Instead of staying at a traditional hotel, why not connect with nature by staying in an unusual setting? Treehouse hotels are growing in popularity and there is also a range of other similar options, from lodges in remote areas to resorts that surround you with nature. Next read: 25 Best Tree House Hotels in the United States

1. 727 Fuselage Hotel, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

727 Fuselage Hotel, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
© 727 Fuselage Hotel, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

The 727 Fuselage Hotel is among the most exclusive hotels in Costa Rica and gives guests the truly unique experience of staying in a refurbished vintage 1965 Boeing 727. This airplane used to be part of Avianca Airlines and South Africa Air but has since been converted into a meticulously detailed suite with two bedrooms. The interior is paneled in Costa Rican teak and all the furnishings were hand-carved from teak in Java, Indonesia. Each bedroom has air conditioning and a private bath. One has two queen beds while the other has a single queen. There is also a terrace with an ocean view, a dining area foyer, a kitchenette with a microwave, a flat-screen TV, and a private entrance via a spiral staircase made from river rock.

The suite juts out over the jungle canopy, giving guests amazing views as it sits on a 50-foot pedestal. This positioning also gives guests 360-degree views of the surrounding gardens. The 727 Fuselage Hotel is actually part of Hotel Costa Verde, which is only 300 yards away from the beach and overlooks Manuel Antonio National Park. There are four onsite restaurants to dine at, along with easy access to nearby natural attractions. Costa Rica beaches

Puntarenas Province, Quepos, Costa Rica, Phone: 506-2777-0584 or 866-854-7985

2. Green Village, Badung, Bali

Green Village, Badung, Bali
© Green Village, Badung, Bali

Green Village is a community that has been master-planned and features 18 unique homes, each of which was hand-constructed and custom-designed to show off bamboo’s strength and versatility. Most homes are privately owned, but these owners will typically rent them out. Many homes have their own TVs, DVD players, Indovision satellite TV, and Wi-Fi. All properties are environmentally sustainable and provide guests with the chance to connect with nature while staying in a unique type of home they are unlikely to find anywhere else. They vary greatly, with one even featuring six floors that include a dining area, office/work area, four double bedrooms, a kitchen, a lounge, an outdoor barbeque area, and a kids play room, plus a private pool and garden.

Most are more modest but several others have their own pools and room for a large number of guests. Guests can access specialized guided tours, massages, a yoga instructor, and a car with driver. In addition to offering overnight stays, the Green Village also gives tours of the structures when they aren’t occupied. Things to Do in Bali

Jl. Tanah Ayu, Sibang Gede, Abiansemal – Badung, Bali, Indonesia, Phone: +62-81-13-92-22-54

3. Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel, Manaus, Brazil

Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel, Manaus, Brazil
© Courtesy of alanfalcony -

This boutique hotel sits along the Rio Negro, one of the Amazon River’s major tributaries. The hotel has 288 rooms spread across 6 towers that are 10 to 20 meters off the rainforest floor and are connected by around 5 miles’ worth of catwalks. The accommodations include apartments, treehouses, and suites for guests to enjoy. The rooms are known for their luxury and include all the amenities you expect from a hotel, such as private bathrooms, fans, and mini-fridges.

In addition to amazing views of the wildlife and rainforest, the hotel has two swimming pools, a panoramic auditorium with room for 450 people, and two observation towers. The hotel is self-contained for guests with convenience stores, bars, and restaurants. The hotel also offers guests tours, including watching wildlife at night, fishing, jungle walks, canoeing, and more.

Rua Leonardo Malcher 699, Manaus, Brazil, Phone: 551-500-1057

4. Bangkok Tree House, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Tree House, Bangkok, Thailand
© Bangkok Tree House, Bangkok, Thailand

The Bangkok Tree House is the first lodgings of its kind in Bangkok, providing guests with a unique experience. There are four different rooms to choose from, each with space for two to four people. All rooms have king beds and some also have a single bed or a queen bed. There is free wireless internet to help you stay connected. Other amenities include air conditioning with in-room temperature control, a personal computer, an in-room collection of green documentaries and movies, hardwood floors, open-air roofs, and multiple bedrooms, while being 7 meters up in the air, in addition to the accessible roofs, offer some amazing views. One room even has the beds floating on the river.

