Spa manicures and pedicures are what they suggest they are - manicure and pedicure services, only they are given by a spa instead of a salon. There are a couple of distinctions between the two, but the most significant one is the fact that the manicure and pedicure services in the spa are a lot more expensive than the ones at the average salon. For example, if you live in New York City manicures can cost $10.50 which is a lot more compared to the usual Korean nail salons.

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There are many reasons for the disparity in price, but it boils down to the quality and brand of the service. The cheaper nail salons tend to pay their manicurists less, going as low as $1.50 per hour. The more expensive services are often rendered by licensed manicurists as well. Naturally, those who don’t have licenses or formal training tend to charge less.

Prices can also vary because of all the amenities and added services that come with the manicure or pedicure. Spas tend to offer more high quality and relaxing environments, allowing them to charge more for their services, whereas people who go to the average nail salon can expect bare quality service.

But if you’re looking for numbers, a spa manicure should set you back for a minimum of $25, which goes up depending on where you’re getting the service. Meanwhile, pedicures are rated at $45 and above. In many cases, such as those offered in resorts and hotels, pedicures can go up to $100.

What do You Get from Expensive Manicure and Pedicure Services?

Assuming that the establishment is not deliberately ripping you off, you can expect much better quality manicure and pedicure services. These would normally entail more steps and the use of more sophisticated products and equipment, such as:

- Salt rubs

- Hydrating masks

- Hot towel wraps

- Paraffin dips

- Hot stone massages

All these, and more, make the manicure and pedicure experience more luxurious and comforting. You’re pampered for a much longer period of time. Essentially, you’re paying for the added comfort while you’re getting your nails done.

You’re paying for the more luxurious atmosphere as well. Beautiful light fixtures that induce relaxation are there instead of the typical salon fluorescent lights. You’re also immersed in a quieter place where you can enjoy your manicure and pedicure in peace while laying back on a more comfortable chair. The experience is so special that it does justify the added cost.

Some spas even go to greater lengths to help you get better looking nails. These spas often offer to give you better shaped nails and let you choose from a wide variety of designs that could totally fit how you imagined your nails to look like. These manicurists are also trained professionals so you can bet that you won’t have problems communicating with them.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the manicure and pedicure services at the spa should be your go-to for nail treatment or maintenance. What most people do is that they maintain or clean their nails at the typical salon or at home, but go to the spa to treat them every now and then. But in situations where you don’t seem to be satisfied with the local nail salons, then the spa is definitely the way to go because it’s easier to expect and even demand better services because you have to pay more.

Treating Yourself at Home

Speaking of getting a quality manicure and pedicure, it’s quite possible to give yourself one at home if you just know how. These could save you a lot of money and can be in many ways more fulfilling than your trip to the spa. Here’s what you should do:

Step #1: Soak. Make sure that your nails are all cleaned up and polish free. Take a basin and fill it up with warm water and add a bit of soap, ideally one that you like in terms of feel and scent. When ready, dip your feet and feel the warmth of the water. If the temperature is right, completely immerse your feet into the basin and let it stay there for about two to five minutes.

Step #2: Filing. Take out your feet and dry them with a clean towel. Take a foot file and start scrubbing your feet until they’re smooth. Make it a point to use files with coarser grains to remove the calluses. This shouldn’t be too difficult since the foot soak should have already softened your skin.

Step #3: Scrubbing. Get a foot scrub of your choice (i.e. your preferred scent, etc.) and start working on exfoliating your feet and hands. Make sure you have a basin of water ready to rinse your hands and feet with when you’re satisfied with the scrubbing. It helps to have glove-shaped scrubs, but you can pretty much do this with your bare hands. Just be thorough.

Step #4: Shape. Start cutting your nails. Get your favorite clippers and work and shape your nails to your satisfaction. Use an emery board to get that perfect shape. Make sure you get your nails just the way you like them before you move to the next step.

Step #5: Removing Cuticles. Apply a cuticle softener around your toenails and fingernails before starting. Use a cuticle pusher to carve the base of each nail until they perfectly match the shape of your nails.

Step #6: Polishing. This is the fun part. Once you’ve got the perfectly shaped nails, you can start polishing your nails and coloring them to your heart’s content. Be as artistic as you want with the colors touches - there are no rules to this!

Step #7: Conditioning. When you’re done and the nail polish finally dries, lather your hands and feet with lotion or some minty conditioner to leave them cool and refreshed. And you’re done!

One interesting tip is to go to a spa that you like and get your manicure and pedicure there at least once. Take note of the things that you like and find ways to add them to your home regimen as well. With a bit of investment and some wise purchases, you’ll be able to set yourself up to unlimited spa manicures and pedicures for life!