Home to the Chihuahuan Desert and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, amazing natural and historical sites like Bandelier National Monument and Carlsbad Caverns National Park, and cultural hub cities like Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico is a simply extraordinary state to visit and enjoy.

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Whether you're admiring the amazing landscapes around Taos, hiking through the Rio Grande Del Norte Monument, or enjoying some shopping and wine tasting in Santa Fe, this state offers a lot of amazing experiences and opportunities for people of all ages and tastes to appreciate.

However, as with any other vacation location, finding your way around and really making the most of your trip can sometimes seem like a challenge. This is why a lot of people turn to the pros, choosing trusted tour guides and travel experts to enjoy guided tours and planned trips of the area. For guided tours and travel in New Mexico, Heritage Inspirations is the name to know.

Heritage Inspirations - Guided Tours in New Mexico

Founded by passionate travel lover and New Mexico native Angelisa Murray, Heritage Inspirations is the leading provider of active travel experiences and guided tours of New Mexico. Whether you're looking for walking tours, snowshoe experiences, glamping trips, exciting hikes, canyon activities, or even inner-city explorations in places like Taos, Chaco, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe, Heritage Inspirations can make it happen.

See below for details on the various features and advantages of adventure travel in New Mexico with Heritage Inspirations:

- So Much Variety - One of the key things that really stands out about Heritage Inspirations is the sheer quantity and variety of the guided tours and travel experiences it has to offer. While so many tour companies tend to specialize in one field and offer limited options, Heritage Inspirations has a dedicated team of professional tour guides, each with their own areas of expertise, and this allows the company to offer extraordinary variety in its tours. One day, you might be heading off into the canyons for a glamping getaway, and the next you’ll be in a city like Santa Fe admiring the historic architecture.

- Passionate Professionals - Heritage Inspirations was founded by Angelisa Murray, who had spent a large part of her life working in the travel industry but always felt a real passion and pride in her own home state of New Mexico. She wanted to share the beauty and excitement of locations like Taos and Santa Fe with as many people as possible, so decided to form Heritage Inspirations. Dedicated to providing only the best experiences to all guests, Heritage Inspirations only employs truly passionate, professional, knowledgeable tour guides who know NM like the back of their hand.

- Fun For All - No matter who you are, how old you are, who you’re traveling with, and what sort of activities you enjoy the most, you’ll find plenty of options at Heritage Inspirations. All the outdoor lovers and nature enthusiasts will be able to go off on incredible hikes, backcountry adventures, showshoeing journeys in winter, bike rides in the Rio Grande Valley, cave tours in the New Mexico Badlands, and so much more. Those who have a keener interest in history and culture will be able to enjoy tours based around these themes, and even if you’re just interested in classic city activities like shopping and wine-tasting, Heritage Inspirations has options for you too.

Heritage Inspirations guided tours of New Mexico are definitely among the best ways to experience the diverse landscapes and rich culture of this incredible state. Trips and tours can be booked online with ease, and new tours and concepts are always being added to the calendar, so it’s great to check back in regularly and see what new experiences are waiting for you.

Example New Mexico Guided Tours with Heritage Inspirations

So, what kind of tours can you take with Heritage Inspirations? Well, as we’ve seen, Heritage Inspirations really offers a lot of variety and runs tours all around New Mexico in both cities and natural locations. Here are a few examples of tours you could choose to take:

- Chaco Canyon Overnight Glamping Tour - Setting off from Albuquerque and visiting the beautiful scenery and amazing ruins of Chaco Canyon, the Chaco Canyon Overnight Glamping Tour is a full New Mexico glamping experience for just $999 per person (plus tax). This two-day tour is fully guided and lets you explore and learn all about the place that travel experts have called 'the Macchu Picchu of New Mexico'.

- Fashionista Shopping + Wine Tasting Tour - For something more down-to-earth and city-based, the Fashionista Shopping + Wine Tasting Tour starts at just $199 per person and runs on a weekly basis in the city of Santa Fe. This tour, as its name indicates, is all about indulging your shopaholic side and tasting some great wines too. You'll get a full lunch and wine tasting session at the Hotel St Francis and several exclusive discounts at shops around the city.

- Taos Half Day Active Tour - If you don't have too much time to spare but really want to pack a lot into the time you do have, the Taos Half Day Active Tour is a great option. Costing just $125 (plus tax) each, this small group too takes you all around the Rio Grande Del Norte Monument, stopping off at locations like the Taos Gorge Bridge and the La Vista Verde trail. You’ll learn all about the natural history and geology of Taos and its surrounding area from your guide along the way, making this tour both educational and entertaining. website