Included in the rate is a bicycle rental to explore the area and a cell-phone rental with a local number. A floating market, lush vegetation, orchards, old temples, and more are all within a short bike ride. Guests can begin their day with a full-service a la carte breakfast that is included in their stay. There is also complimentary ice cream available 24/7 to help you stay cool. Dinner is available in the hotel’s restaurant, where they have farm-to-table dishes and seats with views of the Chao Phraya River. Afternoon picnic baskets are also available.

60 Moo 1, Petch Cha Hueng Road, Bang Namphueng, Phra Padaeng, Samut Prakam, Greater Bangkok, Thailand, Phone: +6-68-29-95-11-50

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5. Cabanes als Arbres, Cataluna, Spain

Cabanes als Arbres, Cataluna, Spain
© Cabanes als Arbres, Cataluna, Spain

Cabanes als Arbres gives guests the chance to stay in comfortable accommodations within the branches of a tree, surrounded by La Selva County in Catalonia. There are a total of ten treehouses, each of which is named after a different bird and camouflaged within the trees. This setup allows for an exciting level of privacy. To keep with the natural theme, the treehouses do not have running water or electricity; instead, they have candles and flashlights plus a water basin and a jug that is filled. The toilet is designed to produce biodegradable waste and the inn uses it for composting. The treehouses accommodate 2 or 4 people.

The treehouses are a round shape with views of the Pyrenees or Montseny. Access to the treehouse comes via either a vertical wooden ladder or a suspended bridge. The treehouses range from 3 to 8 meters off the ground and are all within a 15-minute walk of the main farm. That is where you will find showers, a garden, a swimming pool, canteen, and parking. Every morning, guests receive their complimentary breakfast in a basket brought right to their hut. Add-ons are available, such as champagne, flowers and chocolates, and massages. Guests can also enjoy other meals in the farmhouse or delivered.

Carretera de Vallclara s/n, 17403 Sant Hilari Sacalm, Girona, Spain, Phone: +3-46-25-41-14-09

6. Chateaux dans les Arbres, Nojals-et-Clotte, France

Chateaux dans les Arbres, Nojals-et-Clotte, France
© Chateaux dans les Arbres, Nojals-et-Clotte, France

The Chateaux dans les Arbres is a set of six luxury treehouses, complete with whirlpools, within the Domaine de Puybeton. Most are designed for two people in search of romance and relaxation, although one treehouse has room for up to four guests. The hot tubs in the rooms can fit two people and other amenities include a mini-bar with drinks, a Dolce Gusto coffee machine, an electric kettle, linens and towels, bathrobes, hair dryers, iPod docking stations, safe deposit boxes, TVs, wireless internet, heating and air conditioning, walk-in showers with washbasins, and separate toilet facilities. Rooms may also have terraces, full kitchens, home cinemas, indoor sitting rooms with armchairs and fireplaces, saunas, and large double, king beds, and/or bunk beds.

Guests of the treehouses have access to the Domaine de Puybeton estate, including the rolling green spaces and swimming pool with lounge chairs and umbrellas. Guests can have a gourmet meal delivered to their room or order extras like wine and a hamper filled with local delicacies. Breakfast is also available in the rooms. Next read: 25 Best Tree House Hotels in the United States

Domaine de Puybeton, Nojals-et-Clotte, France, Phone: +33-6-30-64-26-00

7. Domaine De La Romaningue, Gironde, France

Domaine De La Romaningue, Gironde, France
© Domaine De La Romaningue, Gironde, France

This hotel offers a range of lodging options, including five treehouses, three bubbles, and a caravan. Most treehouses are accessed via walkways and staircases constructed from sturdy wood. They can sleep up to 6 people and basic amenities such as pillows, blankets, towels, and sheets are provided along with hammocks, flashlights, basic toiletries, matchboxes, garbage bags, and toilet paper plus water. Most rooms do not have running water or electricity. There are bathrooms in the chalet’s reception area and dry toilets are available. The treehouses have terraces with teak chairs and a table.

The bubbles are unique accommodations, in the form of a cluster of three bubbles. The bathroom and bedrooms are opaque bubbles while the living room is transparent. These accommodations sit on terraces and have electricity and similar amenities to the treehouses, plus a cold-water tank. The land also houses a vineyard and offers massages. Guests have access to outdoor games, board games, books, and bicycles with nearby golfing and horseback riding. Guests can order a dinner basket as well.

