PERMANENTLY CLOSED Art has always been an integral part of what it means to be human. Even in the earliest ages of mankind, people sought to express their thoughts, ideas, and imaginations through paintings and drawings. Over the years, as time went by, more and more mediums and techniques were discovered and explored, with countless artists and creative minds conjuring extraordinary images and visual statements in paint, porcelain, stone, and more.

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Art has the power to change lives. A single piece of art can inspire a movement, and the greatest pieces can trigger all kinds of emotional responses. A crowd of people gathered around a work of art can all see and feel different things, and art can mean so much to people of different cultures, backgrounds, and walks of life.

The joys of art can be seen and experienced all over the world, with different nations, regions, and cultures each having their own leading artists and ways of expressing themselves. Some of the most moving and thought-provoking art can be found from the South and all-around Latin America, and one of the leading experts in these fields of art is undoubtedly Rebekah Jacob.

Rebekah Jacob Gallery - Fine Art and Photography of the South and Latin America

Discovering, curating, promoting, and placing incredible artworks and photographs from the Southern United States and around Latin America in leading collections and prime locations around the world is the aim of Rebekah Jacob through her Rebekah Jacob Gallery. A passionate expert in the diverse art and photography seen in the South and Latin America, Jacob is one of the most trusted names in the field. Here's all you need to know about Rebekah Jacob and her ground-breaking gallery:

- A Passionate Founder - With a B.A. in English, an M.A. in Art History, and a Certificate in Appraisal Studies in Fine and Decorative Arts, as well as art history teaching experience and a lifelong love and passion for art, particularly from the South and Latin America, Rebekah Jacob is a true master of her craft. A fully certified member of the International Society of Appraisers, Jacob formed her own gallery with a view to sourcing incredible artworks from her chosen locations and bringing these pieces to art lovers and collectors around the globe.

- Striving For Greatness - Jacob has used her extensive knowledge and experience throughout the art world to launch a gallery that really is making a difference. She has brokered, curated, and consulted on countless pieces of fine art and photography for many different collections and museums, working with both private collectors and cultural locations like big city galleries to find the perfect pieces for every party. Constantly striving for improvement, Jacob continues to curate, exhibit, appraise, and broker more and more artworks from all around the South and locations like Cuba.

- Art For A Cause - A big reason why Rebekah Jacob focused so strongly on art from the South and Latin America is the immense social and political influence many of these pieces had on their repsective regions. Many of the photographs and artworks she has curated and brokered from the South, for example, explored the Civil Rights Movement. She has also taken part in talks, studies, projects, and seminars regarding the importance of art and photography in civic and political movements through history.

- Expert Appraisals - One of the key services Rebekah Jacob is able to provide is art appraisals. With her unparalleled expertise in art and photography from the South and Latin America, Jacob is able to provide accurate estimations of a piece’s value. All appraisal services will include fair market value estimations, as well as descriptions of the object, details on its condition, history of the piece, market data, auction histories relating to the piece or the artist in question, and more. Commonly used for both insurance and sales purposes, appraisals can also be essential for charitable donations, tax returns, and more.

- Art Sales - Naturally, a large part of the functioning of the Rebekah Jacob Gallery is also driven around sales of fine art pieces and photographs. The gallery can always boast of an outstanding collection, with incredible pieces from the past and present, including various contemporary paintings from artists like Juan Henriquez, William Halsey, Luis Alberto Perez Copperi, Bill Dunlap, and J. Kevin Foltz, as well as photography from Southern and Latin American pioneers like Raul Corrales, Lucien Clerque, Agustin Victor Casasola, Jesse A. Fernandez, William Eggleston, Walker Evans, and Lewis Hine.

For art appraisals, sales, and purchases of fine art and photography from the key markets of the Southern United States and Latin America, Rebekah Jacob Gallery is the place to be. A true expert in these areas of art, Rebekah Jacob is one of the leading names operating today. Art can be purchased and services can be ordered online or in person, and the gallery can also be contacted via phone at 843 754 0003. website