Situated in northeast Ohio, Canton is a friendly city that is renowned for its Pro Football Hall of Fame, which honors National Football League players through a variety of outstanding permanent and traveling exhibitions.

Canton, OH and the surrounding region boast a wealth of attractions and activities for the whole family.

Top attractions include the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the domed William McKinley Tomb, and the McKinley Presidential Library and Museum.

1. The National First Ladies' Library

The National First Ladies' Library
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Founded by Mary Regula, wife of former US Representative Ralph Regula, in 1995, the National First Ladies' Library is an organization dedicated to educating visitors about the important role of the first ladies of the United States and their vital contributions throughout history. The National First Ladies’ Library consists of the Ida Saxton McKinley House and the Education and Research Center, which features a modern exhibit space, a research library, a beautifully preserved 91-seat Victorian theatre where films about the first ladies are shown, archival storage and processing rooms, and administrative offices. The Saxton-McKinley House was the family home of President William McKinley 's wife, Ida, and is historically significant as being the only residence with direct historical ties to President William McKinley remaining in his hometown of Canton.

331 S. Market Ave. Canton, OH 44702, Phone: 330-452-0876

2. Pro Football Hall of Fame

Pro Football Hall of Fame
© Pro Football Hall of Fame

The Pro Football Hall of Fame honors the top players in professional American football. Established in Canton, the birthplace of the National Football League, in 1920, the hall of fame has grown from a 19,000-foot, two-room building to the 82,307-square-foot structure it is today, which features a GameDay Stadium and a 20’ by 42’ Cinemascope screen that shows NFL films. The Pro Football Hall of Fame chronicles the history of professional American football and showcases the sport’s top players, of which there are currently 310 inductees. Visitors can explore the hall of fame alone or join a guided tour, which is led by experts in the field who share fascinating facts, figures, and anecdotes about the players and the game.

2121 George Halas Drive NW, Canton, OH 44708, Phone: 330-456-8207

3. Blue Water Majesty Museum

Blue Water Majesty Museum
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The Blue Water Majesty Museum is a small home-based museum that features the intricate and impressive work of Larry Pulca, who creates handmade, museum-quality bone and wooden model ships. One of only a dozen master artists who build model ships exclusively from exotic woods, such as African mahogany, ebony, and Jatoba, Larry Pulca has been building model ships for more than 30 years. Ships are made to exact scale from copies of the original blueprints, which he purchases from reputable institutions such as the Smithsonian, with construction beginning from the keel with as many as 150,000 hand-made pieces. Model ships in the museum include replicas of The Rattlesnake, The Constitution, and a frigate. Group tours of the museum can be arranged.

2810 Columbus Rd NE, Canton, OH 44705, Phone: 330-452-4330

4. Amateur Sports Hall of Fame

Amateur Sports Hall of Fame
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The Amateur Sports Hall of Fame is a local hall of fame that celebrates and honors the heroes of local football and a variety of other sports, including basketball, billiards, bowling, swimming, and wrestling. One of Canton's best-kept secrets, the museum is based in an historic mansion at 1414 Market Avenue N that dates back to 1908, which features three floors of exhibitions and displays showcasing memorabilia, sports equipment used by local amateur athletes, photographs, items, and other sports-related objects. The museum is home to the game-day gear of hometown hero and former New York Yankee Thurman Munson, along with any other interesting facts, figures, and exhibits about local sporting heroes.

1414 Market Ave N, Canton, OH 44714, Phone: 330-453-1552

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5. Canton Classic Car Museum

Canton Classic Car Museum
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The Canton Classic Car Museum is dedicated to exhibiting rare and unusual classic and vintage automobiles. Established by Marshall Belden, Sr. in 1978, the museum features over 40 beautifully preserved classic cars, including a 1901 curved-dash Oldsmobile, a 1911 Model T Ford, a 1966 Ford Mustang, and 1970 Plymouth Super Bird. The museum also showcases an array of memorabilia, car-related items and objects, vintage toys, historical photographs and movie posters, and other automobilia relating to some of the world’s most famous and beautiful cars. A large gift shop sells a variety of souvenirs, clothing, merchandise, games, toys, and model cars and is open during museum hours.

123 6th St SW, Canton, OH 44702, Phone: 330-455-3603

6. Canton Museum of Art

Canton Museum of Art
© Canton Museum of Art

The Canton Museum of Art is an open community arts organization dedicated to encouraging, inspiring, and promoting fine arts in the city. Established in 1935, the Canton Museum of Art is located in the beautiful complex of the Cultural Center for the Arts in downtown Canton and houses a permanent collection of works that focus on 20th and 21st century American art as well as contemporary ceramics. The Canton Museum of Art also offers a range of educational programs, art classes, workshops, and lectures throughout the year, and hosts special art-related events such as family days and the ever-popular Christkindl Markt during the holidays.

