France is one of the most beautiful nations in the world. When we picture France, we see beautiful architecture in big cities like Lyon and Paris, we see coastal villages in places like Brittany and Normandy, we the vineyards of Bordeaux, the ski resorts of the Alps, the world class cafés and restaurants that define the nation, and we see thousands of years of history too.

France is nation with countless stories to tell, and many of the palaces, castles, churches, chapels, and other historic buildings of the past are still standing, which is part of what makes France such an amazing place to visit. These locations mean so much to French people, and to the many visitors that head there each year, but many of them are at risk.

Over time, any building, especially one built several centuries ago, begins to deteriorate degrade. Exposure to the elements and the passage of time causes structures to become fragile and break down, and while high profile buildings have lots of funding and support, many others in small French villages and overlooked locations don’t get that same care. Dartagnans is helping to raise awareness of these buildings.

Dartagnans - Saving French Heritage

The world is changing in a lot of different ways. Populations are rising, technological advancements are occurring at an incredible rate, the environments of our planet are being shaped by our actions, and many historic sites and beautiful locations that played key roles throughout history are being left abandoned, neglected, and damaged.

Dartagnans is changing all of that. Essentially, Dartagnans is a crowd-funding platform in which you can effectively become a patron of historical locations around France that are in need of help. Whether it’s providing funding for the restoration of an old castle tower or reinforcing a chapel roof, Dartagnans lets you make real contributions to restore and preserve landmarks of historical importance.

How Does Dartagnans Work?

With the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris shining the spotlight on how harrowing and heartbreaking it can be when a beautiful piece of history gets damaged or destroyed, people all around the world are realizing the importance of saving historical landmarks and preserving them for the future. So how does Dartagnans help? The process is very simple, and can be broken down into just a few steps:

- The Platform - With so many incredible historic sites all over France, it’s no surprise that some of them tend to go ‘under the radar’ and don’t get the love, attention, support, and funding they need, but the Dartagnans platform shines the spotlight on these places. Users can log on to the Dartagnans site, which functions similarly to other crowdfunding platforms out there, and see a huge list of all the different projects and buildings currently in need of funds.

- The Projects - Whether it's helping to restore the castle and outbuildings of the iconic Château de Vigny or fixing the roof of the Chapelle de Limerdin, there are many different projects listed on the Dartagnans site at any one time. You can click on each one, learning more about them, seeing exactly where your donation would go, if you choose to make them, and even seeing the fundraising target and learning more about the people who have donated so far. Dartagnans gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision about any donations you make, and it's easy to create whole new projects too if you have know a building or site in need of help.

- The Rewards - As well as the peace of mind and satisfaction that comes from knowing you helped to preserve a part of history, Dartagnans also offers exclusive rewards and perks to all those who choose to become patrons. Examples can include anything from private visits to the site, gourmet meals, invites to special events, special letters of thanks, or even a plaque with your name engraved on it being placed at the site for future visitors to see. Each project is unique, offering different rewards for different tiers of pledges, and you can browse all the details on the page of each project.

History is so important, and we can’t just let it all be stored in books and on the internet. Actually preserving heritage and historic sites is a wonderful way to keep the culture and stories of a country alive, and Dartagnans is setting a superb example of this with its crowdfunding heritage platform in France. Visit the site today and take a look at the latest projects if you care about saving beautiful places and keeping the past alive. website