The presence of a long line of active, dormant, or even extinct volcanoes is responsible for the large number of natural hot springs found in the country.

The geothermal waters that seep, trickle, or flow from below the surface of the Earth all along this line of volcanic activity are rich in minerals that are thought to have health-giving properties and have attracted people with various ailments for hundreds of years.

1. Hot Springs Arkansas

Hot Springs Arkansas
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Hot Springs National Park is located north of the town of Hot Springs in Garland County, Arkansas, and boasts no less than 47 natural thermal hot springs. The recuperative properties of the waters were revered by local Native American tribes long before the arrival of settlers, and by the late 18th century Hot Springs was a favorite vacation destination. Start your tour at the visitors center located in the historic Fordyce Bathhouse and then explore Bathhouse Row, which contains a further seven historic bathhouses. Of course you will want to try a traditional bath at the Buckstaff Baths, which were fashioned after European spas of the 18th century. Other activities in the park include hiking, shopping, dining, and relaxing. Things to Do in Hot Springs

2. Hot Springs North Carolina

Hot Springs North Carolina
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The town of Hot Springs in North Carolina has been a popular spa destination since the late 1700,s when people began to make pilgrimages over long distances to experience the restorative properties of the natural mineral-rich thermal waters. Today, visitors to Hot Springs NC can expect a complete vacation and spa experience at the Hot Springs Resort and Spa, where modern hot tubs are located outdoors along the river banks. In addition to relaxing in the waters, the resort offers the services of massage therapists. The surrounding mountainous area (close to the famous Appalachian Trail) is a wonderful destination for hikers and nature lovers and the Hot Springs Campground offers sites for both tents and RV’s. Places to Visit in North Carolina

3. Faywood Hot Springs Resort

Faywood Hot Springs Resort
© Faywood Hot Springs Resort New Mexico

At the rustic Faywood Hot Springs Resort in New Mexico you can enjoy the unique experience of bathing in natural hot thermal waters in the middle of the desert. The resort offers a variety of outdoor pools, all of which are fed by the natural geothermal springs. You can choose from private pools at various different temperatures and there is even an option to go skinny-dipping in the “clothing optional” pools, which are very popular with naturalists. There are also some indoor thermal baths and there is overnight accommodation in self-catering cabins or at the campsite, where you can park your RV or pitch your tent. Next read: 25 Best New Mexico Resorts, Places to Visit in New Mexico

Faywood Hot Springs Resort, 165 Highway 61, Faywood, New Mexico, 88034, Phone: 575-536-9663

4. Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Glen Ivy Hot Springs
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Since 1860, the Glen Ivy Hot Springs in the Santa Ana Mountains have been attracting thousands of health enthusiasts to come and relax in one of nature’s greatest gifts, the naturally occurring hot mineral springs. When you visit Glen Ivy today you will step into one of America’s largest health spas, which can boast no less than 19 thermal pools and offers a full range of associated spa treatments and experiences. You can get hot and sweaty in one of the brand new saunas and try a cleansing red clay mud treatment, a relaxing massage, or a soothing facial. The resort is spread over a large scenic area and offers delicious healthy cuisine to complement your hot spring experience.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs, 25000 Glen Ivy Rd, Corona, CA 92883, Phone: 888-453-6489

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5. Montezuma Hot Springs

Montezuma Hot Springs
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Visitors to Las Vegas can escape the glitz and glamour for a few hours and head off 6 miles northwest of the city to find the Montezuma Hot Springs, which have been revered for hundreds of years for their mineral-rich healing powers. The naturally hot bubbling waters have been dammed into a series of cement pools of varying sizes and temperatures, set along the scenic Gallinas River, in close proximity to several historic buildings, which you can admire after your soak in the pools. The Lobster Pot and the Africa Pool are two fiery natural rock pools for the brave. Located and maintained on private property belonging to the United World College, entrance to these great hot springs is free of charge.

6. Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Iron Mountain Hot Springs
© Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Iron Mountain Hot Springs is a newly-opened mineral springs spa and resort in Glenwood Springs, opened to the public in 2015 by couples Jeanne and Steve Beckley and Coop and Mogli Cooper. The facility is home to relaxing and invigorating pool and spa areas with waters rich with more than 14 minerals, including sulfate and iron, which are known for their relaxing, healing properties. A large family pool pumps 100,000 gallons of water, while 16 smaller pools are connected by heated walkways. An onsite bathhouse is also offered, along with the casual Sopris Cafe, which served up wrap sandwiches and flatbread pizzas.

