Johns Island, SC is the fourth largest island on the east coast of the USA. It is separated from the mainland and neighboring islands by the Stono and Kiawah rivers.

The 84 square mile island is home to a host of different wildlife species on land, in the water and in the air. Johns Island has a thriving tourism industry, which operates in a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere. Being so close to the sea and rivers, seafood is plentiful and is reflected in the menus of most restaurants. Several of its buildings predate the birth of the nation and many of its trees are older still.

1. Angel Oak Tree Park

Angel Oak Tree Park
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The Angel Oak tree is the main attraction in Angel Oak Park. It stands 65 ft tall, with a circumference of over 25 ft. Many of its branches lie on the ground and others are supported. The longest of these is 187 ft long. There are claims that it is the largest tree east of the Mississippi River. It was damaged by winds during Hurricane Hugo in 1989 but has recovered. Visitors are not permitted to climb, or indeed, touch the tree. Entrance to the park is free and there are picnic facilities available and a gift shop.

3671 Angel Oak Rd, Johns Island, South Carolina, 29455, Phone: 843-559-3496

2. Low Tide Brewing

Low Tide Brewing
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Low Tide Brewing has been brewing custom craft beer at its current location on the Maybank Highway since 2016. The company philosophy is to welcome community involvement and to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle. They work with members of the local food industry to create unique beers that complement and bring out the flavors of the local cuisine. Their premises are open seven days a week for tasting, tours and purchasing. Besides their beers, which all have amusing names like 'Hooked on a Fielding', they sell branded clothing, merchandise and even something for your dog.

2863 Maybank Hwy, 29455 Johns Island, South Carolina, Phone: 843-501-7570

3. Eden Wind Farm

Eden Wind Farm
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The owner of Eden Wind Farm, Denise Mosimann, has been quite at home in the saddle since she was just 2 years old. Today Denise enjoys sharing her love of horses with anyone who would like to learn more about these gentle, loyal and intelligent animals. Eden Wind Farm offers various services to horse owners and provides horse-riding lessons for adults and children. In addition to horse-riding lessons, children can sign up for Horse Adventures which introduce them to farm life and everything that goes into caring for a horse, including chores like horse grooming and feeding. You can book your Horse Adventure online.

3038 Edenvale Rd, John’s Island, SC 29455, 843 729 2211

4. Wild Olive Restaurant

Wild Olive Restaurant
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Wild Olive Cucina Italiana, established in 2009, has been a Certified Green Restaurant since 2013. It serves superb Italian food, prepared by a cadre of professional chefs, and a choice of wines, overseen by a Certified Specialist of Wine. There is more than a hint of the sea in the menu items. Their philosophy is 'farm to table, and back to the farm'. They purchase fresh produce from a host of local 'friends' and recycle and compost most of their waste. They actively promote other tourism ventures in the area and collaborate with others on fundraising drives.

2867 Maybank Highway, Johns Island, S.C, Phone: 843-737-4177

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5. Angel Oak Restaurant

Angel Oak Restaurant
© Angel Oak Restaurant

The Angel Oak Restaurant has a menu that changes to reflect the seasons. Fresh produce is sourced locally and prepared to showcase the best of southern American cuisine. Beverages that complement the various courses are carefully chosen. Jay and Nicole Kees met in New York while working in the hospitality industry and traveled down along the coast until they found a spot on Johns Island where they could best utilize their combined talents. As a memento of your visit, branded clothing can be purchased at their onsite shop.

3669 Savannah Hwy, Johns Island, SC, Phone: 843-556-7525

6. Southern General

Southern General
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Southern General Craft Sandwich Shop and Bar exists to satisfy your hunger and your thirst. Traditional items on the menu include house sandwiches, burgers, sloppy joe's, corn fritters and beer-battered fish and chips. Pulled pork, good 'ole chicken and a rich variety of vegetables make it onto the artisan sandwiches. All food is made from scratch on the premises and can be eaten there or taken away. Pickles, sauces and old style candy are also for sale in the general dealer style shop.

3157 Maybank Highway, Unit E, Johns Island, S.C, Phone: 843-640-3778

7. Charleston Aqua Park

Charleston Aqua Park
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Charleston Aqua Park is located at Trophy Lakes, where it offers outrageous fun for the whole family. The park features a large floating obstacle course which has been designed to test your balancing skills and agility. You need to be at least 6 years old to take part in the fun and you do have to be a proficient swimmer. You and your friends or family can book your time slot in advance – you then have the entire course to yourselves for 45 minutes. The Aqua Park also has an amazing floating ropes course for dare-devils to take on. This course offers three levels of difficulty and also takes around 45minutes to complete.

3050 Marlin Rd, John’s Island, SC 29455, 843 279 4520

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