Art can enhance our lives in many different ways, but the art world often feels inaccessible and closed off to many, with exclusive galleries and high-end art fairs seemingly the only ways for art lovers to find unique pieces they’d like to buy and enjoy in their own homes, or give as gifts to others.

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stARTup is aiming to change all of that, offering a unique take on the classic gallery experience which is much more casual, welcoming, and accessible to all. stARTup is a unique contemporary art experience taking place in boutique hotels around America.

At a typical stARTup show, artists will be given their own hotel rooms, which they can transform into personalized exhibition spaces, and attendees can walk around to see the different pieces in each room. It’s a new take on a traditional formula, with successful shows taking place in major cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Houston.

stARTup Houston

stARTup Houston is set to be one of the best art events in Texas, following on from the great successes of stARTup Los Angeles and stARTup San Francisco earlier in the year. Here's all you need to know about this 2019 art show in Houston, TX.

- Location - stARTup Houston will be held at the Hotel ICON, which is situated at 220 Main St, Houston, TX 77002. The hotel is located in Downtown Houston, not far from the Theater District, so it's very easy to access. Buses stop right outside on Main St, and there are plenty of parking lots and garages nearby as well, so getting to the show shouldn't be a problem.

- Dates and Times - stARTup Houston will be held from October 11 through to October 13 of 2019. It's only a three day event, so you'll need to set aside these dates in your diary if you plan on attending and enjoying all the fun of this vibrant, accessible art show. The show will start at 6pm on October 11 for VIPs and 7pm for everyone else, closing at 10pm later that evening. It will open from noon to 9pm on October 12 and then again from noon until 7pm on October 13.

- Important Information - One thing you might want to note about stARTup Houston is that it's actually set to take place on the very same weekend as Texas Contemporary, over at the George R. Brown Convention Center, which is just a few blocks away. Texas Contemporary is another terrific art event, so art lovers will definitely want to head to Houston for this October weekend for a double bill of artistic excitement.

- The Experience - stARTup Houston, like other stARTup events, is a place for artists and art lovers to come together in a relaxed and casual setting, a far cry from the hubris and snobbery of traditional galleries and art fairs. It's a place for people to simply enjoy and appreciate art together, a place where art lovers and enthusiasts can discover the work of up and coming artists they might never have known or encountered otherwise.

- Enjoying The Art - stARTup Houston will be a place for discovery and appreciation, with more than 40 artists, all selected by art world experts to appear at the event, each given their own hotel rooms at the Hotel ICON to decorate with their work. Each hotel room becomes its own little gallery or exhibition space for the artist and art enthusiast to share together, and visitors will be able to roam from room to room, seeing and experience the different works, meeting the artists and responsible, and buying any pieces that catch their eye.

- Tickets - All those wishing to attend stARTup Houston will need to purchase tickets. Tickets can be bought online ahead of the event or on the day at a slightly higher price, and you can choose between a standard single day, general admission ticket or a full art fair pass. The single day tickets will give you access to the event for just one of the three days, while the pass lets you come and go as you please over the weekend. Discounts are available for students and seniors.

- VIP - There are also VIP tickets for an extra special experience at stARTup Houston. VIP tickets will provide full admission to the whole fair, as well as an 'Early Access' event on October 11, giving you exclusive access to the show before everyone else and letting you potentially find pieces to buy before the crowds arrive. VIPs will also get access to the VIP lounge and other events. website