281 Centennial Street, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601, Phone: 970-945-4766

7. Warm Mineral Springs

Warm Mineral Springs
© Warm Mineral Springs Florida

Rumored to be the Fountain of Youth famously sought by the Ponce de Lyon back in the 1500s, Warm Mineral Springs is a little-known natural thermal pool located close to North Port in Florida. The springs have an interesting history and archaeological evidence has been found that suggests that the pool was known to ancient civilizations, which regarded it as a sacred site and buried their dead around the edges of the pool. Today visitors can spend a few hours soaking up the health-giving properties of the 85-degree waters in an attractive park-like area and avail themselves of a variety of pre-bookable spa treatments.

Warm Mineral Springs, 12200 San Servando Ave, North Point, FL 34287, Phone: 941-426-1692

8. Deep Creek Hot Springs

Deep Creek Hot Springs
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The Deep Creek Hot Springs are nestled at the base of a deep crevice in the San Bernardino National Forest near the town of Apple Valley. You can reach the springs via a fairly short 2.5-mile hiking trail from Bowen Ranch, which drops quite steeply to reach Deep Creek – consequently you need to be prepared for a strenuous hike back up to the trailhead. Once you cross Deep Creek you will find about five or six differing hot pools to try – the temperature of the water varies from pool to pool and can be anything from pleasantly warm to really hot. If you need to cool off, you can hop into the chilly waters of the creek. Bring plenty of drinking water and sunscreen.

Deep Creek Hot Springs, 6100 Bowen Ranch Rd, Apple Valley, CA 92307, Phone: 900-382-2790

9. Gila National Forest

Gila National Forest
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If you are visiting the fascinating Gila Cliff Dwelling National Monument near Silver City in New Mexico, it is well worth your while to hike up to see some of the natural hot springs in the area. Starting at the Gila Visitor’s Center, a 20-minute walk along trail 157 will bring you to Light Feather Hot Spring, where you will find water pumping from the base of a deep canyon at around 130 degrees – probably a bit too hot for most people to want to bathe in. If you are up for a longer hike, you can reach the popular Jordan Hot Springs, which fill up a very pleasant three-foot deep pool with mineral-rich thermal waters at about 90 degrees – just right for a good soak after your hike.

10. Tecopa Hot Springs Resort

Tecopa Hot Springs Resort
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Located just east of Death Valley National Park and about 80 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada, the Tecopa Hot Springs Resort offers an affordable opportunity to enjoy the healing mineral waters of the Tecopa Hot Springs. The resort has a number of options for overnight accommodation – you can rent a cabin, lodge room, or campsite, all of which will entitle you to enjoy the mineralized hot tubs at no extra cost. There are a total of five private soaking tubs available on a first-come first-served basis; the resort pumps the natural thermal waters into these tubs, located in the bath house or the motel, so that you can enjoy their restorative properties in private.

Tecopa Hot Springs Resort, 860 Tecopa Hot Springs Rd, Tecopa CA 92389, Phone: 760-852-4420

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11. Tuscan Springs Hotel and Spa

Tuscan Springs Hotel and Spa
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The Tuscan Springs Hotel and Spa is located in Desert Hot Springs, north of Palm Springs, and offers a delightful Tuscan-themed boutique hotel where guests can enjoy relaxation, pampering, and soaking in natural thermal waters. Residents at the hotel can spend an hour or two in one of the two whirlpool baths, which are fed by natural volcanically heated water at 117 degrees, or opt to soak up the minerals in the large thermally heated pool, which is kept at a perfect temperature. You can select from a long list of spa treatments to enhance your hot spring experience. The resort also caters to day visitors and you are welcome to come and enjoy the waters if you are passing by – booking is recommended.

Tuscan Springs Hotel & Spa, 68187 Club Circle Dr., Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, Phone: 760-251-0189

12. The Spring Resort and Spa California

The Spring Resort and Spa California
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The Spring Resort and Day Spa is located in the town of Desert Hot Springs and offers visitors a relaxing place to enjoy a famous Californian hot springs experience. Upon arrival you will be greeted with a glass of chilled water and shown out to the tranquil garden area, where loungers are set out around three thermal spring pools. The waters at the spring are some of the hottest naturally occurring waters in the area and consequently have higher concentrations of healing minerals, which are full of health benefits. You can soak up all the goodness and then supplement your experience by having a massage or other spa treatment. The resort offers hotel and villa accommodation as well as yoga classes and various other special health packages.

