Growing up, we all dream of that perfect, ‘fairy tale’ wedding, just like we see in the movies or storybooks. We all imagine the dream wedding dress, the perfect partner, the countless happy and smiling faces of our friends and family, a wonderful cake, a magnificent celebration, and nothing but happy memories to look back on.

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However, when it actually comes time to start organizing a wedding, the realities and complexities of the perfect big day start to reveal themselves. Picturing a dream wedding is easy enough, but actually pulling it off can be a big challenge, and many brides and grooms appreciate all the help they can get and often turn to the pros for planning services.

One of the most iconic parts of any wedding is the first dance between the two partners. It’s a magical moment where the assembled wedding guests get to admire and observe the couple sharing one of the first ever romantic, intimate, meaningful moments of their newly-wed lives.

It’s also a moment that can bring with it a lot of trepidation and fear from brides and grooms-to-be all over the world. We’ve all seen great wedding dances done in the past, but many people aren’t so confident in their own dancing ability and don’t even know where to start. To plan out the perfect wedding dance, choose First Dance Charlotte.

First Dance Charlotte - Wedding Dance Classes in Charlotte

First Dance Charlotte is a dance studio in Charlotte specialized in preparing brides, grooms, and their families for wedding day dances. Offering a fun and unique service, First Dance Charlotte aims to give you the skills and confidence you need to pull off an amazing first dance on your big day, while also offering dance classes for the parents of the bride and groom too.

- Award-Winning Dance Classes - In offering dance classes with weddings in mind, First Dance Charlotte is really providing a unique and innovative service, and various media publications and experts have recognized the stellar work being done at this dance studio, even going as far as rewarding First Dance Charlotte with several awards. First Dance Charlotte has been featured in the Best of Weddings Hall of Fame for The Knot, as well as winning multiple Couples' Choice Awards from Weddingwire and being talked about in various Charlotte media like Charlotte Wedding and Charlotte Oserver.

- Many Happy Brides and Grooms - Past users of the First Dance Charlotte wedding classes only have great things to say about this company. The founder of First Dance Charlotte, Alex, has been praised for her friendly approach, kind nature, and excellent ability to give students the confidence and skills they need to pull off both simple and complex dance routines on their wedding days. She’s had the pleasure of training a lot of happy couples for their big days, and everyone is in agreement that being able to enjoy a great first dance definitely helps to make any wedding a more magical affair for all concerned.

- An Experienced Professional - Alex is a lifelong dancer and dance lover. Born and raised in West Virginia, she studied multiple forms of dance, including ballet, jazz, and tap, as a child and continued her education, taking ballroom, Latin, and social classes as she grew older. She started work at choreographing wedding dances back in 2009 and launched her own company, First Dance Charlotte, in 2015. Over the years, she's made many couple's dancing dreams come true and runs wedding dance classes right out of her own Charlotte home studio.

- The Classes - First Dance Charlotte offers a super selection of wedding dance classes designed to suit every bridge, groom and wedding party. Maybe you're just looking to enjoy a slow, romantic dance with your partner when the big moment arrives, or maybe you and your bride or groom-to-be want to pull off a fun and dynamic dance number that will really surprise your guests. Either way, Alex can help. She also offers Father Daughter and Mother Son dance classes, and is very flexible and adaptable, able to provide custom dance class packages to suit your needs.

You shouldn’t have to have any worries or doubts about any aspect of your wedding day. It’s a day all about indulgence, excitement, romance, and joy, so there’s no room for fear or anxiety. Sadly, it’s a simple fact that many people do worry a lot about dancing at their wedding, but First Dance Charlotte is able to change all of that.

If you’re feeling nervous about a wedding day dance and want to be fully prepared, get in touch First Dance Charlotte at 704 916 9399. Alex will be only too happy to welcome you into her home studio at 3626 Country Club Drive and provide you with all the dance preparation you need to approach this big moment of your wedding with confidence and grace. website