2 Chemin de Bon Ange, Pompignac, Phone: 05-35-54-62-95

8. Dominican Treehouse Village, Santa Barbara de Samana, Dominican Republic

Dominican Treehouse Village, Santa Barbara de Samana, Dominican Republic
© Dominican Treehouse Village, Santa Barbara de Samana, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Treehouse Village is a resort that lets guests stay in the tropical jungle. The accommodations are treehouse cabins away from other tourists and the crowds. The area is almost completely free from mosquitos and surprisingly cool. There are four room types for guests to choose from, all of which have a ceiling fan and electricity plus a locking trunk, curtains, and a door. Rooms can have a queen bed, an additional twin bunk bed, or a king bed. Bug nets are always included. Some treehouses also have personal bathrooms and private outdoor showers plus more interior space.

The cabins are connected to each other via rope bridges as well as jungle paths that keep you connected to nature. Guests only need to take a short bike ride to visit the El Valle beach, which is secluded and hasn’t been spoiled by tourism. Or stay on the property and relax by the fire, go for a swim in the pool, or play a board game. There are swinging chairs as well as hammocks to swing in plus a yoga studio. Every night features fresh-cooked meals and there is a bar with delicious beverages. You can begin or end the day with a buffet-style meal and special diets can be accommodated.

Beside Cascada Lulu Waterfall, El Valle-Rincon Trail, Phone: 800-820-1357

9. Finca Bellavista, Golfito, Costa Rica

Finca Bellavista, Golfito, Costa Rica
© Finca Bellavista, Golfito, Costa Rica

Staying at Finca Bellavista Treehouse Community gives guests the chance to reconnect with nature and find adventure. The property is immersed in the rainforest so you can expect to see plenty of flora and fauna. There are 8 treehouses and 5 cabinas for guests to stay in. Most treehouses have at least basic cooking facilities. Amenities vary by room, but can include electricity, room for up to 8 people, kitchenettes, refrigeration, solar electricity, trails to the river, balconies with river views, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, a studio layout, and hot showers. They are a range of distances from the base camp as well as varying heights for the treehouses.

The community base camp is where guests can find information on tours along with Wi-Fi, reception, parking, a dining hall, rancho, yoga classes, zip line tours, movie nights, and electronic bike tours. There are numerous zip lines and platforms in Finca Bellavista that lets you truly see nature. You can also take advantage of the property’s Garden of Eden, where they produce organic food, or go on a hike through the numerous trails. Guests can join the community for meals with advance notice or show up to the happy hour. You can also visit the spa for a massage or facial.

Puntarenas Province, Piedras Blancas, Costa Rica

10. Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island, Canada

Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island, Canada
© Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island, Canada

Free Spirit Spheres gives people the chance to spend the night surrounded by nature in a unique dwelling. It is open all year round and situated in a coastal rainforest of Vancouver Island. There are three spheres to choose from. The first, Eve, has a single bed and duvet and can squeeze in two people if you get cozy. There is a small electric heater, counter space, cupboards, a settee, supplies for making coffee and tea, purified water, and built-in speakers. Eryn, the second sphere, is much larger and has room for three between a double bed and a loft bed.

The five windows allow plenty of natural light and there is an electric thermostat, small sink, very small fridge, and all the amenities found in Eve. Melody, the final sphere, also has five windows, a skylight, and similar amenities to Eve. This sphere has a Murphy double bed, 120-volt outlets, electrical thermostat, two fold-down tables, and bench seats. Each sphere has its own composting toilet at its base plus a private three-piece bathroom within the bathhouse. All rooms have bedding, housecoats, and towels and the property also has a sauna. Guests receive a complimentary snack basket upon arrival.

420 Horne Lake Road, Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada, Phone: 250-757-9445

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11. Kadir’s Tree House, Olympos, Turkey

Kadir’s Tree House, Olympos, Turkey
© Kadir’s Tree House, Olympos, Turkey

Kadir’s Tree House offers guests the choice of staying in a bungalow with or without air conditioning or in a treehouse. The bungalows have toilets, showers, and hot water along with the choice of two twin beds, a queen, three twins, or a single plus a queen. They will have either two or three bedrooms. The treehouse has five single beds and is shared with strangers. Guests can store items in safes at the front desk and take advantage of showers with hot water and toilets in the communal area. There are also dormitories that have four single beds with a shower and toilet with hot water in the room itself.