The Spring Resort and Spa, 12699 Reposo Way, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, Phone: 760-251-6700

13. El Morocco Inn and Spa California

El Morocco Inn and Spa California
© El Morocco Inn and Spa California

Welcome to the kasbah! At the El Morocco Inn and Spa in Desert Hot Springs you can come and luxuriate in naturally geothermal waters surrounded by opulent Morocco-themed relaxation areas. Besides soaking your cares away in the naturally thermal, mineral-rich waters of the whirlpool bath and pool, you can arrange to be pampered with a range of traditional spa massages and treatments with an emphasis on all things Moroccan. The beautifully decorated rooms at the inn all face the thermal pool and you will be surrounded by rich jewel-colored fabrics and imported Moroccan furnishings to set the scene for a romantic desert hot spring experience.

El Morocco Inn and Spa, 66810 4th St, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, Phone: 760-288-2527

14. The Good House

The Good House
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Located in the heart of California’s hot springs mecca, The Good House is a boutique-style resort with a relaxed Old World atmosphere that will immediately set the scene for a relaxing break. The pools and lagoon at the Hacienda resort are fed from a naturally heated spring on the property and contain none of the unpleasant odors often associated with thermal springs. To compliment the healing effects of the thermal pools, you can choose from a variety of traditional spa treatments, including massages, detoxifying body wraps, sugar/salt scrubs, and much more. You can enjoy yoga on the lawn, try the Finnish sauna, and cool down under the garden rain shower, all against the backdrop of the scenic San Jacinto Mountains.

12885 Eliseo Rd, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, Phone: 760-251-2885

15. Miracle Springs Resort and Spa California

Miracle Springs Resort and Spa California
© Miracle Springs Resort and Spa California

Located just minutes away from the famous Joshua Tree National Park in the foothills of Desert Hot Springs, the Miracle Springs Resort and Spa promises guests a relaxing and restorative hot spring spa experience. Scenically located against a backdrop of snow-covered Mount Jacinto, you will find a spacious palm-fringed relaxation area containing eight pools that are fed by hot mineral waters that rise up from aquifers located 300 feet below. The water temperature at the source is around 140 degrees and the pools are cooled to around 90 degrees – perfect for soaking and swimming. Accommodation, dining, and a full range of therapeutic spa treatments are available on site.

Miracle Springs Resort and Spa, 10625 Palm Drive, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, Phone: 760-251-6000

16. Two Bunch Palms

Two Bunch Palms
© Two Bunch Palms

The Two Bunch Palms has been pampering visitors for over 70 years – in the 1940s the resort was simply known as The Springs. Today guests can look forward to a serene healing experience when they check into one of the beautiful rooms at this Desert Hot Springs resort. The relaxing and health-boosting hot mineral waters come from the aquifer at Miracle Hill and reach a perfect soaking temperature of about 99 degrees by the time they reach the pools at Two Bunch Palm Resort. You can choose from a range of treatments, which can be taken in the outdoor treatment gazebos, relax in a river rock alcove, and enjoy refreshing outdoor showers.

Two Bunch Palms, 67425 Two Bunch Palm Trail, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, Phone: 800-472-4334

17. Mount Baker Hot Springs

Mount Baker Hot Springs
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The Mount Baker Hot Springs are located in a very picturesque natural site in the Mount Baker National Forest near Newhalem in Washington. The mineralized hot waters rise from the depths of volcanically active Mount Baker to settle in a natural pool that can be reached on foot along a short trail. When the waters have been left undisturbed for some time you can often see vapor rising above the pool. The heat of the hot spring varies seasonally and in winter the waters can be quite cool as a result of run-off rain and snow. There are no facilities on site and you will need to bring drinking water and snacks.

18. Carson Hot Springs Golf and Spa Resort

Carson Hot Springs Golf and Spa Resort
© Carson Hot Springs Golf and Spa Resort

Tucked away in the heart of the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, the Carson Hot Springs Resort is a traditional welcoming resort that boasts a genuine 1930s bath house complete with claw-foot bath tubs and vintage fittings. Here you can “take the waters” in the traditional old-fashioned way – mineral-rich thermal spring waters are pumped directly into the bath house, offering you an all-natural healing soak, which can be followed-up by a relaxing massage – the perfect way to end an active day on the golf course or hiking trails. The resort has comfortable rooms and apartments, and is a great base for exploring the very beautiful Columbia River Gorge by foot, bike, or horseback.

