Astoria, NY is a thriving community that seems to be constantly enhancing its charm. With boutique shops, an arts district, museums, cool bars, and budget-friendly restaurants popping up all over the neighborhood, there is plenty of things to do to keep visitors entertained. Astoria is an ideal destination to explore for any art enthusiast with the Kaufman Arts District, the Noguchi Museum, and the Socrates Sculpture Park.

1. Kaufman Arts District, Astoria, NY

Kaufman Arts District, Astoria, NY
© Kaufman Arts District

The Kaufman Arts District in Astoria is the home of one of the world’s oldest continuously used movie studios, Kaufman Astoria Studios, as well as home to several unique cultural institutions. These institutions help support many emerging artists, advancing and promoting the area as home for creative industries and a vibrant cultural destination. The Kaufman Arts District stretches from 37th Avenue in the south to Steinway Street in the east to 34th Avenue in the north and 31st Street in the west. The district strives to enhance the value of the economic and creative life of the Astoria neighborhood.

34-12 36th St, Astoria, NY 11106, Phone: 718-392-5600

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2. Astoria Bier & Cheese, Astoria, New York

Astoria Bier & Cheese, Astoria, New York
© Astoria Bier & Cheese

The Astoria Bier and Cheese shop first opened its doors in Astoria in October of 2012. Along with the company’s other location, Milk and Hops, Astoria Bier and Cheese sources the finest charcuterie and cheese from all over the world, from both distributors and importers, as well as directly from the very farms that produce them. The shop prides itself on offering quality products that are made by people who care a great deal about their craft. The owners are delight in connecting important artisans to customers. The shop also serves cheese plates, sandwiches, grilled cheese, and a rotating lineup of draft beer.

34-14 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11106, Phone: 718-545-5588

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3. Astoria Coffee, Astoria, New York

Astoria Coffee, Astoria, New York
© Astoria Coffee

The goal of Astoria Coffee is to provide the community with a comfortable space in which people can just hang out with family, friends, and neighbors over some great food, coffee, or tea. The coffee shop aims to be a part of community, culture, and art happening within the Astoria neighborhood. The coffee ventures began as a delivery service for whole coffee beans that was inspired by a neighborhood eager for a consistent supply of excellent coffee. The business eventually expanded to a brick-and-mortar store in Astoria, New York. Now everyone in Astoria can enjoy a great cup of coffee.

30-04 30th St, Astoria, NY 11102, Phone: 347-619-3915

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4. Astoria Park

Astoria Park
© Courtesy of Spinel -

Astoria Park, while known very well for featuring a beautiful pool, is the largest and oldest park in the whole city and offers much more than aquatic fun. The park also consists of outdoor tennis courts, basketball courts, several walking trails, a bandstand for entertainment, playgrounds, and a track. Astoria Park draws visitors from all over New York City, and is especially great for the views of the Manhattan skyline and other parts of the city, showcasing the diverse landscape. Astoria Park extends from the Hell Gate Bridge to the Triborough Bridge on the western shore of Queens. More things to do in NY

19th St, Astoria, NY 11105, Phone: 212-639-9675

5. Bohemian Hall, Astoria, New York

Bohemian Hall, Astoria, New York
© Bohemian Hall

The Bohemian Hall serves some of the finest craft and Czech beers out of anywhere in Astoria and the surrounding area. The beer garden also offers a full food menu, including grilled dishes along with Slovak and Czech favorites and specialities. There almost always is something happening at the Bohemian Hall, whether its traditional festivals or sports games playing on the screens throughout the beer garden. The Bohemian Hall and Beer Gardens is owned and operated by the Bohemian Citizens’ Benevolent Society of Astoria, which aims to provide a social home for those of Slovak and Czech ancestry.

29-19 24th Ave, Astoria, NY 11102, Phone: 718-274-4925

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6. La Guli Pastry Shop, Astoria, New York

La Guli Pastry Shop, Astoria, New York
© La Guli Pastry Shop

La Guli Pastry Shop first opened in the Astoria community back in the year 1937, and still remains open today in its same original location. The pastry shop still prides itself on offering local businesses and families with delicious, fresh, homemade baked goods at an affordable price. Each one of the baked goods available for purchase at La Guli Pastry Shop is freshly baked every day from recipes for the Italy’s finest pastries that have been handed down through generations. That legacy is honored at the Astoria pastry shop, allowing others to enjoy the delicious pastries.

29-15 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria, NY 11105, Phone: 718-728-5612

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7. Lockwood

© Lockwood

Lockwood is the result of a love affair with the retail industry, mixed with a huge crush on the Queens borough, with just a bit of design and business thrown into the mix for some good measure. The flagship retail store of Lockwood opened in September of 2013, named after an old street name in Astoria. The Lockwood flagship store carries gift items and home decor with a focus on locally designed and custom products. Just around the corner is Lockwood Style, a women’s apparel boutique with a large range of sizes. Lockwood Paper carries offers notebook embossing and paper products.

32-15 33rd St, Astoria, NY 11106, Phone: 718-626-6030

8. Luludi Living Art

Luludi Living Art
© Luludi Living Art

Luludi Living Art gets its inspiration from nature, designing artful creations that are as one-of-a-kind as the nature they are inspired by. These designs are made in an array of style, sizes, and shapes, from zen gardens to terrariums to planters. The mission of Luludi Living Art is to create living sculptures that produce a harmonious balance with the surrounding environment, using a variety of healthful and easy to care for plants. From funky and feng shui to fun to modern elegance, the healthful and creative solutions designed by Luludi Living Art are suited well to nearly any style.

