One of the special things that makes Brooklyn such a unique part of New York City is its spirit of togetherness and community. Brooklyn people are known for respecting and looking out for one another, with local businesses always offering a friendly smile and warm welcome to their favorite customers and many people engaging with the sense of community all around them. The positive attitude and communal feel of Brooklyn can be felt every time one visits BKLYN Larder, a local provisions store.

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BKLYN Larder - Cheese, Meats, and Provisions in Brooklyn

Founded in 2009 and based on Flatbush Ave, BKLYN Larder is a retail cheese, meats, and provisions store specializing in high quality and sustainably made products and ingredients. Serving the local Park Slope and Prospect Heights communities for many years, the store was opened up by Francine Stephens and Andrew Feinberg, with current owner Mandy Wynn taking over in 2017 after spending many years herself visiting the BKLYN Larder and enjoying its wonderful products.

- A Unique Store - BKLYN Larder is a truly unique provisions store, harkening back to a by-gone era of general stores and provisions outposts that all but seem to have died out in this modern age of big brands and endless chains. It's a small, community-driven place focused on good quality products, friendly service, and positive change for the neighborhood and, on a much grander scale, the planet. BKLYN Larder pursues sustainability and eco-friendly techniques in all it does, utilizing wind power for its energy and environmentally friendly, recycled materials whenever possible too. In essence, it’s a modern location with a forward-thinking attitude while also upholding the traditions of the past.

- The Products - BKLYN Larder is a provisions store specializing in cheeses and meats, but offering much more beyond. Whether you're looking for a full cheeseboard with a huge range of cheeses, crackers, and delicious spreads and jams or just individual samples of cheese and meats for your own personal use, you can find them here, with the likes of Marcel Petit Comte and Manchego Pasamontes standing out as some of the best cheeses and Charlito's Cocina Campo Seco being one of the best local salami options. BKLYN Larder also sells cookies, cakes, hot sauces, nut butters, vinegars, teas, and so much more, as well as full meals and snacks like sandwiches and entrées for local delivery or special event catering.

Visit BKLYN Larder

To enjoy the fine cheeses, meats, and other provisions offered by BKLYN Larder, the best thing to do is pay the store a visit. Here's everything you need to know about visiting BKLYN Larder:

- Location - BKLYN Larder is located at 228 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217.

- Contact - To get in touch with BKLYN Larder for any reason, you can fill out a simple online contact form or call 718 783 1250. The store serves the Park Slope and Prospect Heights communities, but is open and welcoming to all.

- Local Deliveries - If you can't get out to the BKLYN Larder location but are in the area and would like to enjoy some of the Larder's fine products like Cheddar Jalapeno Biscuits, Savory Quiches, Croissants, Meatball Sandwiches, or even main meals like Roasted Half Chicken or Salmon Cake with Spicy Mayo, you can place an order online at any time for local deliveries.

- US Deliveries - If you're not in the Brooklyn area but still want to give BKLYN Larder products a try, you can also choose to place orders online and get these provisions and treats shipped direct to your door. Cheeses meats, pastries, chocolates, and more are all shipped out direct around the United States by BKLYN Larder, often using 2-day shipping to preserve the quality, freshness, and integrity of the selected products.

- Catering - If you're planning any kind of special event in the Brooklyn or surrounding NYC area, BKLYN Larder is a great source for all your catering needs. Taking the same high standards the store is known for and applying them on a larger scale, BKLYN Larder is able to cater to everything from weddings to family reunions to corporate cocktail parties, offering seasonal menus, holiday specials, and more. You can email or call up to learn more.

- Corporate Gifts - BKLYN Larder is a popular choice with businesses for corporate gifts of all shapes and sizes. Offering delicious, fresh, high quality provisions to your customers and business partners is a wonderful way to say thank you or celebrate a special occasion, and BKLYN Larder is always happy to fulfil any customized gift box requests you might have. website