The rate for staying at this lodging includes both a buffet breakfast and a dinner. Or guests can enjoy a meal at Pizza House or the Hangar Restaurant, which has options for everyone, including vegetarians. Get a drink at the Hangar Bar any time of day or go to the Bull Bar after midnight or the Fire Side Bar. Guests at the treehouse can go on canyon tours, canoeing, cycling tours, deep water trips, boat trips, or hiking adventures.

Yazir Mahallesi Olimpos Mevkii, Kumluca/Antalya, Turkey, Phone: +90-0-242-892-11-10

12. Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania
© Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania

The Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is all-inclusive, giving guests the chance to spend the night in the trees of a mahogany forest in Tanzania. There are ten suites stilted high above the ground and separated from each other via the numerous trees, providing ample privacy. Each suite has its own dream-inducing bed, overhead fan, and private viewing deck to watch the wildlife.

Staying at the lodge also includes the opportunity to go on a safari, where you may see large herds of animals, including lions, giraffes, wildebeests, baboons, buffalos, elephants, and hippos. As the only lodge within the Lake Manyara National Park, staying here is a unique opportunity. There is a swimming pool to help you cool off as well as gorgeous dining areas that let you appreciate a delicious meal.

Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania, Phone: +27-1-18-09-43-00

13. Les Cabanes De Fontaine-Chatel, Saint-Germain-Des-Essourts, France

Les Cabanes De Fontaine-Chatel, Saint-Germain-Des-Essourts, France
© Les Cabanes De Fontaine-Chatel, Saint-Germain-Des-Essourts, France

Fontaine-Chatel is nestled in the center of a 27-acre forest, putting guests up close with nature and giving them the chance to see numerous wild animals. The range of cabins includes some that are easily accessible and treehouses perched high above the ground. There are two types of cabins, including Couples Cabins, which have a double bed and require guests to be 12 years old. General Public cabins can fit up to 6 people and are available for anyone over 2 years old. There is a double bed plus two or four single beds, toys for kids, and a terrace with armchairs and regular chairs. All treehouses have comfortable bedding, soft duvets, at least one table with chairs, dry toilets, an additional heater in the winter months, and a terrace facing the sun.

Upon arrival, guests receive a bottle of water, candles, and pocket flashlights. You should bring your own sleeping bag, mobile phone, and bathroom linen. To keep the site peaceful and natural, all movement is done on ponies, bicycles, or by foot. With advance notice, guests can make a reservation for a hot meal or receive a cold meal on shorter notice. Breakfast and additionally ordered meals are delivered to the bottom of the treehouse.

4 Route du Chateau, Saint-Germaine-des-Esscourts, France, Phone: +33-6-25-06-30-79

14. Les Ormes, Ormes, France

Les Ormes, Ormes, France
© Les Ormes, Ormes, France

Les Ormes is a resort with a range of accommodations available, including treehouses. The first treehouse was built in 2003 and was a honeymoon gift that intrigued customers and led to more in the future. Les Ormes was the first to offer treehouse stays in France in 2004. Now, you will find 30 cabins in total, four of which are in trees that sit above the water. The treehouses can be 4, 10, or 20 meters tall, giving guests an unforgettable experience. They don’t have running water or electricity. You will find a dry-pit toilet, a small heating system during the winter, real wooden furniture, and candlelight. Guests can choose from three styles of treehouses with room for 2 to 9 people and varying age limits, requiring guests to be at least 2, 12, or 16 based on access type, which is a wooden staircase, wooden/cable ladder, or tree adventure course.

Les Ormes covers 200 hectares, giving guests plenty of land to explore. Guests always receive free wireless internet, free access to the kids’ club, and access to the other amenities on site, including the swimming pools. Breakfast is delivered every morning in a basket at the foot of the tree and can be hoisted up with ease. Dinner hampers are also available.

Domaine des Ormes, Dol-de-Bretagne, France, Phone: 02-99-73-53-00

15. Lion Sands Resort, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Lion Sands Resort, Kruger National Park, South Africa
© Lion Sands Resort, Kruger National Park, South Africa

The Lion Sands Game Resort offers a range of lodging choices, including lodges and treehouses. The treehouses are securely constructed above the ground where you don’t have to worry about animals and staff are always on call. Treehouses can fit up to four people and can include bathrooms with showers. They do not have electricity. Those who prefer more amenities can stay in a luxurious villa with wireless internet, private fire decks, expansive decks, pools, star jetties, private spas, outdoor showers, and/or spacious wardrobe areas.

