If walls could talk, the countless historic buildings of America would have so many stories to tell. Standing proud and tall decade after decade, the nation's historic buildings hold so much history and heritage within their structures, and the preservation of that history and heritage is so important.

Unfortunately, with the passage of time and the effects of the elements, the slow but inevitable degradation of materials and structures begins to take place. Spaces and buildings that were once glorious and new begin to lose the charm and integrity they once enjoyed.

It can be highly disheartening to see a beautiful historic building slowly wasting away, with all of its stories and charms being lost to the passing years. Fortunately, modern day restoration, design, and architectural techniques and technologies can undo the damage done, with Evergreene Architectural Arts leading the way.

Evergreene Architectural Arts - Historic Building Restoration

Based out of Brooklyn, but with offices all around the nation in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC too, Evergreene Architectural Arts is America's architectural arts industry leader, offering a range of restoration and design services to save beautiful buildings and structures across the nation.

Winners of multiple awards and endless plaudits for restoration and design work, the Evergreene Architectural Arts team of developers, conservators, designers, artists, and artisans works to restore, renovate, and revitalize historic buildings, preserving the past and paving the way for a brighter future in the process.

The Work of Evergreene Architectural Arts

Evergreene Architectural Arts is the nation’s largest specialty contractor of architectural arts, a leading light in the field of archtectural restoration and care, saving the nation's beloved buildings and preserving so much history and countless stories for future generations to feel, see, and experience. The company's work covers the following aspects:

- Restoration - Restoration is a big part of the work being done by Evergreene Architectural Arts. The aging process can affect buildings in some dramatic ways, with materials growing weaker and structures growing less stable over time as they're exposed to pressures and elements beyond their control. Making use of state of the art technology, artistic design, passionate craftsmanship, and a wealth of experience, Evergreene is able to restore historic finishes, solve instability issues, and even replicate lost, damaged, or missing elements in order to fully restore buildings and spaces to their former glory. Taking on projects of all sizes and scopes, Evergreene has consistently proven itself to be one of the most reliable names in building restoration.

- Conservation - A national and global leader for historic preservation, Evergreene Architectural Arts is fully dedicated to the conservation of historic buildings and artifacts of all kinds. The company's ever-expanding team of experts works alongside leading organizations like the American Institute for Conservation and the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property to uphold the strictest standards of conservation services. From surveys and condition assessments through to conservation treatments and artifact mounting, Evergreen can be your go-to source for any and all conservation needs, offering custom solutions and personalized approaches to each and every project undertaken, and always approaching every new historical site with the same degree of motivation and care.

- Murals, Mosaics, and Artworks - In general, when referring to historic buildings and artifacts, artworks of all kinds like murals and mosaics tend to be the most easily affected and damaged by the passage of time. As the years go by, colors fade, damage is done, pieces go missing, and great, beautiful works can lose their original life and luster. Evergreene Architectural Arts works to restore and recreate classical artworks of all kinds. The company can actually boast of its own in-house mural studio, with a team of artists and craftspeople pioneering mural practices for more than four decades now, helping to create over 600 different murals for businesses and buildings around America.

- Preconstruction and Design Services - Evergreene Architectural Arts also offers a range of preconstruction and design services, lending its architectural and design experience and expertise to hundreds of different projects of all forms and sizes. Architects and designers have often turned to Evergreene Architectural Arts for advice, guidance, and preconstruction planning for their projects. The Evergreene Architectural Arts design studio can help you with working out budget, logistics, construction schedules, and more, as well as simply providing expert guidance built on the foundations of decades of success and experience in fields of restoration, construction, design, and renovation. The studio team works together with Evergreene's conservators and researchers to provide the very best and most reliable project planning services. website