Art can have so many positive effects on the world. Just one individual seeing a piece of art that moves them can have a profound impact on their life and ambitions, shaping them as a person and changing the way they look at the world. Art holds a lot of power for positive change, provoking debate, inspiring thought, and triggering all kinds of emotions, but too much of the art in this world is locked away and reserved for only a select few.

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With art having so much potential for positive effects and outcomes, and artists eager to have their work appreciated and interpreted by as many people as possible, public art and open air installations are some of the best options for both the artists themselves and art lovers looking to see and appreciate art in their daily lives. Seeing a sculpture, a painting, a photograph, or another art work just while going about your daily business can really brighten a day and enhance one’s mood.

To that end, The Avenue Concept was created. The Avenue Concept is an inspirational initiative in the city of Providence, Rhode Island, aimed at funding and supporting public art projects for everyone to enjoy. Through diverse fundraising, educational programs, public engagement opportunities, and artist support, The Avenue Concept is helping to make great art more accessible.

All About The Avenue Concept - Public Art in Rhode Island

The Avenue Concept is a collective of artists and art lovers who all believe that art should be seen by as many people as possible. This initiative was founded on the basis that art belongs in public places, adding life, color, and excitement to cities and open spaces, and having great effects on countless citizens each and every day. Here's all you need to know about the

- Mission - The founders of The Avenue Concept believe that art needs to be in public areas where it can be seen and enjoyed by lots of people. These art installations and open air exhibits make art much more accessible, rather than blocking it off to exclusive events with high ticket prices and restrictive galleries. In helping to support the creation of public art works, The Avenue Concept hopes to bring people together, encouraging debate, discussion, and exchange of ideas among the local community.

- The Numbers - So far, The Avenue Concept has done an amazing job of helping to fund and support the making of no less than 170 different public art installations from around 150 Rhode Island artists. These pieces are exposed to tens of thousands of people every single day, helping to raise huge amounts in tourism money and over $1.4 million in funding for public art in total. The Avenue Concept has also helped to organize dozens of art events.

- The Art - Examples of art and artists that have been funded and created through the variours programs and efforts of The Avenue Concept include Night Flight by Lauren YS, which is a stunning, colorful mural on the side of the Jones Warehouse; City Garden by Isabel Mattia and Amber Dauphinee, a bold metallic structure located in LaSalle Square; the beautiful Still Here by Gaia at 32 Custom House; and the mystical, geometric beauty of Free Fall III by Rado Kirov in LaSalle Square. Many more artworks are on display right now and dozens of others have been funded and created by The Avenue Concept in recent years.

Support The Avenue Concept

The Avenue Concept is doing great work in Providence, Rhode Island. As we can see from the numbers above, The Avenue Concept has already helped to create dozens of public art installations, supporting over 100 artists from the local area and affecting countless people's lives each and every day.

In order to continue in this way, organizing more events and helping to fund and support additional installations in the months and years to come, The Avenue Concept relies on the kindness and generosity of art lovers and general members of the public who are willing to support good causes. Here’s how you can help:

- Cash Donations - You can make a one-off donation to The Avenue Concept with ease via a simple online form, with the form even allowing you to specify where your money gets spent. Donations can also be sent via mail to The Avenue Concept, 304 Lockwood Street, Providence, RI 02907.

- Supplies Donations - If you can't provide cash for any reason but have some helpful art tools and supplies that could be used by The Avenue Concept, these can be donated too. Simply call up 401 490 0929 or get in touch via email at to learn more.

- Amazon Smile - If you often shop on Amazon, you can make use of the 'Amazon Smile' service, in which Amazon will make charitable donations for each purchase you make, and select The Avenue Concept as your charity of choice.

- Volunteer - The Avenue Concept needs the help and support of volunteers, especially when organizing art shows, so if you’re willing to donate your own free time and help out in any way, you can get in touch via the contact number or email address noted above for more details.

The Avenue Concept needs and deserves as much support as possible. The work being done by this initiative is truly inspirational. Lives are being changed, the city of Providence is becoming a more beautiful place, and people all around are being drawn closer together by the efforts of The Avenue Concept. website