In addition to spending the night, this resort is the perfect spot to begin your safari or simply enjoy everything South Africa has to offer. There are two game drives every day with expert field guides and trackers, letting you see animals in their natural habitat. Relax in the Africology Spa or do some yoga. There are also walking safaris so you can see everything up close. Guests get to enjoy three meals every day plus treats throughout with the bush dinners being very popular. Babysitting is also available as are children’s activities and a central public pool.

Sabi Sand Reserve, Kruger National Park, South Africa, Phone: +27-0-11-880-9992 or Toll-Free from USA/Canada: 888-662-7990

16. Loisaba Wilderness Resort, Nanyuki, Kenya

Loisaba Wilderness Resort, Nanyuki, Kenya
© Loisaba Wilderness Resort, Nanyuki, Kenya

Guests at Loisaba Wilderness Resort can stay in one of three types of accommodations, including options that let you sleep under the stars. The Loisaba Tented Camp has 12 tents, including six en suite tents, three twin/double convertible ones and three double ones, plus three family combinations that connect two en suite tents via a walkway. The Loisaba Starbeds are a unique option in the form of four-poster beds on wheels that have been handcrafted. They are wheeled onto wooden platforms which are raised to let you sleep under the stars. Bathrooms are nearby. Or guests can stay at the Acacia Campsite by the Colcheccio Dam.

The main area of the Tented Camp has a modern dining area, an infinity pool, and chic African décor. The Starbeds’ communal area has a wooden deck, sitting room, and dining room. Loisaba is also a nature conservancy with over 50 species of mammals and over 260 species of birds. Guests can go on a game drive to view the wildlife with a professional safari guide, go on a bush walk, go horseback riding, ride a camel, mountain bike, fish, or get to know the culture at the nearby traditional Samburu village. Guests can also visit the anti-poaching team with its two dogs and human handlers.

P.O. Box 743, Nairobi, Kenya, Phone: +2-54-07-30-12-70-00

17. Londolozi Tree Camp, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Londolozi Tree Camp, Kruger National Park, South Africa
© Londolozi Tree Camp, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Londolozi Tree Camp is in the central area of the Sabi Sand Reserve, a private game reserve that shares unfenced borders with the adjoining Kruger National Park. It sits on top of stilts surrounded by leadwood and jackalberry trees with views of the Sand River. The Tree Camp has six private sanctuaries with contemplation decks, plaited chocolate leather beds, Ralph Lauren wallpaper, and other luxuries. There are indoor plus outdoor showers, king beds complete with mosquito nets, fans, air conditioning, private decks with plunge pools, and private lounges with minibars.

To reach the suites, guests follow elevated walkways lit by lanterns. The main lodge areas include open spaces, thatch roofs, some solid walls, lounges, a swimming pool, a large deck, a restaurant, and a bar. There are two game drives every day as well as yoga group classes, and guided nature walks. Sabi Sands Game Reserve itself covers 65,000 hectares of land; plenty of space for guests to enjoy. More anniversary vacation ideas

Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa, Phone: +2-71-37-35-56-53

18. Tree House Hotels: Nothofagus Hotel & Spa, Neltume, Chile

Tree House Hotels: Nothofagus Hotel & Spa, Neltume, Chile
© Nothofagus Hotel & Spa, Neltume, Chile

The Nothofagus Hotel is part of the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, meaning it sits surrounded by temperate rainforest. There are 55 guestrooms, all with daily housekeeping, minibars, and free toiletries. Rooms have phones, heating, private bathrooms, safes, and cable/satellite TV along with turn-down service. Also expect private balconies with views of the reserve and large windows.

Guests receive a welcome drink upon their arrival and get complimentary tickets for self-guided activities, such as visiting nearby waterfalls, exploring nearby trails, or visiting the observation circuit. The hotel also has a full spa, including a heated pool, a relaxation room complete with infrared, and a wet, dry, and cold sauna. There is wireless internet in the common areas. Families are welcome to take advantage of the Magic Corner, the kids’ area that will keep your children occupied while you are busy. Eat a full meal at the Nothofagus Restaurant or Nawelpi Club House or get a smaller meal at the Dwarf’s Café, Forest Café, or Magic Mountain Café.

