Christmas is a magical time of year for so many people all over the world. It’s one of the happiest celebrations of all, and we each have images, themes, and traditions we associate with the holiday season.

When we think of Christmas, many of us will picture snowy scenes, families gathered around the fireplace, friends coming together to exchange gifts and enjoy great food.

We see images and figures like Santa Claus and Rudolph when we think of Christmas, and we think of the joys and peace we can all feel from spending quality time with our loved ones and celebrating together. And of course, one of the most iconic and everlasting images of Christmas, known and loved all over the world, is the Christmas tree itself.

Christmas trees have been a big part of Christmas celebrations for many years, and families often enjoy heading out to choose their trees and then decorating them when they get home, but traditional Christmas trees come with a few downsides. They can be expensive and awkward to get into a home, creating a lot of mess and not always fitting in with your own aesthetic. If you’re looking for something different, The Modern Christmas Tree might be the answer.

The Modern Christmas Tree - Contemporary Christmas Trees for Your Home

The Modern Christmas Tree was first designed by Lawrence "Bud" Stoeker, an architect and engineer who had a lot of experience constructing A-Frame style homes and wanted to bring something new to the Christmas market. He started off making the tree out of cardboard, but over time, the design evolved to include Masonite, then Plexiglas. Eventually, ornaments were added onto the frame as well.

Now, years after Bud's original designs, his grandson, Matthew Bliss, is keeping the spirit of The Modern Christmas Tree alive and bringing the classic idea into the 21st century with elegant, stylish, and functional Christmas tree designs that can fit flawlessly and seamlessly into your home.

- Modern, Stylish Christmas Trees - The Modern Christmas Tree is all about taking a classic design and making it more modern and stylish. Many people are proud of their homes and enjoy having things a certain way, with a certain style of décor and interior design that doesn’t always work as well with a large tree in the corner of a room. If you love Christmas and want to decorate your home but want to do things a little differently and help to preserve your own unique sense of style and design, The Modern Christmas Tree is the perfect option. These contemporary trees feature chic, elegant, minimalist designs that can fit beautifully into any environment and complement your home’s pre-existing design and aesthetic without overwhelming it.

- Simple and Fun - One big reason many people have turned to The Modern Christmas Tree over the years is just how simple they are to set-up. Several different models are available, including trees that hang from the ceiling, connect to the wall, or are supported by a stand. The trees are formed in concentric circles rising up in a conal, tree-like shape. They are all shipped with useful accessories and all you need for a simple set-up, including installation hardware, replacement connectors, a pair of gloves, and optional decorations like chandelier crystals, glass bulb ornaments, and a mirror ball.

- So Many Advantages - As well as being simple to set-up and fun to admire in your own home, The Modern Christmas Trees offer so many advantage over traditional trees. We’ve all experienced the difficulties traditional trees can cause. They can be large and unwieldy, difficult to get into the home and tricky to place properly in a room as well. They also shed their needles over time, which can make a lot of mess in the home, and they aren’t always very easy to decorate either. The Modern Christmas Trees, meanwhile, are so simple to set up, create no mess or problems, and look gorgeous for the whole holiday season.

The Modern Christmas Tree can change the way you celebrate Christmas, preserving the traditions and joys of the past, while taking your appreciation of this wonderful holiday into the 21st century. These trees and accessories are stylish and modern, fitting beautifully into any contemporary home and giving your Christmas decorations a lot of class and grace. To learn more, call 720 638 9511. You can also shop online on the official The Modern Christmas Tree site and find your new modern Christmas tree today. website