Easily one of the most scenic and beautiful European nations of all, Switzerland has long been a hub for artists and creators of all kinds. Painters, poets, sculptors, and other imaginative talents have all been honed and expressed among the beautiful natural surroundings of Swiss cities and natural areas, and the entire country has always prized artistic expression and creativity as key elements of its national identity. It’s no surprise, then, that wonderful and innovative museums and galleries can be found all around Switzerland, with the Muzeum Susch being a prime example.

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Muzeum Susch - Contemporary Art in Rustic, Rural Switzerland

Situated in the canton of Gaubunden, also known as Grisons, the Muzeum Susch is housed in an old mountain town on an ancient pilgrim route, a far cry from the big city galleries and museums found in places like Basel, Zurich, and Geneva. The town of Susch offers a rustic and rural setting that actually serves to enhance both the visitor experience and the artworks on display. The museum, surrounded by cliffs, forests, and stunning historical sites like a 12th century monastery and brewery, was founded by Grazyna Kulczyk, a Polish entrepreneur and art lover.

- The Setting - Muzeum Susch can be found among the ruins and remains of an old vicarage and hospice, with some of the surrounding structures having history dating all the way back to 1157. A team of architects worked to expand and restore these structures in order to forge the foundations of the Muzeum Susch, making minimal changes in order to preserve the integrity and identity of each site and even leaving areas of natural mountain rock exposed both on the exterior of the museum and inside it. This helps to create a very special experience for every visitor of Muzeum Susch as they feel centuries of history all around them while admiring contemporary works of art from leading and emerging European creators.

- The Art - A big focus of the art and work at Muzeum Susch is on female artists. The work at this museum isn't exclusively done by women, but a large percentage of it is, with the founder of Muzeum Susch putting a lot of emphasis on addressing gender equality and greater visibility for female artists and their creations. The art on display includes both permanent installations, which are typically site-specific and interact with their designated space or site in some unique way, as well as temporary exhibitions from a range of artists. The themes, emotions, meanings, and interpretations behind each piece can vary enormously, with the Muzeum Susch’s collection being hugely varied and unique, shining the spotlight on female artists and works that have often been overlooked.

- Artistic Spaces for Artistic Creations - While many museums around the world simply provide open, airy, gallery spaces to host and hold the work of creative minds, Muzeum Susch actually encourages its artists to engage directly with the sites and spaces of the museum itself, making the natural rock features and unusually-shaped rooms part of their displays. Many of the museum's permanent artworks, created by the likes of Magdalena Abakanowicz, Heidi Bucher, Zofia Kulik, and Monika Sosnowska, are directly engaged with and enhanced by the museum's unique structure, exposed rock features, and one of a kind spaces. Here, the art isn’t just on display, it’s all around you.

Visiting Muzeum Susch

Muzeum Susch is one of Switzerland's most special hidden gems and is certainly worth a visit for anyone interested in history, natural beauty, contemporary art, and the exploration of the relationship between artworks and the spaces in which they are housed. Here's all you need to know about visiting this Swiss museum:

- Location - Muzeum Susch is situated at Sur Punt 78, 7542 Zemez, Switzerland.

- Contact - To get in touch with Muzeum Susch, you can call +41 (0)81 861 03 03 or email info@muzeumsusch.ch.

- Opening Times - The museum is open from Thursdays through to Sundays of each week. It opens at midday and closes at 5pm on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays, opening at 11am and closing at 6pm on Saturdays.

- Tours - Guided tours are available of Muzeum Susch but need to be arranged and requested in advance.

- Admission - Adult guests will need to pay an entrance fee at the Muzeum Susch and all children aged over 6 will also need to pay but can enjoy a discounted rate. There's an additional fee for private tours of the museum. website