Korean spas are becoming more and more popular in the U.S., especially where the locality is composed largely of Koreans, such as New York, Los Angeles, and New Jersey. These spas offer a wide variety of services and experiences for all its customers. From affordable Korean body scrubs applied by therapists to spacious saunas and waterpark facilities, the Korean spa is a place where people can spend an entire day in to relax, eat, get treated, and even socialize.

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To many, it’s a place where they can sweat while spending time with their friends, which is what separates Korean spas from their American counterparts, which are focused mainly on massage treatments only.

Korean Body Scrubs

Koreans really like their body scrubs. They take it quite seriously too. The scrub starts off with being soaked in warm water for a few minutes. Exfoliation then begins. While its American counterpart would use salt or sugar, the Koreans would scrub milk and water on their bodies. They prefer milk and water because it tends to be easier on the skin while still exfoliating the skin. During the body scrub, the pores are opened and the skin is cleaned on a deeper level. Not only is the skin healthier, but circulation is improved as well.

Using Jade

Korean spas also use special natural materials that have healing properties, such as the jade.. They use these kinds of jewelry, believing that it helps reduce stress, relieve arthritis, and promote one’s overall well-being. The jade, for instance, is believed to prevent any odor that otherwise would be emitted from someone who is sweating in a sauna.

Mugwort Steam

These are useful for breathing herbs traditionally used for medicine. Inhaling these special herbs will rid your body of toxins.

Low Heat Sauna

These use baked clay. It is believed that the earth, being the source of the body, is also the element that it will find the most comfortable with. This will also contribute to the relaxation and detoxification process.

Vaginal Steam Bath

According to the LA Times, these Korean Spas include this service in their menu. Clients would be experiencing a traditional treatment that involves sitting on an open seated stool above where there is a boiling pot below filled with mugwort tea and other herbs. Also known as chai-yok, these vaginal steam baths help reduce stress and fight of infections and other conditions like hemorrhoids. They also aid with fertility and menstrual cycles, among other benefits. In Korea, women normally get this as they end their monthly periods. It has been suggested by some doctors that these Chinese herbs have some benefit to the vagina’s health especially for delivery.

Korean and Asian Massage

These are massages that focus on the pressure points of the body. At first, it might seem painful, but after the whole thing the body will feel relaxed because the treatment relieves the body of all kinds of muscle tension.

Do You Have to Get Naked?

It depends. If you’re using the wet spas, you’ll have to be naked. You can use a towel to cover up, but the ones given to you are usually small, just enough to cover the essentials. The thing is, this is how it’s done in Korea, and you really just need to get used to it.

Besides, you’re not going to be worrying about that anytime soon. For one thing, you’ll be spending most of the time sitting in the water, which means people can’t see you much unless you keep standing up. Secondly, you’ll stop caring once you enjoy the relaxing sauna. And chances are, people are too immersed in their own relaxation to care anyway.

The good news is that most Korean spas are co-ed, so they make it a point to give guests a comfortable suit to wear. It looks like a pair of pajamas, so it’s nothing new to you.

Can You Talk in the Sauna?

Again, it depends. There are common rooms in the sauna that are conducive for socializing, but there are other areas where noise should be kept to a minimum. Most people come to the spa to relax and take some time off, so if you happen to be in one of the saunas shared with other people, you’ll want to keep the noise down. Some people might end up falling asleep and start snoring, but that’s something that most people are used to. But if you’re in a quiet place, try not to ruin the experience for everyone.

How hot are the Saunas?

They greatly vary, actually. Some tend to be quite warm while others are notably cold. For instance, one Korean spa in Chicago has a fire sudatorium room where the temperature can go up to 180 degrees. The spa claims this is intended to promote better detoxification. Of course, guests have the option to go for the cooler rooms.

Speaking of heat, remember to not get overexposed to it. People are usually expected to spend around 15 minutes in a sauna tops. This is because the heat and changing temperatures can cause you to feel light-headed and lethargic. You’ll also want to drink lots of water and keep track of your body’s condition. Should your body feel tired from all the heat, move to a more temperate environment. Most spas offer recreational rooms like movie theaters and meditation spaces for people to relax.

How Long Can You Stay?

Most Korean spas are open 24/7. Guests are usually allowed to stay for as long as they like. In case you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to ask the front desk.

How Much Does a Visit Cost?

The average cost for a trip to the Korean spa is $35, although some can go up to $50. Rates may also vary depending on the day of the week as well as peak hours.

Indeed, going to a Korean spa is really a unique experience. They’re all over the United States and are usually affordable for most people. You should try it at least once, especially if you’re a big fan of spas in general.