We’re all familiar with the masters of art, the legendary names of the Renaissance, the founders of new styles and movements. Names like Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Henri Matisse are known to all, with more modern artists like Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, and Damien Hirst also enjoying global fame and appeal, but one of the most magical experiences for any art love or collector is seeing new pieces from young talents.

The wonderful thing about art is that even though we’ve seen countless iconic pieces and creations in the past, there’s still so much potential for the future, and the next Van Gogh or Dali might be out there somewhere, just waiting to be discovered. Everyone is born with imagination and creativity, and it can be fascinating to see young artists expressing their own feelings, thoughts, and emotions through drawings, paintings, sculptures, photos, and more.

For anyone with even a passing interest in art, there’s always something special about seeing a totally new and original piece. We can all admire the classics of the past, but seeing something fresh and vibrant that truly moves us is a truly one of a kind experiences, and it can only be obtained by visiting different art galleries and observing works from up and coming artists and talents. If you’re interested in seeing amazing new art in Charlotte, the CPCC Art Galleries are the place to be.

CPCC Art Galleries - Student Art in Charlotte

Part of the Central Piedmont Community College, the CPCC Art Galleries are the perfect platform for art students to show off their own creations and take inspiration from the works of others. Inspiring the students themselves, as well as members of the local community, the CPCC Art Galleries offer a wonderful way to see and experience some truly exceptional visual artworks in various media.

- Incredible Art - Art can touch, inspire, and move us in ways that few other things in life truly can. Seeing a special piece of art can have a truly profound effect on the observer, and it’s always exciting for art lovers to take a look at new works and fresh ideas. At CPCC Art Galleries, visitors are able to admire some truly wonderful pieces from many different artists.

- A Welcoming Space - The mission of the CPCC Art Galleries is to inspire, educate, and engage both students and community members by providing tools, resources, platforms, and exhibition spaces for all to enjoy. To that end, the CPCC Art Galleries provide a very warm and welcoming space and environment for every guest to enjoy, free of pretension. Everyone can feel at ease here, able to enjoy and admire the art on display, discussing its meanings and interpretations with their fellow visitors or simply enjoying solitary reflection.

- Many Different Media - While some galleries are dedicated to one specific medium, the CPCC Art Galleries give students, faculty members, and the local community access to a wide range of media and a whole spectrum of creative possibilities. Photographs, drawings, paintings, sculptures, metalwork, and more are explored throughout these gallery spaces, with a lot of variety for all to enjoy, and the students and faculty members are always keep to experiment with new materials and ideas, so you never know what you might see next at these Charlotte art galleries.

- Shows and Special Events - As well as featuring a wide array of wonderful artworks, the CPCC Art Galleries also play host to various shows, contests, and special events throughout the year. One key example is the Annual Juried Student Art Show. Running for a couple of months each year, this show gives students a chance to exhibit their creations and have them judged by a professional artist or art expert.

Central Piedmont Community College is the biggest community college on the East Coast, drawing in a lot of talented students from all walks of life, and the CPCC Art Galleries show the extraordinary potential of the college's art department.

To enjoy these amazing works for yourself, you can visit the Ross Gallery on the first floor of the Overcash Building at the Central CPCC Campus. The gallery is divided up into two separate spaces and features a rotating array of works and exhibits.

The Ross Gallery opens up from 10am through to 2pm every Monday - Thursday, and will also open at other times subject to appointment. Visitors can enjoy free parking at Parking Lot 4, which si the Theater/Event parking area near the Overcash building on 4th Street. website