The world is an amazing place, and we only get one life to see and experience as much of it as possible, so it’s no surprise that many people aim to do lots of traveling throughout their lifetimes. Whether you’re visiting the other side of the world or a neighboring city, seeing new places and experiencing new things can be a very enriching and rewarding experience in many different ways.

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Travel has a lot of advantages, but it’s clear to see that it also comes with some risks. These risks can be obvious, like the fact that some of the world’s more exotic locations are home to deadly wildlife or unsafe drinking water, or less clear to see, like the fact that some cities and neighborhoods might appear safe at first glance but actually have high crime rates or may be unwelcoming towards people of certain races.

Everyone should feel comfortable and safe when they travel, but there are a lot of unknown factors out there, especially when you’re heading ‘off the beaten track’ and exploring cities and places you really aren’t familiar with. Even when exploring your own hometown, there may be certain areas that are more dangerous or risky than others, and in order to help you decode the world around you and stay safe while traveling, there’s GeoSure Global.

GeoSure Global - Safety Ratings for Travelers

GeoSure Global is a revolutionary safety service in the form of a mobile app you can take with you and use wherever you go. Aimed at making the world a safer place and ensuring that your trips and travels involve fewer risks, GeoSure Global actually provides safety ratings for countless neighborhoods and locations all over the world.

Making use of real security data and analytical tools, GeoSure Global is able to provide accurate, easy to understand safety ratings for wherever you go, giving you an easy 'at a glance' indication of how safe your local area is and letting you plan out trips ahead of time to feel safe and secure, no matter where you're going.

Here’s what GeoSure Global can do for you:

- Safety Ratings - GeoSure Global works by generating safety score ratings for thousands of different locations all over the world. These ratings offer a general view of how safe an area is, and are broken down into lots of smaller categories, each with their own scores. Examples include Women's Safety, LGBTQ Safety, Health and Medical, Political Freedoms, and Theft.

- Easy To Understand - One of the best advantages of GeoSure Global is just how easy this system is to understand and follow. You don’t need to understand reams of data or complicated tables to see how safe an area is. You simply get to see a simple 1-100 number rating, with lower numbers indicating that the area is safer, while higher numbers indicate greater levels of risk.

- Personalized - This app offers a personalized security service, meaning that the scores will reflect your own safety in a particular area. Clearly, if you’re traveling to a foreign country as a tourist, you may be at greater risk of certain crimes like pickpocketing, for example. Another example would be how women or members of the LGBTQ community may be made to feel less welcome in certain areas. The app lets you input some details about yourself to really get personalized safety info.

- Plan Your Trips - One of the top uses of GeoSure Global is to plan out your trips more effectively. Planning a vacation or business trip involves a lot of responsibilities, but people rarely consider the safety of the locations they’re visiting. GeoSure Global lets you scan areas ahead of time, choosing the safest neighborhoods and locations to visit while potentially avoiding the more dangerous zones.

- On-The-Go - GeoSure Global updates as you move around, letting you explore a city and have constant, up to date readings on the security and safety of the area around you and the neighboring locations. It’s a great tool to have in your pocket when walking around somewhere new.

- All Over The World - GeoSure Global currently covers a network of more than 30,000 different neighborhoods all over the planet. It works in many major cities, and the network is being updated and expanded all the time to make the app even more effective. So no matter where you’re traveling, this service can give you the info you need to stay safe.

- For Businesses - Maybe you’re planning a business trip, a corporate outing, or checking out locations for the opening of a new branch or office. In any of these situations and more, GeoSure Global can have great practical use for businesses and corporate entities, letting you see the safety ratings for any given area at any time.

- In Your Own City - You don’t even need to travel far to take advantage of the GeoSure Global security ratings. Every city tends to have neighborhoods that are safer than others, and GeoSure Global lets you check out the safety ratings in your own local area to stay as safe as possible at all times.

GeoSure Global really is doing amazing work for helping travelers stay safe wherever they go. We should all feel free to enjoy the benefits of travel, but many people are rightfully concerned about visiting unfamiliar locations due to the possible dangers and risks those locations might pose.

GeoSure Global effectively acts as your own personal scouting team, scanning areas all over the world and letting you know exactly how risky or safe they really are. This app lets you travel with more confidence and peace of mind, so it’s a great little tool to have on your phone or tablet. website