2307 24th Ave, Astoria, NY 11102, Phone: 888-958-5834

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9. Museum of the Moving Image

Museum of the Moving Image
© Museum of the Moving Image

The Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, New York is the only museum focused on the technology, technique, history, and art of the moving image, including in all its forms, in the United States. This museum is a unique attraction for visitors of all interests and ages, from avid gamers to families and kids to enthusiasts of classic cinema. A wide variety of topics are showcased at the museum, from the latest digital art technology back to the optical toys of the nineteenth century, every phase in the production, exhibition, and promotions of moving images is explored.

36-01 35 Ave, Astoria, NY 11106, Phone: 718-784-0077

10. Noguchi Museum, Astoria, New York

Noguchi Museum, Astoria, New York
© Courtesy of schankz -

The Noguchi Museum is home to the most extensive and largest collection in the world of the designs, models, drawings, and sculptures created by the artist Noguchi. The museum includes the Core Collection that is made up of artwork that Noguchi selected. These works of art were selected because of the great significance they had for Noguchi, several of which are on permanent display in the galleries at the Noguchi Museum. Free Gallery Talks take place on certain days. These talks are free with admission to the museum, and are available in Japanese and English.

9-01 33rd Rd, Long Island City, NY 11106, Phone: 718-204-7088

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11. Things to Do in Astoria, New York: The Bonnie Astoria

Things to Do in Astoria, New York: The Bonnie Astoria
© The Bonnie Astoria

The Bonnie is a charming Astoria gastropub with two bars and two outdoor spaces – a small front patio and a much larger, beautiful shady garden in the back. The indoors is equally inviting, with exposed brick walls, hanging plants, and Victorian paintings. The Bonnie is a popular brunch place for a good reason: Their avocado toast with poached egg and bacon is divine and so is the biscuit with sausage and gravy. The strong French press coffee and imaginative cocktails will have you hanging out longer than you planned. Chef Nick Testa makes sure that the menu changes often and that you will always find something new to taste. Inventive cocktails are one of The Bonnie’s big attractions. Try the Amaro and brown butter bourbon or the Pamplemousse liqueur with ancho chile.

29-12 23rd Ave, Astoria, NY 11105, Phone: 718-274-2105

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12. Things to Do in Astoria, New York: Sweet Afton

Things to Do in Astoria, New York: Sweet Afton
© Sweet Afton

Sweet Afton is a lively Astoria bar and grill operated by the owners of the popular Wilfie and Nell bar in Manhattan's Greenwich Village neighborhood. The bar, which has been acclaimed as the Queens neighborhood's best burger joint, serves up a selection of local craft brews and straightforward cocktails made with house-infused liquors crafted with flavors such as pineapple, lime, and ginger. The laid-back, intimate vibe of the bar eschews flat screen televisions and sporting events for quaint ambiance, serving up brunch, dinner, and late-night menus full of delicious comfort fare. Shareable appetizer plates include favorites such as artichoke and kale dip, deep-fried McClure's pickles, and Thanksgiving-leftover egg rolls stuffed with cranberries, turkey, and gravy.

30-09 34th St, Astoria, NY 11103, Phone: 718-777-2570

13. Things to Do in Astoria, NY: People's Museum

Things to Do in Astoria, NY: People's Museum
© Maksym Yemelyanov/

The People’s Museum in Astoria, New York is a museum that is truly for everyone, making sure that all people, no matter what their disability or disorder can enjoy the exhibits and learn. The idea behind the museum was to provide a place for enjoyment and learning for all people. Innovative methods are used for the presentation of exhibits, which consists of a wide range of subjects. Visitors can find exhibits about many different cultures from all over the world, contemporary art, Hollywood memorabilia, and dinosaur fossils among many other topics. The People’s Museum also contains a military collection.

22-27 Crescent St, Astoria, NY 11105, Phone: 718-204-7941

14. Things to Do in Astoria, New York: Socrates Sculpture Park

Things to Do in Astoria, New York: Socrates Sculpture Park
© Socrates Sculpture Park

The Socrates Sculpture Park in Astoria is a community waterfront park that is dedicated to supporting local artists in the creation and presentation of art for the public. Individuals, families, and groups are all welcome to visit the part and take a self-guided tour of everything the park has to offer any day of the year. Upon arrival, visitors can find explanatory materials about the art on exhibit inside of a box at the main gate of the Socrates Sculpture Park. These self-guided tours typically take around thirty-five minutes. The park is open starting at nine in the morning to sundown.

32-01 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11106, Phone: 718-956-1819

15. SingleCut Beersmiths, Astoria, NY

SingleCut Beersmiths, Astoria, NY
© SingleCut Beersmiths

SingleCut Beersmiths was established by Rich Buceta, a music-obsessed, NYC/Queens born brewer. His lifelong passions for music and brewing led him to a place where vinyl and hops could shine together, side-by-side. Since SingleCut opened in 2012, it has become a well respected establishment and has acquired a loyal following. Rotating pop-up food vendors come to SingleCut Beersmiths every week. The outdoor seating area is dog-friendly, and the tap room occasionally hosts live music.

19-33 37th St, Astoria, NY 11105, Phone: 718-606-0788

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