Many years ago, it would have taken days or eve weeks to travel from one country to another, and the idea of being able to visit the other side of the world on the very same day was reserved for the realms of fantasy. Now, with the power of flight, that dream has become a reality and it really is possible to be all around the Earth in a matter of hours. Thousands of airports have opened up over the last century all over the globe, connecting people together like never before. Each airport has its own name, but is also given a three letter IATA airport code to identify it. For Fort Myers in Florida, the airport code is RSW, which designates Southwest Florida International Airport.

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What is the Fort Myers Airport Code?

The state of Florida has many major airports serving the big cities and areas like Orlando and Miami. For Fort Myers, the big airport in the area is Southwest Florida International Airport. This airport has the code RSW and is located in Lee County, just southeast of Fort Myers and east of Cape Coral.

Fort Myers Airport Code Contact Information

The address for airport code RSW (Southwest Florida International Airport) is 11000 Terminal Access Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33913. The airport can be contacted via the following phone number: 239 590 4800.

History of Fort Myers Airport Code RSW

Southwest Florida International Airport isn't a particularly old airport, only opening up in the 1980s. For many years, the Fort Myers area and Southwest Florida in general was served by Page Field, a public airport which is still in operation and located in Lee County. In the 1970s, however, with modern jumbo jets being used and Florida becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, it was clear to see that Page Field's facilities were no longer sufficient.

It wasn't possible to expand Page Field either, so a decision was made to construct a new airport. Construction started in 1980 and the airport, which was named Southwest Florida Regional Airport at the time, opened in 1983. The airport code RSW came from the 'Regional' and 'Southwest' parts of the airport's name.

Ten years after RSW airport opened, its name was changed to Southwest Florida International Airport, even though it had been running international flights for many years. The airport was expanded over time to cope with increasing demand and began to carry several million passengers each and every year, becoming one of the major airports for the state of Florida.

Statistics for Fort Myers Airport Code RSW

Airport code RSW, Southwest Florida International Airport, is the major airport for Fort Myers and the surrounding Southwest Florida region which includes other big cities like Cape Coral and Naples. It is the second busiest single-runway airport in the United States and covers a total area of 13,555 acres.

This means that RSW airport is the third biggest airport in the country in terms of area, but RSW airport does not rank as one of the busiest airports in the United States. It serves around 8 million passengers per year with routes running around the United States and Canada, as well as some flights to Europe too. The top destinations for Fort Myers airport are Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI; Boston, MA; and Newark, NJ.

Parking at Fort Myers Airport Code RSW

If you're planning to park at Southwest Florida International Airport, you have a few different options available. Parking at RSW is broken down into short-term and long-term options. The short-term parking at RSW offers rates of $3 for the first hour and $18 per day, while the long term parking has a maximum rate of $11 per day, with that rate decreasing over time.

Getting To and From Fort Myers Airport Code RSW

Southwest Florida International Airport is a relatively short distance from Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and the surrounding area, making it quite easy to access by both car and public transportation from these areas. Recent road projects around RSW airport have made it even simpler to access the airport parking lots from Interstate 75, but if you'd prefer to use public transportation, the LeeTran bus service operates a route from the Fort Myers area directly to the airport.

Getting Around Fort Myers Airport Code RSW

Getting around at RSW airport is very easy. It's one of the biggest airports in the United States, but it's smartly laid out and very easy to understand. If you choose to park on the long-term lots, you'll be able to make use of a shuttle to head straight over to the terminal building. At the terminal, all three of the concourses, B, C, and D, are clearly labelled to help you get around.

Hotels at Fort Myers Airport Code RSW

For now, Southwest Florida International Airport does not have an on-site hotel, although plans are in place for a hotel to be constructed as part of the airport's upcoming 'Skyplex' commercial and industrial center. In the meantime, there are various hotels in the local area, many of which offer affordable room rates and free shuttles to the terminal building. Read on for names, addresses, and phone numbers of the best hotels near Fort Myers airport.

- SpringHill Suites by Marriott Fort Myers Airport - 9501 Marketplace Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33912, Phone: 239-561-1803

- Four Points by Sheraton Fort Myers Airport - 13600 Treeline Ave S, Fort Myers, FL 33913, Phone: 239-322-1399

- Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Fort Myers Near JetBlue Park - 10150 Daniels Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33913, Phone: 239-791-5000

- Comfort Inn & Suites Airport - 10081 Intercom Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33913, Phone: 520-505-2489

- La Quinta Inn & Suites Fort Myers Airport - 9521 Marketplace Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33912, Phone: 239-466-0012