It’s clear to see that our planet is facing a crisis. Climate change is affecting the entire world, researchers estimate that the melting of the polar ice caps could submerge entire cities and regions in the decades to come, and the rate of natural disasters is only increasing worldwide.

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Clearly, changes need to be made, and our seas and oceans are facing some of the greatest risks of all, with experts estimating by the year 2050, there will be a greater volume of plastic in the oceans than fish. All around the world, efforts are being made to combat this terrible problem, and The Universal Sea project is making a big difference.

The Universal Sea - Art and Innovation to Combat Sea Pollution

The amount of plastic in the world's waters is becoming increasingly worrying. It's growing dramatically with every passing day, and those plastics can kill wildlife, destroy eco-systems, and even find its way into our own food sources too. Plastic is absolutely everywhere when it comes to water, but there's a worrying lack of action being taken to combat the problem.

The Universal Sea project was founded to investigate whether art and innovation hold the power to catalyze positive change for the world's oceans and seas. Throughout history, we've seen time and time again that art can be a powerful tool for social and environmental progress, and The Universal Sea aims to blend art, innovation, science, technology, and business in its own pursuit of progress.

The Universal Sea project is all about developing solutions to stop the plastic epidemic, mainly operating in Europe, but also undertaking action overseas in various other countries. Artists, cultural actors, experts, and members of the public all come together to co-create solutions to reduce water pollution through the organization of various events, exhibitions, talks, workshops, and more.

The impact of The Universal Sea has been really impressive so far. More than 1,100 artists and innovators have gotten involved from countries around the world, with multiple universities and leading scientific institutions also playing a part. Festivals and special arts events have been held at key destinations, touching the lives of 5.5 million visitors and many more online.

Get Involved with The Universal Sea

The Universal Sea is setting an amazing example and pursuing highly important work, harnessing the combined power and potential of artists, innovators, and conservationists to strive for a better and brighter future for the world’s oceans. If you admire the work being done through this project, there are several different ways you can choose to get involved.

- Donations - The Universal Sea relies on donations to fuel its projects and programming, and if you want to be a part of it all, you can make a donation online at any time. Donations can be made safely and securely with various cards, and every little contribution matters and has the potential to make a big difference.

- Join The Community - The online portal of The Universal Sea project is the perfect place to learn more about the concept. It's a melting pot of ideas and innovations, with tens of thousands of regular contributors all writing posts and organizing events to raise awareness of water pollution and other issues affecting the world's waters, encouraging more and more people to start taking action and making a difference.

- Take Part - All year long, events and activities are being organized by members of The Universal Sea project in order to fight marine debris, clean up the oceans and seas, and contribute to a brighter, better future for all. You can use the online portal of The Universal Sea to find and connect with like-minded people in your local area, getting involved in events

- Make Some Art - If you're an artist, an innovator, or a creator, The Universal Sea project could greatly benefit from your unique skills, abilities, and talents. Whether you're making music with old plastic bottles or upcycling plastic bags into a fantastic collage, The Universal Sea is always eager to see new art projects based on the theme of plastic waste in water, shining the spotlight on this issue, building up more and more awareness, and making people look at the issue from a whole new angle.

- Business Solutions - Perhaps you're not an exist, but you do excel in science, business, innovation, or related areas and have bold new ideas that could combat the plastic waste problem. If so, The Universal Sea is waiting to hear from you. This global community is always seeking out interesting concepts that could make a difference, built on the power of collaboration and innovation, and you can create an account with The Universal Sea and start sharing your thoughts today. website