It's clear to see that the world is becoming more technologically focused, and even in the last decade, our lives and world have changed so much through the power of new technological discoveries and innovative advancements. The rate of progress in this field is simply staggering, and as time goes by, life is only going to keep on becoming simpler and more convenient through the power of smart, effective, technology.

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This can especially be seen in the world of travel. In the past, travelers had so many more responsibilities to worry about and inconveniences to handle, but these days, there are all kinds of innovative gadgets and devices to help make the travel experience so much simpler and more enjoyable for all.

Whether we're talking about smart water bottles that can purify water you find on your trek through the jungle, cutting edge smartphones with all kinds of apps and features to make travel easier, or comfortable and cozy travel pillows with built-in heating and massaging technology, it's clear to see that innovation is improving every aspect of the travel experience, and Travelmate Robotics is offering something every traveler will love.

Travelmate Robotics - Smart Suitcase

Travelmate Robotics is producing the Travelmate - an entirely autonomous robotic suitcase. Able to actually move around on its own, the Travelmate doesn't need to be picked up or carried, and it comes with all kinds of unique features and functionality that help to make it a real joy to own and use. It can completely change the way you travel, and here are just a few of its most impressive features:

- Super Strong Security - The Travelmate is equipped with a built-in lock which adheres to TSA standards and can only be opened by the suitcase owner through Bluetooth. It's highly convenient and helps to ensure that all your personal possessions and valuables stay safe at all times.

- A Built-In Scale - One of the most frustrating aspects of having to pack a suitcase is making sure the weight is just right to meet the rules and restrictions of your airline. The Travelmate actually comes with a state of the art built-in scale to accurately measure its own weight, giving you total peace of mind.

- Rechargeable Battery - As a robotic device, the Travelmate is powered by a rechargeable battery which can be charged back up through a simple USB 3.0 connection, just like many other devices you use on a daily basis. Not only that, but you can actually use the Travelmate as a power bank to charge up your other devices.

- LED Lights - The Travelmate also comes equipped with an LED lighting sysyem which shows you the battery level of the Travelmate, which direction it's moving in, and other signals for the comfort and convenience of the user.

- Clever Movement - The Travelmate can follow you around airports and other locations either flat on its back or upright in a vertical, standing position. It has super smart GPS technology and clever features like obstacle avoidance and 'Follow Me' which allow it to keep up with its owner in any environment.

- Adaptability and Future Potential - Travelmate is the first ever robotic suitcase and has the power to adapt to new situations, changing its movement speed and style to suit you and the surrounding area, and it's just the right size to be suitable for flights with all airlines. In the future, as new apps are developed and released for Travelmate, it's potential and capacities will only grow larger.

The Travelmate is currently available in three different color variations - blue, pink, and black - and three different sizes - small, medium, and large - to suit all tavelers. The smallest Travelmate measures up at 21.7 x 7.9 x 15.7 inches, while the largest variant is 29.5 x 12.2 x 20.5 in size. Each one has its own unique advantages, but they all come with the same powerful technology and amazing abilities, making your trips so much more fun.

Honored with the award for first place at the Innovation Awards hosted by the International Travel Goods Show, the Travelmate has been featured and talked about in leading press and tech publications all over the globe from Fox News to USA Today, Playboy Magazine, ABC, Trendhunter, Yahoo, CNN, Mashable, and more. This robotic suitcase can totally change your travel experiences, completely surpassing old, tired, traditional cases and storage solutions. Order today and see how the Travelmate can change your life. website