Carson Hot Springs Resort, 372 St. Martin’s Springs Rd, Carson, Washington, 98610, Phone: 509-427-8296

19. Goldmyer Hot Springs Property

Goldmyer Hot Springs Property
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Visitors who would like to try a genuine hot springs experience out in the wilds should consider a visit to the Goldmyer Hot Springs Property in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains near North Bend, Washington. To reach the hot springs, you need to do some planning, including making a reservation well in advance, as only 20 visitors per day are allowed onto the property. There are three tiered baths, which are naturally filled with hot, mineral-rich waters; they are quite small and the uppermost bath is partially inside a cave, which becomes very hot and steamy – just like a natural sauna. You have to access the springs on foot along a fairly level 4.5-mile hiking trail and you will also need a high-clearance vehicle to reach the trailhead. Camping is allowed but you will need to carry in everything you need.

20. Olympic Hot Springs

Olympic Hot Springs
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The Olympic Hot Springs are a series of around 21 hot thermal seeps that occur naturally in the Olympic National Park in Washington. The various pools are definitely not for swimming – you can expect to find shallow, mud-floored pools that will only reach around waist height when you are seated. You can access the pools by hiking the fairly easy 2.5-mile Appleton Pass Trail in summer, but in winter road closures can add at least another 4 miles to your hike. The temperature of the pools varies from lukewarm to hot. Unfortunately, the pools are not regularly cleaned or maintained and the sign at the trailhead warns visitors to bathe at their own risk due to the possible presence of bacteria, especially during summer when there is little or no natural flushing.

21. Scenic Hot Springs

Scenic Hot Springs
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Scenic Hot Springs is a privately owned natural thermal spring located close to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in Washington. At one time the springs were a popular destination for wealthy visitors from Seattle, who used the Great Northern Railway to access a lodge known as Madison Hot Springs Hotel. For many years the springs were virtually forgotten and were closed to the public in 2001. The good news for all nature lovers is that a new owner is allowing limited access to the very scenic springs – you have to apply on-line for permission to visit and there are no facilities; in addition you face a steep up-hill hike to reach the springs. If you think you will love the chance to bathe in the wilderness, you can follow the link below for more information.

22. Sol Duc Hot Springs Washington

Sol Duc Hot Springs Washington
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Located in the heart of the Olympic National Park and Forest, the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort is an ideal place to spend a few days enjoying the mineral-rich thermal waters of the Sol Duc Springs and exploring the many other attractions of the national park. The resort has three pools fed by the thermal springs – temperatures vary from around 99 to 101 degrees – as well as a refreshingly cool freshwater pool. After a busy day exploring the surrounding forests and waterfalls along a variety of hiking and biking trails, you can soothe your aching muscles in the restorative hot pools and have a relaxing massage before you retire to your rustic cabin set in the forest.

23. Truth or Consequences Hot Springs

Truth or Consequences Hot Springs
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For hundreds of years, people will all kinds of aches and ailments have been coming to Truth or Consequences in Sierra County New Mexico to see for themselves if the mineral-rich hot waters have magical restorative properties. The hot springs in Truth or Consequences are unique in that they have the highest concentrations of mineral found anywhere in the country and lack the unpleasant smell so often associated with hot thermal waters. Today you can visit the spas in the Hot Springs Bathhouse Historic and Commercial District, where quaint restored hotels and guesthouses provide accommodation and a variety of health therapists are on hand to offer treatments.

24. Chena Hot Springs

Chena Hot Springs
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The Chena Hot Springs are located within the Fairbanks North Star Borough and is a community renowned not only for its hot springs, but for its private resort as well. Along with a campground, the hot springs and resort can be found at the end of the Chena Hot Springs Road, which runs parallel to the Chena River. Chena Hot Springs has a variety of amenities to offer guests as a year-round, 440-acre, private resort, such as both outdoor and indoor tubs. There’s also Rock Lake on the grounds, which offers a great vantage point to see the Northern Lights during winter.

17600 Chena Hot Springs Rd, Fairbanks, AK 99712, Phone: 907-451-8104

25. White Sulphur Springs

White Sulphur Springs
© Betty Sederquist/

The White Sulphur Springs, located on the western side of Chichagof Island, is one of the area’s literal hot spots, a place where people have enjoyed the water’s therapeutic effects for several decades. Surrounded by spruce and hemlock, this Alaska hot springs faces the Pacific Ocean and offers a warm outdoor pool. There’s also a bathhouse built from locally sourced cedar, as well as a cabin maintained by the United State Forest Service that’s available for rental. As the White Sulphur Springs outdoor pool and bathhouse are available for visitors to use free of charge, they are quite popular.

Tongass Dr, Sitka, AK 99835, Phone: 907-747-6671

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