Known as the “front pages” of the internet, Reddit is a social media platform where people can bring up and discuss the latest news. It’s like the insider’s social network, where people can comment and debate on pretty much anything under the sun. More importantly, it’s where people can learn about the news first. If you found something that went viral on Facebook or Twitter, chances are it was already trending on Reddit days ago.

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Over the years, however, Reddit has also become the place where news is made – controversies and topics that go viral have been known to come from the site as well.

For most people, Reddit has become part of their usual daily dose of online content. Considering that the place covers anything and everything, it really appeals to all people. If you’re new to the site, you might be overwhelmed with all the hottest topics on the front page, but a bit of digging will eventually find you in the subreddit that suits your tastes.

So how does this help travelers?

You’d be surprised with how many subreddits are there about traveling, much of which are crawling with experienced travelers from all walks of life, sharing their ideas and tips for everyone to discover. In fact, there’s so much useful information about traveling that Reddit can pretty much compete with other online travel sites. Here are a few ways that travelers can benefit from Reddit.

- Travel tips: Whether you’re new to traveling or trying to up your game, there’s always a subreddit where you’ll learn something new. There are guides there for solo travelers and those who go with groups. There are also subreddits that give tips for better safety as well as those that talk about equipment brands and travel must-haves.

- Itinerary guides: Looking to find the best way to make the most of your travel weekend? Maybe you want to find the ideal route given a set of destinations. Or perhaps you want to know the landmarks you must visit in a certain location. There’s a subreddit for all of those.

- Touring: Are you visiting a certain country for one day and you want to know the spots you mustn’t miss? Reddit is the one place you’ll find a guide for every location that’s worth visiting. You’ll also know about the schedule when certain establishments open as well as fare costs for commuting and other fees.

Suggested subreddits for travelers

However, Reddit can be a waste of time if you don’t know where to find the right information. The community is large enough to be confusing, but there are some subreddits that you can definitely rely on for information.


Of all the most popular subreddits, this one is arguably one of the most popular. It’s got over 222,000 subscribers, so it also happens to be one of the broadest. You’ll find all kinds of photos as well as travel-related news and advice. This is definitely your first stop for travel information.

Try not to be overwhelmed by the massive amount of content, though. The large scope can be a lot to take in, but there’s a feature that lets your filter all the content (i.e. images, videos, news articles, questions, etc.) so you can narrow down your selection.


This one is known for its very active community. The focus is mainly on solo traveling, so you’ll find a lot of good advice on a wide selection of topics, covering itinerary advice as well as answers to common questions. Many of these are given by pros, so you can bet that the information will come in handy at some point of your travels. The subreddit has over 40000 people, most of whom are incredibly friendly, so don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need to. There are also links to and promotions of blogs and other interesting content.


Trying to travel on a budget? You’re not alone. In fact, there’s an entire community of people looking to learn how to save the most on travel costs. This subreddit will be one of the best places to find first-hand accounts on how to make the most savings with all kinds of trips. This is also where you’ll find information on costs as well as advice and techniques that will guarantee significant savings. You can even search for a specific destination and not only will you get an idea of how much you’ll be spending, but you’ll also find useful tips for making savings. Try to stop by this subreddit just before finalizing your travel plans.


This one’s for those who are looking to stay in a foreign country for a long period of time or for those who want to live there. This one’s filled with posts of people looking for advice on points of interests like location, the job market, visa requirements, and more. Naturally, this isn’t the ideal stop for those who just want to go on a short trip. But if you’re a European looking to stay in the U.S. or an American trying to settle in Australia, you’ll definitely find some helpful tips here.


This subreddit is home to over 15,000 people who have a lot of experience with making money while they’re going around the world. If you plan on building a life of earning while travelling world, this is the place to start. Here, you’ll find information on what to bring and what to do in certain situations that you might get stuck in. There are also discussions on pros and cons as well as some advice on whether or not this lifestyle is for you. Finally, you’ll also be introduced to some helpful links that will greatly contribute to your journey to becoming a full-fledged digital nomad.

When it comes to traveling, knowledge is power, and there’s no better place to find valuable knowledge on traveling than Reddit. With countless users offering travel experience from all walks of life, you’ll never run out of people to ask or learn from.