We’re living in a digital, technological world in which so much of the media and art we see, and experience is shown on screens. Even books can now be enjoyed in digital format, downloaded as data and read on our smartphones and tablets, but there’s still nothing quite like holding a real book in your hands, feeling the texture of the paper and turning page after page as you progress through the story.

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Even with the non-stop pace of technological innovation, books offer a timeless charm that can never be replaced, and if you’re looking for a great place to shop for books in New York City, Greenlight Bookstore is the place to be. This independent Brooklyn bookstore offers a huge range of quality, hand-chosen books, as well as organizing various special events and programs like book clubs and signings for all ages.

Greenlight Bookstore - Independent Bookstore in Brooklyn

Located right in the heart of Brooklyn, Greenlight Bookstore is one of the few independent bookstores left in NYC. A charming and historic location where the staff really care about quality literature and are always eager to share personal recommendations, discuss the finest classics and dissect the latest releases, and engage with customers in ways that big brand bookstores simply do not, Greenlight Bookstore is one of the best places to shop for books in NYC, as well as being a wonderful cultural hub for the local community and literary enthusiasts.

- The Advantages of Independent Bookstores - In the modern day, book enthusiasts can find the latest novels, classic reads, and their next favorite books with ease from a wide array of online and store locations, so why would you choose an independent bookstore like Greenlight? Well, it's a little-known fact that around 70% of all money spent at an independent store or business stays in the local community, which is much higher than the 40% seen at big brands at businesses. Shopping with independent stores is therefore a great way to support an area and help out the local community. Independent stores are also unique locations, with each one having its own charms and features to separate it from the crowd, and the staff are exceptionally hard-working and truly passionate about books too, hand-picking each and every title in store.

- Collectible Quality Books - Shoppers who visit the Greenlight Bookstore location in Brooklyn or choose to shop online via the store’s official website will find a vast and varied range of quality books, including many collectible and rare items too. If you like to collect beautiful books for their aesthetic, as well as literary value, Greenlight Bookstore is the place to be. This is also a great shop to find signed books, both hardback and paperback, as many authors stop by at the store for signings and special events throughout the year. Greenlight even runs a 'First Editions Club', where you can receive an exclusive collectible book every single month.

- Programs and Clubs - Like many independent bookstores, Greenlight does far more than simply selling books. More than just a store, Greenlight is a literary hub, a haven for anyone who has ever lost themselves in a story. This store runs many different programs, clubs, and services throughout the year to encourage reading and writing and help people share their love of books with each other. For little ones, Greenlight hosts various story time sessions and young readers book groups. For adults, the store runs a multitude of book groups and reading clubs, as well as signings and special events too. In short, if you love books and want to share your enthusiasm with others, a visit to Greenlight Bookstore is just what you need to become part of a friendly reading community.

Greenlight Bookstore has two locations: one at Fort Greene and one at Prospect Lefferts Gardens. The Fort Greene store is located at 686 Fulton Street, while the Prospect Lefferts Gardens store is situated at 632 Flatbush Avenue. Greenlight can be contacted with ease via phone at 718 246 0200, and there's a full e-store too, allowing book lovers from all over the world to shop for quality books from this popular independent location.

Like so many independent businesses, Greenlight Bookstore relies on the consideration and care of people who care about communities and want to support local stores whenever possible. Greenlight may not have the resources or enormous scale of big brands, but it’s a store with a lot of heart and a lot to offer, and a key community cornerstone for literary lovers in Brooklyn. website