Alexandria Bay is a charming village in Jefferson County, New York, in the Thousand Islands region, on the south bank of the Saint Lawrence River. It is a part of the town of Alexandria, close to the Thousand Islands Border Crossing between Canada and the United States and the famous Thousand Islands International Bridge.

Romantic Boldt Castle and Yacht House is one of the region’s most popular attractions and a fun weekend getaway from NYC. Wellesley Island is located in the middle of the St. Lawrence River. Scroll to see the full list with photos or jump to the table of contents.

Boldt Castle and Yacht House

Boldt Castle and Yacht House

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Boldt Castle is a 120-room Rhineland-style castle and yacht house built in 2003 on Wellesley Island near Alexandria Bay in Jefferson County, New York.

The castle was built for George Boldt and his wife and is today the 1000 Islands region’s top attraction.

The castle is open to the tourists and is accessible by boat, water taxi and private watercraft. The yacht house is the castle’s main dependency.

It is a massive, shingle-style structure made of five elements, designed by the Philadelphia architects G. W. & W. D. Hewitt.

The yacht house has a round tower with reception rooms, three yacht bays, a large east yacht bay, a storage wing with a crenelated tower and an office and a spacious caretaker's residence.

Boldt Castle and Yacht House , 22320 Boathouse Rd, Wellesley Island, NY 13640, Phone: 800-847-5263

Thousand Islands Winery

Thousand Islands Winery

© Thousand Islands Winery

Located on the thirty-acre farm on Wellesley Island, Thousand Islands Winery is an award winning winery and vineyard.

It opened in 2003 when the region was new to wine making. Today, the winery has nineteen acres of wine grapes planted on the farm and produces more than fifty thousand gallons of wine every year.

The winery makes twenty-three different varieties of wine: Dry, Semi-Dry, Semi-Sweet, Sweet, and Fruit & Dessert Wines categories.

The Winery also makes a port-style wine and honey mead. Thousands Islands Winery offers wine tastings in the historic barn, it has a large gift market and offers seasonal family-friendly events.

Thousand Islands Winery, 43298 Seaway Ave, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, Phone: 315-482-9306

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Thousand Islands Bridge

Thousand Islands Bridge

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The Thousand Islands International Bridge is an international bridge system over the Saint Lawrence River that connects New York in the United States with Ontario in Canada.

The bridge was built in 1937 and had several additions built in 1959. It crosses over the Canada–US border in the Thousand Islands region.

All bridges in the system have two lanes of traffic in two direction and pedestrian sidewalks.

Thousand Islands International Bridge system actually consists of five bridges over different parts of the St. Lawrence River.

The main span connects American mainland to Wellesley Island.

Other bridges connect Wellesley Island to Hill Island, Hill Island to Constance Island, Constance Island to Georgina Island and Georgina Island to Canadian mainland.

Thousand Islands Bridge, Thousand Islands Bridge Authority, Alexandria Bay, New York 13607, Phone: 315-482-2501

Boldt Yacht House

Boldt Yacht House

© Boldt Yacht House

The Boldt Yacht House on Wellesley Island is the main dependency to the Boldt Castle and was built in 1903. Visitors can take the free shuttle boat from Heart Island.

The yacht house used to house the Boldt’s family yachts and enormous houseboat. The slips are 128 feet long. Massive bay doors on the decorative facade offer access to the river.

The 64-foot yacht house featured a shop that used to build racing launches and had quarters for staff and crew.

The Yacht House holds a collection of antique wooden boats, some on loan from the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton NY and some from the original Boldt fleet. It also features a 1892 Steam Yacht.

Boldt Yacht House , Vellesley Island, New York

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Wellesley Island

Wellesley Island

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Wellesley Island is located in the middle of the St. Lawrence River, in Jefferson County, New York.

The island is home to two state parks and is a popular destination for camping, fishing, boating, golfing and nature exploration.

Wellesley Island State Park is the larger of the two parks and it comprises three quarters of the island.

It has 435 camping sites and almost eight miles of hiking trails. It also has cabins and cottages that are open all year.

