At a time when the planet is suffering and mankind's influence on the world has never been more evident, more and more people are turning to green solutions and eco-friendly ideas in every aspect of their lives. Recycling old objects isn't only good for the planet, it's also a lot of fun, allowing creative people to express their imaginative sides and give used items new life in incredible ways. Nowhere is this more evident than at the Flophouze Hotel.

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Located in Round Top, Texas, the Flophouze Hotel was created by Matt White and his team at 'Recycling the Past'. Together, Matt and his fellow recycling enthusiasts came up with the idea of taking old shipping containers and turning these simple metal structures into comfortable, cozy living spaces for tourists and travelers in the Round Top area. It's an incredible area and has been a big hit with the hotel's clientele, who have had nothing but good things to say about their time spent at the Flophouze Hotel.

Details on the Flophouze Hotel

The Flophouze Hotel features multiple 'Houzes', which are essentially old shipping containers that have been used in the past to carry all kinds of merchandise and goods all around the world. These containers have been thoroughly cleaned and totally renovated by the Flophouze Hotel team. On the outside, they look like simple metal boxes, but as soon as you step inside, you'll be blown away by the beauty and smart decoration of these incredible homes away from home.

Each 'Houze' is fitted out with recycled and sustainably-sourced materials, ensuring that they're all totally green and fully eco-friendly. For example, the wood you'll find on the interior of each Houze has been sourced from an upstate New York farm, while the windows that have been installed to add some natural light were taken from a school in Philadelphia that was set to be demolished. The various furnishings and decorative items are also sourced from various places around the United States, and each Houze is equipped with comfortable beds, running water, full bathrooms, equipped kitchens, and more.

Upon arrival, you'll find the Houze stocked with good quality sparkling water and a range of complimentary drinks, and you can head over to the local town of Round Top to stock up on supplies at the town's market or grocery stores. The local area is great for all kinds of outdoor activities, from kayaking and hiking in the days to dancing and live entertainment in the evenings.

Staying at the Flophouze Hotel

If you'd like to stay at the Flophouze Hotel and enjoy the wonders of this fully recycled style of accommodation for yourself, the process is very easy. You can visit the hotel's official site to see details and dates for each of the six main Houzes, as well as the latest and greatest addition: the Beach Houze. Let’s take a closer look at each option to see which one could work for you.

Houze I

Houze I is the smallest and simplest option at the Flophouze Hotel. It can sleep up to four people but is designed with parties of three in mind and is perhaps best-suited for couples. The Houze is fitted with a queen-sized bed and a large, comfy couch, as well as a kitchenette and bathroom. Just like with the other Houzes at the Flophouze Hotel, you'll also find a hammock outside and seating area to admire the views and enjoy some food and drinks in the evenings.

Houze II

Slightly bigger than Houze I, Houze II can sleep four people easily and is fitted with both a pull-out coach bed and a pair of twin beds at the other end. Really nicely decorated, this Houze also features a cozy wooden kitchenette with mini fridge, microwave and coffee maker, as well as a nice Hollywood-style bathroom separating the main living area from the bedroom.

Houze III

Similar in scope and style to Houze I, Houze III can sleep up to four people but is designed with three in mind. It has a queen sized bed and a large, cozy couch. A cute and comfortable bathroom is located in the middle of this converted shipping container and the kitchen area is equipped with a sink, mini fridge, coffee maker, and microwave. This Houze is really colorful and joyful on the inside, sure to put a smile on your face at any time of day.

House IV

House IV has been designed with a classic Texas theme, featuring cowboy imagery and a rustic sense of style, with bold, bright colors adding a touch of contemporary class to the living space. This Houze can comfortably accommodate up to six people in total with a full queen size bed, two bunk beds, and a large pull-out couch. It's longer and larger than the aforementioned Houzes, with a lot of space for families to stretch out and enjoy themselves.

House V

Just a little bit smaller than House IV, House V can house up to five people. It features a private bedroom at one end with a large bed and another set of bunk beds for the kids to enjoy. Over in the living area, which has been tastefully decorated with a colorful rug and beautiful furnishings, there's a cozy couch that can also serve as a bed if needed. Like the other Houzes at the Flophouze Hotel, Houze V is fitted with a useful kitchenette area and clean, comfortable bathroom.

Houze VI

Finally, we come to Houze VI. Very similar in size and scope to Houze V, Houze VI can accommodate up to five guests in total, so it's a good choice for families. This Houze has been uniquely decorated with a nautical theme, featuring some beautiful sail-boat style items that add a lovely sense of style to the living space. There's a private bedroom at one end, a comfortable bathroom in the center, a cozy kitchenette, and a large living area with a big, bright sofa.

Beach Houze

The Beach Houze is the latest addition to the Flophouze Hotel family. It's located a few minutes outside of Round Top and slightly away from the other Houzes and is suspended several feet off the ground, surrounded by trees and nature. This is the biggest accommodation option at the Flophouze Hotel, able to cope with up to eight guests in total.

Matt White, the owner of the Flophouze Hotel, actually bought this property for himself but has decided to rent it out to interested guests as well. It's not a shipping container, but still has a fascinating past, being purchased by hippies in the 1970s and used as a nature retreat for people who wanted to get away from the smog and smoke of the city. website

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