Ruta 203, Panguipulli, Neltume, Chile, Phone: +5-62-28-87-35-35

19. Sanya Nanshan Treehouse Resort, Hainan Island, China

Sanya Nanshan Treehouse Resort, Hainan Island, China
© Sanya Nanshan Treehouse Resort, Hainan Island, China

The Nanshan Treehouse Resort is a set of four treehouses made by the Hawaiian Treehouse Company within the tropical resort of Sanya Nanshan. Each treehouse is in the shape of a bird’s nest and high up on an old tamarind tree. They are accessible via suspension bridges and the largest of the three has three different levels with room for as many as 20 people. Another one can sleep six people and is comfortably spread between two levels.

There is also a treehouse for two people and some of them also have ocean views. The treehouses sit beside the tropical sea and a Buddhist theme park with an ecological theme. There you will find well-preserved temples and pagodas, botanical gardens, and more. The resort is also very close to statue of Guanyin, the goddess of mercy.

Sanya Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, Sanya, Hainan Island, China

20. Silky Oaks Lodge, Queensland, Australia

Silky Oaks Lodge, Queensland, Australia
© Silky Oaks Lodge, Queensland, Australia

Silky Oaks Lodge provides luxury accommodations in Australia that help you connect with nature. There is the choice of staying in one of four treehouses or two suites. Treehouses have a king bed or two twins, a private en suite bathroom, walk-in rain shower, iPod music player, CD player, air conditioning, ceiling fan, veranda with hammock, turn-down service, slippers, robes, hair dryers, irons, fridges, and materials to make coffee and tea. Suites are similar, but with extra-large verandas featuring a king-sized four-poster day bed or an extra-large veranda plus a lounge, day bed/sofa/table setting.

In addition to a range of activities off-site, guests can explore the numerous walking trails leading from the property, take a guided walk, do some yoga, or go canoeing or kayaking. The on-site spa offers a range of therapies, including massages and facials. The Treehouse Restaurant lets you dine while sitting up high within the rainforest’s canopy, enjoying the cooling breeze. The food is always prepared using fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients when possible with classic combinations and features Australian dishes. There is an extensive wine list that has been carefully created or get something else from the Treehouse Bar. Packages are available to visit nearby attractions or enhance your stay with extras.

Finlayvale Road, Mossman, QLD, Australia, Phone: +6-17-40-98-16-66

21. Tree House Hotels: Tongabezi, Livingstone, Zambia

Tree House Hotels: Tongabezi, Livingstone, Zambia
© Tongabezi, Livingstone, Zambia

The Tree House is just one of many accommodations at Tongabezi. This is a secluded space surrounded by three riverine ebony trees and set against the land’s basalt rock bed. The treehouse’s pine deck gives guests amazing views of the beautiful Zambezi River. Guests sleep on a king-sized bed with a large canopy and mosquito net. The room has air conditioning and a private bathroom with a claw-foot bathtub, Asian chests, West African artwork, and Anatolian carpets. As the front façade is open, the house feels like part of the environment and guests can easily see nature. Other room amenities include wireless internet and a safe.

Guests of the Tree House have access to the other amenities at Tongabezi as well, including the swimming pool, same-day laundry service, and private dining on your private deck. Guests can also go canoeing, have a meal at the Sand Bar, go on a boat trip at sunrise or sunset, visit the Victoria Falls, Maramba Market or Simonga Village, have a floating dinner, shop at Mukuni Park, check out the Livingstone Museum, go on a game drive, or go fishing, all of which are part of the all-inclusive nature of the resort.

Private Bag 31, Livingstone, Zambia, Phone: +26-02-13-32-74-68

22. Tree House Hideaway, Madhya Pradesh, India

Tree House Hideaway, Madhya Pradesh, India
© Tree House Hideaway, Madhya Pradesh, India

The Tree House Hideaway is in Bandhavgarh National Park and is the perfect chance to relax in the trees during your stay. There are five treehouses on the property, each of which has plenty of privacy. The treehouse designs combine eco-essentials, earth tones, traditional jungle living, and contemporary designs. All treehouses have modern bathrooms with hot water 24/7, mini bars, split air conditioning with complete power backup, living areas, writing tables with chairs, mosquito netting, and balconies with loungers.