The island has a lovely sandy beach and a recreation barn that offers fun activities for children, such as video games, arts and crafts.

There are also two playgrounds for young children and a Nature Center. Visitors can access the island by crossing the bridge or by boat. There is the 148-slip marina and boats available for rent. Map

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Dark Island Spirits Distillery & Winery

Dark Island Spirits Distillery & Winery

© Dark Island Spirits Distillery & Winery

Dark Island Spirits Distillery & Winery is a family-owned craft distillery located in downtown Alexandria Bay, New York, in the heart of the Thousand Islands Region. The distillery produces award-winning Bourbons, Whiskeys and Brandies, as well as Vodkas, Gins and Liqueurs. All their products are made by hand, from grain to glass, all the way through distilling. Their Vodka is filtered through natural Amethyst crystals. It all starts with raw ingredients from local farms. Visitors are invited to tour the production facility and try a True Craft cocktail in their tasting room and lounge. They also offer their spirits by the bottle and sell many local wines and craft beers.

Dark Island Spirits Distillery & Winery, 42 Church St, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, Phone: 315-482-2059

Jreck Subs

Jreck Subs

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The Jreck Subs is a chain of sandwich shops serving hot and cold submarine sandwiches, soups and salads. The company was started in 1967 in a converted school bus and it grew to more than 40 shops in Northern and Central New York.

Their Alexandria Bay, New York store is a small, family owned franchise opened in 1984 that quickly become a popular local spot for great sandwiches. This unpretentious counter-serve spot is cozy and has comfortable private booths and large screen TVs on the wall. The menu is small but all sandwiches are freshly made for each customer.

Jreck Subs, 29 Market St, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, Phone: 315-482-3403

Cornwall Brothers Museum

Cornwall Brothers Museum

© Cornwall Brothers Museum

Housed in a charming building built in 1866, the Cornwall Brothers Museum is notable not just for its preservation of history, but for being a notable part of history itself. It stands as the last remaining historic waterfront structure in Alexandria Bay and has a long history of use over the years from being a customs house, a Coast Guard station, and even a post office.

Today, the museum retains the interior it held from its time as the Cornwall Brothers Store and showcases exhibits about life in the Alexandria Township from its foundation up until the 1950s. Through the efforts of the Alexandria Township Historical Society, it was recognized on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1975, and, in 1991, the New York Register of Historic Places.

Cornwall Brothers Museum, 36 Market Street, Alexandria Bay, New York 13607, Phone: 315-482-4586

Otter Creek Preserve

Otter Creek Preserve

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Come and explore a breathtaking mosaic of varying habitats at Otter Creek Preserve, a beautiful recreational space just a short walk from the Village of Alexandria Bay. It first opened to public visitors in 2015 and is one of the Thousand Island Land Trust’s newest preserves. Visitors the Otter Creek can engage in several recreational activities through the preserve’s 1.9-mile network of walking, biking, skiing, and snowshoeing trails.

Part of the trail is also ADA accessible, making Otter Creek great for families who want to spend time outdoors together. Some of the places to see and enjoy at Otter Creek include its cable suspension bridge, a spectacular view of Lynch Creek, and bird watching opportunities for Wood Ducks and Great Blue Herons.

Otter Creek Preserve, 193 Church Street, Alexandria Bay, New York

North Country Welcome Center

North Country Welcome Center

© North Country Welcome Center

What better way is there to start your exploration of North Country than by heading to its Welcome Center? At this welcome center, visitors will find resources to help them plan and put together the perfect trip itinerary for their group, take in knowledge of the region, and also peruse the region’s top attractions and destinations through an LED screen presentation.

The North Country Welcome Center is also home to a small display from the Antique Boat Museum, a huge I Love NY sculpture perfect for group photos, a Walk of Fame, and a playground for the kids to enjoy. Don’t forget to pick up a specialty gift at the merchandise section, or to grab a quick bite to eat at the Taste NY Market.

North Country Welcome Center, 43360 Collins Landing Road, Alexandria Bay, New York 13607, Phone: 315-215-4187

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