1001 Market Ave N, Canton, OH 44702, Phone: 330-453-7666

7. Harry London Candies

Harry London Candies
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Harry London Candies, Inc. is a confectionary store and factory that produces and sells high-quality chocolate products, caramels, mints, and toffees. Based in North Canton, the company offers free tours where visitors can learn about the history of Harry London, explore the facility and watch how chocolate and other sweets are made, and sample some delicious chocolate and handmade gelato. The tour begins with a short film and a walkthrough timeline showcasing the history of Harry London and how they have grown from humble beginnings into a large international company. The tour ends with sweet treats and samplings and tastes of chocolates, caramels, and mouthwatering gelato.

5353 Lauby Rd, North Canton, OH 44720, Phone: 330-494-0833

8. Historic Zoar Village

Historic Zoar Village
© Historic Zoar Village

The Historic Zoar Village is a quaint village that is famous for being one of the most successful communal settlements in American history. Established in 1817 by a group of German religious separatists, who were looking to escape religious persecution in their homeland, Zoar Village is a living example of how a community can build itself into a unique society and thrive for more than 100 years. The historic village is home to beautifully preserved houses, museums, theaters, wineries, and other buildings that showcase early American architecture and are surrounded by rural village scenery. Tours of the Historic Zoar Village explore the history, culture, art, and design of the iconic village, and there are plenty of other activities to enjoy such as shopping, wine tasting, theater performances, and more. More info

The Zoar Store & Visitor’s Center, 198 Main Street, Zoar, OH 44697, Phone: 330-874-3011

9. Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve

Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve
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The Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve, also known as the Jackson Bog, is a 58-acre nature reserve located in northern Stark County that is home to more than 20 state-listed rare plants. The Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve features several artesian springs and seeps created by groundwater from glaciers that advanced into Ohio more than a million years ago. Jackson Bog is a fen or a wet prairie and is home to several populations of flowering and carnivorous plants, including the shrubby cinquefoil and the northern pitcher plant as well as rushes, sedges, and many species of migrating songbirds and waterfowl.

7984 Fulton Drive NW, Massillon, OH 44646, Phone: 614-265-6561

10. MAPS Air Museum

MAPS Air Museum
© MAPS Air Museum

The MAPS Air Museum is dedicated to inspiring and educating visitors about the history of military aviation. Located on the west side of the Akron-Canton Regional Airport in Green, Ohio, in a former US Air National Guard hangar, the museum is managed by the Military Aviation Preservation Society and features a variety of aircraft on display, including an F-14 Tomcat, a MiG-17, an F-11 Tiger, and an F-4 Phantom.

In addition to the airplanes, the museum also has a Goodyear blimp, three helicopters, and the gondola from the Spirit of Akron, along with a collection of rare artifacts. The MAPS Air Museum also boasts a display room called the Gallery of Heroes, which showcases period items and detailed models of aircraft from various wars. More info

2260 International Pkwy, North Canton, OH 44720, Phone: 330-896-6332

11. McKinley Presidential Library and Museum

McKinley Presidential Library and Museum
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The William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum is the presidential library of the 25th President of the United States, William McKinley. Owned and operated by the Stark County Historical Society, the library and museum chronicles the life and career of William McKinley and how he built his career as a lawyer and prosecuting attorney and later as a congressman, governor, and then the president of the country. The museum is home to the most significant collection of McKinley artifacts in the world and has a modern science center with fossils and wildlife as well as a planetarium show. The museum also features displays of other objects and items about the surrounding city of Canton.

800 Mc Kinley Monument Drive NW, Canton, OH 44708, Phone: 330-455-7043

12. The Canton Brewing Company

The Canton Brewing Company
© The Canton Brewing Company

The Canton Brewing Company was the first brewery to open in Canton. Founded by Bavarian-born Otto Giessen in 1883, the Canton Brewing Company was built with a strong focus on Canton’s fascinating local brewing history and today produces three core beers and a selection of seasonal and rotational beers as well as barrel-aged and limited release beers. The brewery hosts a variety of events each month, from live music and paint nights to yoga classes and quarterly beer dinners, and visitors can enjoy guided tours of the brewery with samplings of the eight beers on tap, which include Tuscora Pilsner, Tiny Tusc Kolsch, Spiced Saison, Cascade Pale Ale, Red Wine Barrel Aged Apella Belgian Strong Dark, DIPA: A Double IPA, and Carpe Noctem Coffee Porter.

