One of the most famous cities of Tennessee, Nashville is also the state capital. It's the biggest city in the state and sits in Davidson County. The Cumberland River flows through the city of Nashville, which has the 24th biggest population of any city in the United States. Nashville is found right in the middle of Tennessee and covers an area of 525.94 square miles. It has a population of over 690,000 people, with over 1.9 million in its surrounding metropolitan area.


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The city of Nashville was founded back in 1779 and named after Francis Nash, who was an army general during the Revolutionary War of 1775-1783. Nashville's key location in Tennessee and impressive transportation links helped it to grow very quickly, but it was one of the first big cities to fall to the Union during the American Civil War, which slowed progress down for a while. In the years that followed, new businesses were set up in Nashville and the city began to thrive once more.

In the modern era, Nashville is seen as a cultural and commercial hub for the state of Tennessee and is strongly associated with country music. Many country music groups and artists made their names in the city, which has even earned the nickname 'Music City' over time. The city is home to the world's longest running live radio show in the form of the Grand Ole Opry, as well as housing the Country Music Hall of Fame. Attractions and events unrelated to country music in Nashville include the various historic sites around the city, the annual film festival, the Tennessee Titans NFL team, and many green spaces for outdoor activities.

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2.Elevation of Nashville

Elevation of Nashville
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Elevation is an important geographical term related to the height of a location above or below the mean sea level of Earth. Elevation can be very important for a variety of uses, including architecture, and can also have a noticeable influence on an area's climate. The elevation of the city of Nashville is 597 feet (182 m), which is in line with many other big cities all around the United States. The nation's average elevation is 2,500 feet (760 m), but many of its biggest cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Houston are located at elevations of 500 feet (152 m) or lower.

The mean elevation of the state of Tennessee is quite low when compared to many other states. Tennessee has an average elevation of just 900 feet, which is several thousand feet lower than some of the highest states like Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. The highest point in the state of Tennessee is a mountain located among the Great Smoky range called Clingmans Dome, which is situated at an elevation of 6,643 feet (2,025 m). The state’s lowest point is part of the Mississippi River near the Mississippi border, which has been measured at an elevation of just 178 feet (54 m) above sea level. This means that Tennessee has an elevation span of 6,466 feet (1,971 m) between its highest and lowest points.

Major cities around Tennessee include Knoxville, which has an elevation of 886 feet (270 m), Memphis, which is situated at an elevation of 337 feet (103 m), Chattanooga, which has an elevation of 676 feet (206 m), and Clarksville, which is located at an elevation of 476 feet (145 m). The highest unincorporated community in Tennessee is called Trade and can be found in Johnson County at an elevation of 3,100 feet (955 m), while the highest incorporated town or city is Mountain City, which has an elevation of 2,418 feet (737 m).

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3.Climate and Things to Do in Nashville

Climate and Things to Do in Nashville
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The city of Nashville has a humid subtropical climate with very hot, wet summers and relatively mild winters. July is the hottest month of the year with average daily highs of 89°F (32°C), while the coldest month of the year in Nashville is January, which sees average lows of 28°F (-2°C). Some snow can fall in Nashville in the winter and the area sees over 47 inches of precipitation per year.

Nashville is a must-visit location for country music fans, with the Hall of Fame, Grand Ole Opry, and many live shows and other key locations all around the city. History buffs will also find a lot to live in Nashville, including various museums and sites related to the Civil War in particular. Many museums, bars, galleries, live entertainment shows, and more can also be enjoyed in Tennessee's capital.

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Nashville Elevation