The land covers 21 acres, giving guests plenty to explore and enjoy. There are a range of animals, birds, and reptiles on the property, which offers a secure environment for them. There is a viewing deck looking out at a popular watering hole among wild animals. The dining hall has two levels and is built to surround a mahua tree that is a century old. The ground floor is a cozy dining hall while the upper level is The Watering Hall bar and lounge. Guests can also visit the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve via a jungle safari, go cycling, or have a picnic.

Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India, Phone: +91-12-42-97-04-97

23. Tree House Hotels: Tree House Lodge, Punta Uva, Costa Rica

Tree House Hotels: Tree House Lodge, Punta Uva, Costa Rica
© Tree House Lodge, Punta Uva, Costa Rica

Despite its name, not all of the accommodations at the Tree House Lodge are actually traditional treehouses raised off the ground, although they are made of wood with the feel you would expect from a tropical treehouse. Some accommodations have a kitchen, sitting area, master bedroom, double bed, living area, and/or space for up to six people. Other amenities include wireless internet, a full kitchen, a safe box, mosquito netting, an iPod dock, a fridge, a flame-heated hot tub, a fan, and a BBQ. You may also get an extra bathroom and a whirlpool. The treehouse has similar amenities and is built on stilts.

The Tree House Lodge sits on 10 acres of oceanfront property along Punta Uva Beach, making it easy to access the water. Swim, sunbathe, play beach volleyball, or rent a kayak. You can also explore the lodge’s botanical gardens with its range of plants and exotic birds plus the occasional howler monkey. Nearby attractions and activities include visiting Cahuita National Park or Puerto Viejo, doing yoga, or finding an outdoor adventure.

Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, Punta Uva, Costa Rica, Phone: 5-06-27-50-07-06

24. Tree House Hotels: Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

Tree House Hotels: Treehotel, Harads, Sweden
© Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

Treehotel is surrounded by unspoiled nature and provides treerooms complete with modern designs. Every treeroom is completely unique and designed by one of Scandinavia’s leading architects, sitting 4 to 6 meters from the ground. They are accessed via bridges, electric stairs, or ramps. The materials are all natural but provide good insulation with underfloor heating and electricity coming from local green hydroelectric power. The rooms feature environmentally friendly and odorless combustion toilets , while the Mirrorcube has an equally odorless and efficient freezing-toilet.

Harads is a small village of around 600 people with a guest house, shop, and restaurant as well as gorgeous surroundings, including the river, miles of forest, and the Lule River valley. The Pensionat has a TV, relaxation and sauna area, restaurant, bar, and internet. During the free time, you can also go on a guided tour, a full-day hike at Korgen Nature Reserve, a Pine Tree Forest Walk, and go mountain biking, white water rafting, or sea kayaking. Guests get to enjoy every meal in Britta’s Pensionat where your hosts will serve you or you can eat in the privacy of your treeroom.

Edeforsvag 2 A, Harads, Sweden, Phone: +46-00-928-103-00

25. Tree House Hotels: Xinalani Retreat, Jalisco, Mexico

Tree House Hotels: Xinalani Retreat, Jalisco, Mexico
© Xinalani Retreat, Jalisco, Mexico

Xinalani Retreat is a Yoga Retreat Center that immerses guests in lush surroundings of the jungle with the emerald ocean right at their fingertips. The accommodations are eco-chic and there are 23 rooms in total with space for up to 54 guests. All rooms have hot water and are cabins with palm-thatched roofs built on top of stilts. Shared dorms have two bathrooms with hot water, four or eight single beds, and safe deposit boxes. Deluxe rooms have a double bed or two single ones, an open-air shower, a safe deposit box, and a sitting desk. Petite suites add a private terrace with hammock and Zen-style sitting area, while the eco-chic suites are even more spacious.

Guests can enjoy yoga in a heated studio or the open air and get the chance to enjoy healthy, delicious Mexican food. There are 10 acres of unspoiled jungle surrounding the property plus Banderas Bay’s pristine shores. Borrow a kayak or come back at night to enjoy the beach bonfire. Get pampered at the spa or enjoy the traditional Mexican sweat lodge, a temazcal. The restaurant is situated outside and has a light breakfast for those who get up early as well. The Lounge Bar is a social area with music, non-alcoholic, alcoholic, coffee-based, and fruit-based drinks.

Playa Xinalani, Quimixto, Puerto Vallarta South Shore, Jalisco, Mexico, Phone: 619-730-2893 or 322-221-5918

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