120 3rd St NW, Canton, OH 44702, Phone: 330-409-0343

13. Canton Airsports

Canton Airsports
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Canton Airsports is an adventure company that offers tandem skydives and complete skydiving courses for all levels from beginners to advanced. One of the oldest skydiving schools in the world and conveniently located at the Barber Airport just 3 miles north of Alliance, Canton Airsports has been taking people to the sky for more than 44 years with an outstanding team of professional United States Parachute Association (USPA) certified skydiving instructional staff. The head office, classroom, hangar, and parachute-rigging loft are located next to the large open drop zone at Barber Airport, and free camping is provided near the drop zone for those guests not wanting to stay in a hotel, of which there plenty nearby.

14008 Union Ave NE, Alliance, OH 44601, Phone: 330-823-0370

14. Things to Do in Canton, Ohio: Canton Food Tours

Things to Do in Canton, Ohio: Canton Food Tours
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Canton Food Tours offers a fun and foodie way to explore Canton with an array of walking and van-based tours around the city. Catering for groups of six people or more, Canton Food Tours explore Canton and the surrounding areas while sampling some of the best food and drinks on stops along the way. Public and private tours are available, and customized tours for specific events can be arranged. Tours include an Afternoon Hall of Fame City Tour, an Evening Hall of Fame City Tour, and a Canton Underworld Experience Tour, all of which are led by passionate and experienced guides who share their love of food and the city with guests.

555 Market Ave N, Canton, OH 44702, Phone: 330-495-0929

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15. Beech Creek Gardens

Beech Creek Gardens
© mramsdell1967/

There’s something ethereal about a visit to Beech Creek Gardens, a botanical garden and nature preserved known and loved for its seasonal butterfly house. At this garden and preserve, guests can gain more appreciation for butterflies and learn just how essential they are to Mother Nature. Beech Creek Gardens has several features to help visitors learn about a butterfly’s stages of life like The Caterpillar Nursery and The Amazing Garden Plant Science Center. There is also a beautiful encloser to step into with native butterflies, moths, and skippers flying around or resting on the many kinds of plants they call their home. In addition to this, there are also four hiking trails to walk through and a sensory garden to experience.

11929 Beech Street NE, Alliance, Ohio 44601, Phone: 330-829-7050

16. Canton Palace Theatre

Canton Palace Theatre
© Canton Palace Theatre

Located in Downtown Canton, a visit to the Canton Palace Theatre is a fantastic way to step into the vintage past, and an equally amazing way to celebrate just how long the theatre’s legacy has been preserved in the present. Until this day, Canton Place still maintains its original and historic structural integrity. While the theatre is certainly a place to enjoy spectacular entertainment, it also partners with like-minded associations to persevere in its mission of presenting cultural and educational experiences to its local community. Those taking a trip to the theatre can look forward to a concession stand that offers a full range of classic snacks such as popcorn, nachos, candies, and various beverages. At special events, the theatre also offers mixed beverages, wine, and beer.

605 Market Avenue North, Canton, Ohio 44702, Phone: 330-454-8172

17. Clay’s Park Resort

Clay’s Park Resort
© Clay’s Park Resort

Just a short drive from Canton is the 500-acre large wonderland known as Clay’s Park Resort. Perfect for families to enjoy together, the resort is a spectacular place to enjoy the great outdoors, soak up some sun, or even get some peace and quiet amidst nature. One of the most popular features of Clay’s Park Resort is the Adventure Waterpark which is home to twin 150-foot Wet Willie Water slides, rental canoes and kayaks, and a great white sand volleyball court. When you’re done soaking up some sun at the waterpark, the resort also has an 18-hole mini-golf course, dual zip lines, and a full-service campground and RV park. As if that wasn’t enough, the resort also offers glamping tents for those who don’t quite want to rough it yet, cabins for rent, fishing opportunities at the lake, and a good deal of trails to walk or bike on.

13190 Patterson Street NW, North Lawrence, Ohio 44666, Phone: 330-854-6691

18. Hoover Historical Center

Hoover Historical Center
© Hoover Historical Center

Located in the beautiful childhood home of Boss Hoover, the Hoover Historical Center celebrates and proudly conserves the storied history of the Hoover Company. Famous for having revolutionized floorcare across the nation with the beloved Hoover vacuums that so many homemakers have used over the years, the Hoover Historical Center is home to displays and exhibits that tell the company’s stories. At this small but beautifully curated museum, visitors can learn about the way the Hoover Company impacted the communities around it, how families benefited from its innovations, and even how the company helped change the flow of World War II through its exemplary war production efforts.

