It was during the 1940’s when skiers discovered the high peaks around Warren, Vermont that overlook the idyllic Mad River Valley. The valley today, with its two towns of Warren and Waitsfield, attracts countless visitors, ranging from the laid back to hip to adventurous. The town of Warren is a particularly cute little town with its quaint general store. Fortunately, the swell of fields and pastures lining the river and the gently carved ridges that cradle the Mad River Valley help keep the threat of ski resort sprawl away, offering an ideal experience for visitors.

1. Sugarbush Resort

Sugarbush Resort
© Sugarbush Resort

The Sugarbush Resort in the scenic Mad River Valley is a ski resort owned and operated by the Alterra Mountain Company and is one of the New England region’s latest ski resorts. Encompassing a total of over 4,000 acres, the resort is home to off-piste riding and skiing, sixteen ski lifts, more than fifty miles of trails, and over 480 skiable trail acres. In addition to skiing and other winter activities, the Sugarbush Resort also offers other outdoor recreation during the summer season, such as hiking, tennis camps, kids adventure camps, disc golf, zipline, and downhill mountain biking.

102 Forest Dr, Warren, VT 05674, Phone: 802-552-4007

2. Sugarbush Roaring, Warren, VT

Sugarbush Roaring, Warren, VT
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Sugarbush Roaring is based in the Mad River Valley of Vermont, one of the country’s most beautiful places to fly gliders. The company offers aero tows, introductory flights, rentals, scenic rides, and flight instruction. The Warren Sugarbush Airport is one of the United States’ premier soaring locations and on any day locals and tourists alike could experience one of three different forms of soaring lift with Sugarbush Roaring, including the Sugarbush Wave, ridge, or thermal. A full-time operation, lessons and rides are available Sunday to Saturday. The three scenic rides offered include the Mad River Valley, Top Gun, and Mile High.

2355 Airport Rd, Warren, VT 05674, Phone: 802-496-2290

3. Three Shepherd Farm, Warren, VT

Three Shepherd Farm, Warren, VT
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The Three Shepherd Farm is owned and managed by the local Faillace family who produce artisanal cheese made using both sheep and cow milk and aged inside of straw-bale cheese caves. This unique farm in Warren, Vermont is also well known for the classes in cheese making it offers on a regular basis. The Three Shepherd Farm offers specialty cheese classes, artisanal cheese classes, one-day cheese making classes, advanced cheese classes, and even private home classes. These cheesemaking classes and the cheese produced by the farm itself have been featured in a number of television shows and publications.

108 Roxbury Mountain Rd, Warren, VT 05674, Phone: 802-496-3998

4. Chez Henri, Warren

Chez Henri, Warren
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Chez Henri is a Parisian-style bistro in the ski resort town of Warren. Located within the Sugarbush Village, the restaurant has been a part of the local community for more than fifty years, originally opening its doors back in 1964. The interior of the bistro features murals with scenes of Vermont, “Speakeasy booths,” 1850’s mirrors, a bar made of Italian marble, and a romantic fireplace used for warming bread. Reservations are often necessary during the holiday weeks and weekends.

80 Sugarbush Village Dr, Warren, VT 05660, Phone: 802-583-2600

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5. Blueberry Lake Cross Country Center

Blueberry Lake Cross Country Center
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Perfectly nestled in the Mad River Valley, the Blueberry Lake Cross Country Center is a much-loved community facility where you can enjoy a variety of winter sports including cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, skating and fat biking. In total, there are 11 trails to explore, covering 35km. The trails are beautifully maintained and offer comfortable, sheltered skiing conditions. Regardless of whether you are an experienced cross-country skier or a novice, there will be a trail that suits your level of expertise. If you are visiting the area you can hire skies and snowshoes on site. Young children and babies can enjoy a ride on a pulk.

424 Plunkton Rd, Warren, VT 05674, 802 496 6687

6. Things to Do in Warren, VT: Blueberry Lake

Things to Do in Warren, VT: Blueberry Lake
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On a hot summers day nothing beats a dip in Blueberry Lake. Vermont is home to several secret swimming holes and Blueberry Lake is one of the best. The little-known lake is nestled among beautiful green hills and woodlands and although it does not have a sandy beach area, the cool clear waters are totally irresistible. In addition to swimming you can also enjoy boating, fishing, kayaking and SUP on the calm protected waters of the lake. Visitors can enjoy wildlife watching around the lake perimeter and hiking and biking are also popular activities. To get to the lake you will need to park at the small parking area off Blueberry Lake Rd and walk the last 100 feet to the lake shore.

Blueberry Lake Rd, Warren, VT 05674

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