of Veramar wine is made with love and care, and it is this passion that has helped them to win over 65 awards for their produce over the last twenty years. The vineyard offers event hosting, from weddings and other private gatherings, and hosted wine tours. Their wine tasting room is also open to visitors; it is an ideal way to sample some of Virginia’s finest wines.

905 Quarry Road, Berryville, VA, 22611, Phone: 54-955-5510

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4. Things to Do in Berryville: Mackintosh Fruit Farm

Things to Do in Berryville: Mackintosh Fruit Farm
© Mackintosh Fruit Farm

The Mackintosh Fruit Farm offers a pick-your-own service for fruits, vegetables and berries. First opened in 1988 with just a few apple and pear trees, the farm has since grown in size and variety to offer a wide range of dwarfed crops which are just the right height for picking by hand. They also take their farm-fresh produce down to the local farmers market for the social side that it offers and the chance to talk with customers, and have been doing so since 2003. They welcome visitors to come in and enjoy the taste of tree-ripened, truly fresh fruit and produce, the likes of which you simply will not find on a shelf.

Mackintosh Fruit Farm, 1608 Russell Rd, Berryville, VA 22611, Phone: 540-955-6225, (website link)

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5. Holy Cross Abbey, Berryville, VA

Holy Cross Abbey, Berryville, VA
© Holy Cross Abbey

The Roman Catholic Monastery that is Holy Cross Abbey was formed after the rule of St Benedict. As a monastery of Cistercian Order, the arrival of dawn signals for the resident monks to awake to start the day off well and in God’s praises through silent prayer. As is traditional for Cistercian Monasteries, the monks then busy themselves throughout the day with physical, manual labor. They are eager to welcome guests into their home and show them ways to improve their connection with God, and work in the hope that God’s Kingdom will, one day, come. The property is also a site of historical significance thanks to the Indian artifacts which were uncovered there, with some dating as far back as 8,500BC. More recently, the site was the location of the Battle of Cool Spring during the Civil War.

901 Cool Spring Lane, Berryville, Virginia 22611-2700, Phone: 540-955-4383

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6. Watermelon Park, Berryville, VA

Watermelon Park, Berryville, VA
© watcherfox/

The 300-acre estate that makes up Watermelon Park Campground was originally purchased in 1949 and, as the name suggests, it was transformed into a riverside watermelon farm. Since then, the farm has diversified so that it now offers camping opportunities for guests who want to experience the scenic surroundings in all their glory. The campground offers many recreational activities, including fishing, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, tubing, soccer and volleyball. They also offer event hosting for weddings, reunions, corporate outings and the like. Once a year, they continue the farm’s famous tradition of throwing a three-day watermelon festival.

3322 Lockes Mill Road, Berryville, VA 22611, Phone: 540-955-4803, (website link)

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7. Jbit Ranch, Berryville, VA

Jbit Ranch, Berryville, VA
© Jbit Ranch

With all kinds of equestrian activities, from horse boarding to riding lessons and camps, the Jbit Ranch offers a unique opportunity for horse lovers to explore natural horsemanship methods. Its owner and founder, Todd Johnson, endeavors to help equestrians understand their horse’s psychology to allow for a better overall relationship between horse and rider. With the option to lease one of his horses or to take your own, he can help riders to truly work with their horse as part of a dynamic partnership. It doesn’t matter what level of riding ability his clients are at, from brand new riders to experienced individuals looking to change their approach; he can help anyone learn and master the art of natural horsemanship.

The JBIT Ranch, 1674 Summit Point Road, Berryville, VA 22611, Phone: 540-955-4099

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8. The Tea Cart, Berryville, VA

The Tea Cart, Berryville, VA
© lblinova/

As a traditionally British tearoom, The Tea Cart provides a calming and serene ambience along with its fine, curated loose teas and mouthwatering English fare. Every blend of tea that they serve has been selected and concocted with care and attention to detail to be certain that every cup is perfect. Specialty teas are created frequently for a truly unbeatable cup. The Victorian theme and floral details make The Tea Cart refined enough for a visit for afternoon tea from royalty. Moreover, they can host private events and meet-ups and the intricate decoration makes The Tea Room especially suited to bridal parties and baby showers.

16 W. Main St., Berryville, VA 22611, Phone: 540-955-0832

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9. Manor House Tea and Rosemont Manor

Manor House Tea and Rosemont Manor
© Cozine/

Experience unparalleled elegance and relaxation at the Rosemont Manor with their Manor House Teas. The historic Rosemont Manor has been welcoming guests to enjoy teas exclusively blended for them by Tea for All Reasons for quite a while now. Flavors include relaxing and soothing blends such as the Byrd Blend black tea which mixes Darjeeling, rose petals, and cream Earl Gray, or the Rosemont Blend green tea, which has strawberry, papaya pieces, rose petals, and candy pearls amidst a base of sencha. Dine on elegant three-course menus crafted specifically by Rosemont’s chefs to be enjoyed with the tea such as sandwiches, scones, and other sweet pastries topped with seasonal fruits or stuffed with fresh vegetables.

16 Rosemont Manor Lane, Berryville, Virginia 22611, Phone: 540-955-2834

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