1875 E. Maple Street, Walsh University Hoover Park, North Canton, Ohio 44720, Phone: 330-490-7435

19. Funtimes Fun Park

Funtimes Fun Park
© Andrey Armyagov/

Make amazing memories and spend quality time with loved ones at Funtimes Fun Park, a family entertainment center that is just a stone’s throw from Canton. There are several kinds of trip packages available for families coming to the park, meant to help them make the most of the many features that Funtimes has to offer. Test your accuracy and baseball prowess at the batting cages, satisfy a need for speed with the go-karts, or just see how good your aim is at the miniature golf course. Then again, if an adrenaline rush is more of what you’re looking for, the park is also home to a Tilt-A-Whirl and the Serial Serpent family rollercoaster. For your little ones, the park offers a spin on an interactive train car or a ride on the Musik Express.

12175 State Street NE, Alliance, Ohio 44601, Phone: 330-823-3933

20. Julliard Arts Center and 3rd Space Gallery

Julliard Arts Center and 3rd Space Gallery
© Julliard Arts Center and 3rd Space Gallery

There is a budding art community in Canton, and one of the best places to experience it and see what local artists have to offer is at the 3rd Space Gallery. What’s great about this gallery is that it frequently features the work of up-and-coming artists such as those of their students. For example, handcrafted jewelry made from rock and fused glass has been exhibited in the past, while handcrafted bags are always available for viewing and purchasing. Meanwhile, the gallery is also home to the Julliard Arts Center which offers several workshops like the Mini Balsa Wood Lantern Workshop, as well as classes that teach about famous artists and their works.

600 Market Avenue N, Canton, Ohio 44702, Phone: 330-754-6604

21. George’s Lounge

George’s Lounge
© George’s Lounge

There’s no denying that George’s Lounge is a benchmark of downtown Canton’s culinary scene. Established in 1959, George’s is the second oldest continually operating bar in the area and is also a founding member of the Canton Historic Music Block that it calls home. What makes George’s Lounge so famous, however, are its burgers, which are largely recognized as the best burgers in Canton. They’re so good, they’re practically considered art, and they come in five delectable variations: the Big O’Nesto, the King George, the Blue Ribbon Burger, the Gorgeous George, and the Rockin’ Chicken Waffle. If you think you’ve got the chops for it, George’s Lounge is also home to an epic eating challenge known as George’s Hall of Famer. Included in this behemoth of a food challenge are triple Gorgeous George burgers, huge hand-cut fries, and a delicious milkshake.

229 Cleveland Avenue NW, Canton, Ohio 44702, Phone: 330-452-0029

22. Buzzbin Art and Music Shop

Buzzbin Art and Music Shop
© Buzzbin Art and Music Shop

If there’s one thing that the Buzzbin Art and Music Shop knows and does well, it’s live music entertainment, and its membership to the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA), is a testament to this. Buzzbin sees over 1,000 touring bands in the span of a year, hosts 3 live shows of bands from various genres 3 times a week, and gives tons of people the perfect place to have a good time and a drink to unwind. While you’re enjoying great tunes, grab a delicious bite to eat with the Buzzbin’s Canton Low Life Food Menu which promises a satisfying menu to appeal to any appetite. The shop also offers an in-house beer cheese, and a spectacular Buffalo Chicken Dip to go with your choice of veggies or pretzels.

331 Cleveland Avenue NW, Canton, Ohio 44702, Phone: 330-327-6265

23. Sky Zone Belden Village

Sky Zone Belden Village

Fly as high as you possibly can at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park, one of the most adrenaline-pumping attractions that visitors to Canton, Ohio will find. There’s nothing typical about this trampoline park, which is home to several attractions that are nothing short of fun. While Sky Zone does have the typical long and wide track trampolines for massive aerial wall-to-wall action, there are also unique features like the Trapeze and Swing, which launches you up in the air and right into a foam pit. The park also has an epic trampoline dodgeball court, a silks section for people looking to unleash their inner aerial artist skills, a parkour block, the Sky Slam basketball trampoline court, and the fidgety and challenging Sky Ladder zone.

4381 Whipple Avenue NW, Canton, Ohio 44718, Phone: 330-538-8300

24. Cherry Road Winery

Cherry Road Winery
© Cherry Road Winery

It’s one thing to make wine well, but it’s another thing entirely to be in love with it. At the Cherry Road Winery, it’s abundantly clear that the owners have a deep love for wine and what they do, especially since it is their mission to deliver quality wines in a space that is cozy and inviting to people from all walks of life. It’s clear that the winery wants to stick to making wine that they would love to drink on a regular basis. As the owners are partial to sweeter wines, the winery features a range of reds and whites as well as one rose, all of which range from semi-dry and sweet variations. Their signature wines, Only Happy + In Ohio, are a testament to the happy locals and sweet grapes of the state. Only Happy is a red wind that features a blend of Niagara and Concord grapes has a sweet finish. Meanwhile, In Ohio is the winery’s sweetest white wine and is perfect for individuals who love a good Moscato.

1133 27th Street NW, Massillon, Ohio 44647, Phone: 330-265-5830

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