Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine has given the world a lot of great tastes over the years, with latkes being one of the most beloved staple elements for people of Ashkenazi communities for many years.

The history of these potato pancakes goes all back centuries, and they were actually often made not from potatoes, but from a variety of vegetables, legumes, cheeses, or other ingredients people had to hand at the time.

Latkes have always been a versatile food item, with many modern Jews and people outside of the Jewish community adding their own twists and variants to the classic recipe, blending in additional ingredients like zucchini and sweet onion, or even making the latkes with sweet potatoes, rather than traditional potatoes. Each year, for more than a decade now, a special celebration of the latke has been held in New York City: the Latke Festival.

Latke Festival - Jewish Food Festival in NYC

One of NYC's best and most beloved tasting events, the Latke Festival is an annual celebration of latkes. It's been running on an annual basis and always takes place around the holiday season, giving the citizens of New York, as well as visitors to the city, a chance to warm up with some homemade, delicious latkes and enjoy a friendly celebration together. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Latke Festival:

- Edition - 2019's Latke Festival will be the 11th annual edition of this unique holiday tasting event.

- Location - The 11th annual Latke Festival will be held at Brooklyn Museum, which is situated at 200 Eastern Pwky, Brooklyn, NY 11238. The festival will be held in the Grand Entrance Hall of the museum.

- Getting There - Those who choose to rely on public transport to attend the Latke Festival 2019 will be able to take the 2 or 3 line to Eastern Parkway / Brooklyn Museum and arrive right at the museum itself. You can take the 4 or 5 to Nevins St and transfer over onto the 2 or 3, or you can take the B, D, Q, N, R, or LIRR line to Atlantic Terminal - Barclays Center and then switch to the 2 or 3 from there to reach the museum. Those riding the bus can take the B41 or B69 service over to Grand Army Plaza or the B45 to St Johns Place and Washington Ave.

- Parking - If you choose to drive to the Latke Festival, you'll find an on-site parking lot just behind the museum itself over on Washington Ave.

- Dates and Times - The Latke Festival for the 2019 holiday season will be held on Monday, December 16th. The event begins at 6.30pm and ends at 8.30pm. This is a one day only event, so you'll need to note down the date and get your tickets reserved if you don't want to miss out on all of the delicious latkes being served.

- For A Good Cause - The Latke Festival is held for a great cause, with all net proceeds raised from ticket sales and more going straight to The Sylvia Center, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization focused on teaching cooking to young people and adults alike in underserved communities. The Sylvia Center provides cooking workshops and farm trips for families and children, teaching them basic cooking skills and giving them new opportunities, so attending the Latke Festival is a great way to enjoy a super night out while also contributing to a worthy cause.

- Tickets - Those wishing to attend the 11th Annual Latke Festival on December 16 will need to buy their tickets. Tickets will be put on sale in the months leading up to the event itself, and you'll be able to reserve your tickets online ahead of time.

- The Experience - For those who have never attended the Latke Festival before, this is one of the biggest celebrations of latkes or Jewish food in general anywhere in New York City. It's been running for more than a decade, with the Brooklyn Museum hosting the last few editions of the event. Each year, the Latke Festival brings together latke makers from far and wide, encouraging them to really get creative with this classic recipe, adding in their own ideas and ingredients to turn a classic latke into something so much more. Participants can roam around, watch the chefs at work, taste lots of lovely latkes, and enjoy plenty of other delicious food and drink as well. A panel of celebrity judges will be in attendance in order to judge the very best and more creative latkes, and a live DJ will also be there to provide musical entertainment for the evening. website