When we think of high quality watches, one country always leaps out above the rest: Switzerland. The words ‘Swiss Made’ or ‘Made in Switzerland’ always add value, elegance, and appeal to any product, especially a watch, with this European nation being historically known for its exceptionally high quality watches. Anyone shopping for the watch of their dreams should immediately turn to the Swiss brands, and if you’re looking for a fully customized Swiss watch, Ochs Und Junior is the name to know.

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Ochs Und Junior - Customized Swiss Watches

We’re living in an era where almost everything seems to be mass produced and lacking in any kind of originality or uniqueness, but more and more people are starting to care about their own individuality and seeking out brands that feel the same way. Buying customized products is the best way to find, use, and wear items that you can really feel a connection with, and if you’re looking for custom Swiss watches, this is the brand for you.

- The Story - Ochs Und Junior was established back in 2006 and is based out of the beautiful city of Lucerne, Switzerland. The company's co-founder and leading watchmaker, Dr. Ludwig Oechslin, is one of one of the leading figures of the Swiss watch industry and has crafted some of the best watches of recent decades. The company only makes around 130 watches a year, taking the time to really craft each and every piece to perfection and selling them exclusively via the Ochs Und Junior workshop in Lucerne.

- Custom Swiss Watches - Ochs Und Junior is one of the best rated and most beloved brands of custom Swiss-made watches. With this company, you are the boss, able to craft and create a design that works for you, choosing from a range of models and then being able to use the Ochs Und Junior 'Customizer' to fully personalize every aspect of your device from the color and style of the dial to the design of the markers, hands, dots, discs, and any other little features as well. You can also fully customize your strap, choosing from a range of quality leather, suede, rubber, and textile options in a myriad of colors.

- A Commitment To Quality - The fact that only approximately 130 watches are made and sold from Ochs Und Junior on an annual basis goes a long way to showing just how committed this Swiss watch company is to the quality of its products and the satisfaction of its customers. While so many brands are focused on mass production and record sales numbers at any cost or compromise, Ochs Und Junior puts quality above all else, ensuring that no customer ever has to settle for second best and crafting each and every Ochs Und Junior watch to the highest possible standard.

- Stark Beauty and Simple Functionality - When shopping for watches nowadays, many customers are bamboozled by dozens of dials, overly intricate designs, and confusing features on so many of the watches out there. Ochs Und Junior takes a different approach. The custom Swiss watches of this company are designed with simplicity in mind, offering beautiful, bold designs with understated aesthetic appeal and simple functionality, telling the time and date, with some models also featuring more detailed calendar and time zone functionality, but never going into excess with features or design.

- Small Team, Handcrafted Quality - Ochs Und Junior runs out of a small Lucerne workshop with a team of just six people. Kevin Hoffman and Sandra Fluck work to put the watches together based on Ludwig Oechslin's exceptional designs, while Beat Weinmann, the CEO of the company, deals with sales and service. Finally, Isabelle Ruckstuhl handles the admin side of the business and Cail Pearce is the head of communications. With such a small team, Ochs Und Junior is able to provide that personal, family feel that many people crave when buying such an important item as a watch, and you can really get to know members of the team like Beat Weinmann as your watch order goes from the initial design phase all the way through to after-sales service.

Ochs Und Junior is making some of the very best custom Swiss-made watches and if you're interested in learning more, you can contact Beat Weinmann via beat@ochsundjunior.swiss or +41 41 266 02 12. You can fully customize and design your watch online and then share that design with the Ochs Und Junior team in order to confirm your order. From there, it’s just a question of waiting patiently while your quality timepiece is assembled and delivered safely to your door, with Ochs Und Junior also offering full after-sales support and maintenance services to keep your watch in perfect working order, just as good as new. website