Wellness and self-care are important parts of leading a healthy, happy life, and statistics show that increasingly larger numbers of people are seeking out new, natural ways to look after themselves and de-stress. Sometimes, the simplest methods of clearing your mind and enjoying yourself are the best, and one fine example of this is taking a trip to the salon or polishing your nails in the comfort of your own home.

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Visiting a nail salon is a wonderful to sit back, relax, and free your mind of the many stresses and worries that can accumulate in daily life. It's also a great way to look after yourself. Nails need care and attention, just like any other part of the body, and having a beautiful set of nails that have been painted and polished to perfection can really help people feel happier overall.

Unfortunately, a lot of nail treatments, polishes, paints, and salons make use of toxin-laden products and chemicals that really aren't good for your nails, skin, or overall health. Not only that, but some nail products actually make use of products derived from animals, meaning that if you lead a vegan lifestyle or want to only make use of eco and animal-friendly products whenever possible, the simple act of getting your nails done can suddenly seem way more complicated. Fortunately, Sundays can help.

Non-Toxic Nail Polish and Vegan Nail Salon in New York City

Sundays is an independent nail salon chain with two locations in New York City, specializing in non-toxic, chemical-free, animal-friendly polishes and nail products. This company was founded on the idea that getting one's nails polished should be a simple, relaxing, health-boosting activity that can benefit both body and mind. It shouldn't be stressful, it shouldn't be restrictive, and it shouldn't involve the use of dangerous, chemical products.

So, to bring that vision to life, Sundays was created and always promised to make use of products that provide long-lasting colors, bright shines, and big smiles without any of the harmful elements or unfriendly ingredients that restrict certain people, like vegans, from being able to get their nails polished in many salons. This brand was founded on three core principles: Wellness, Simplicity, and Individuality:

-Wellness - Sundays believes that going to the salon or painting your nails is one of the purest wellness activities of all. It's a great way to forget about your troubles and de-stress your mind, and the fact that this salon only makes use of non-toxic nail polishes and products ensures that you can enjoy total peace of mind and fully focus on wellness without any harmful side effects or risks.

-Simplicity - Getting your nails polished and treated is supposed to be a simple experience. After all, this kind of activity has been going on for thousands of years and has always been a simple and beloved way for people to relax. Rather than confusing you with a million different options or over-complicating the process, Sundays focuses on simplicity above all else to make its polishes as relaxing to apply and enjoy as possible.

-Individuality - Sundays understands that everyone is different. When you walk into many other salons, you'll find preset patterns and trends to follow, but Sundays wants you to be able to express yourself. That's why it sells all of its non-toxic nail polishes for home use and also gives all clients total freedom to have the salon treatment they desire.

Sundays Vegan-Friendly and Non-Toxic Nail Studios

Sundays has two different nail studio locations in the heart of New York City, perfect for residents and people visiting the Big Apple and looking to get their nails done during their visit. The two locations are the NoMad Studio, which is located at 51 E. 25th Street, and the Saks Fifth Avenue 49th Studio, which is located at 611 5th Avenue on the Saks Fifth Avenue Beauty Floor. You can reserve your salon treatment online or over the phone and can even gift a session in the salon to a friend or family member if you desire.

You'll find both salons to be highly relaxing, beautiful places that have been tastefully decorated in neutral tones to provide an airy, welcoming atmosphere that all can enjoy. The only products you'll be seeing in this space are fully cruelty-free nail polishes free from any toxins, chemicals, or animal-derived products. You can even enhance your wellness experience by selecting a guided meditation package as part of your treatment.

Buy Non-Toxic Nail Polish Online with Sundays

As well as offering nail polishes and treatments in its two New York City studios, Sundays also sells its vegan-friendly, cruelty-free nail polishes online. All of these products feature a non-toxic formula, free from any harmful ingredients and offering long-lasting colors, immense shine, and a huge range of beautiful shades to match any theme, style, personality, or occasion. Each shade is numbered and presented in a comfortable bottle that has been specially designed to be easy to use when polishing your nails. website