Millions of people are striving to get fit and stay in shape each and every day, with recent years seeing big surges in gym memberships and many new fitness studios opening up all over the world. From yoga to Pilates, barre, CrossFit, HIIT, TRX, and more, there are countless physical fitness systems and workout plans out there to try, all offering amazing results for weight loss, strength gain, muscle toning, and more.

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All of this choice is clearly a good thing, as it gives us all more options when it comes to how we can work out, but it can also have one big drawback: with so many fitness studios and exercise types, many people just don’t know where to start. Paying for a membership at one studio can be costly, so people have to be careful and choose the right studio and style for them.

Nobody can realistically afford to be paying memberships at lots of different studios for barre, CrossFit, boxing, rowing, cycling, yoga, and all the rest, so many people are left hesitating for long periods, unsure which gym to choose and wasting their own time and money in the process. Wouldn’t it be simpler if you could just have one membership pass that gave you access to many different studios? With FitReserve, you can.

FitReserve - The Premier Multi-Studio Fitness Membership

FitReserve is your ticket to all the different workouts and fitness studios you could ever need. It’s the ultimate aid for any modern fitness enthusiast, offering instant access to dozens of different fitness locations in big cities around the United States. With simple pricing plans, affordable options, and amazing flexibility, the FitReserve multi-studio fitness membership is the perfect option for anyone who wants to enjoy all the benefits of multiple exercise systems without having to pay individual fees for every single one.

The Advantages of FitReserve

The advantages of FitReserve are clear to see:

- Money-Saving - Often, fitness enthusiasts start off with one style of exercise, like yoga or Pilates, and then over time, they start to develop an interest or curiosity for other types of fitness too, like CrossFit or TRX. This means they end up paying multiple fitness studio entry fees or memberships, and these costs can very quickly add up over time. A lot of people like the health and de-stress benefits of yoga, for example, but also want to build up some muscle through an activity like rowing or boxing, so pay multiple fees. With FitReserve, you’ll only have to pay one single membership fee for full access to all the different studios you need.

- Variety - FitReserve gives you access to a whole spectrum of exercise and fitness styles. Exercise can offer a lot of different benefits, from weight loss to muscle toning to better mental health, and different types of exercise are better-suited at providing different results. Yoga, for instance, is typically classed as being perfect for people who want to tone up and improve flexibility, as well as reducing their stress levels, while something like CrossFit is great for building up muscle and burning off big numbers of calories. With FitReserve, you get to enjoy a huge variety of exercises and all of their different benefits whenever you like.

- Simplicity - Keeping track of multiple memberships and having to look up different studios and schedules and fitness systems can be very time-consuming and frustrating. So often, fitness enthusiasts are left scratching their heads as they try to work out their timings and find the right studios that provide the services and classes they want. It’s a needlessly complicated and frustrating procedure, but with FitReserve, everything is so much simpler. When you sign up for this multi-studio fitness pass, you’ll have instant access to a long list of studios and all of their different classes, free to take part in any kind of physical activity you like.

How Does FitReserve Work

We’ve seen the advantages of FitReserve, so how does it actually work and where can you use these multi-studio fitness passes? Read on to find out:

- Locations - FitReserve currently operates in five of the biggest cities in the United States: Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Boston, and Washington DC. The FitReserve pass gives you access to thousands of different classes in hundreds of different locations around these big cities. NYC, for example, offers more than 49,000 classes with FitReserve.

- A Simple Subscription - FitReserve is offered as a simple membership package, with a few different plans available. The 'Sampler' plan, for example, gives you access to any three classes at any studio you like each month, while the 'Starter' plan offers five classes per month and the 'Gold' plan gives you access to ten different classes. The prices will vary for each plan depending on which city you use it in, but the rules are always the same and the system is always very simple and seamless.

- Flex - FitReserve also offers the 'Flexpack' program, and this lets you buy packs of 5, 10, 25, or 50 classes as you wish and then use them whenever you like over the course of a six-month period. Perfect for people with busy and unpredictable schedules, the Flexpack options give you the flexibility you need to enjoy fitness and exercise your way. website