Scenically nestled along the beautiful New Jersey coastline, the pretty town of Spring Lake is a popular vacation destination. Here you can take a trip down memory lane as you stroll along shady avenues to admire gracious holiday homes which date back to Victorian times. The town takes its name from the fresh-water spring-fed lake which lies in the center of old downtown, surrounded by a lovely park where you can enjoy walking and bird watching.

1. Spring Lake Theatre Company, Spring Lake, New Jersey

Spring Lake Theatre Company, Spring Lake, New Jersey
© Spring Lake Theatre Company

The performing arts are alive and thriving in Spring Lake and what was once called the Spring Lake Community House is the current home of the Spring Lake Theatre Company. The historic old building (which dates back to 1922) was extensively renovated and restored in 1986 and can seat up to 350 enthusiastic theatre-goers. The Spring Lake Theatre Company produces 6 shows per season and has built a reputation for showcasing Broadway-quality talent. There is always something on at the theatre which produces comedies, musicals, dramas and children’s theatre, using very professional props and stage settings. Locals are invited to audition and visitors are invited to come and join in the fun.

Spring Lake Theatre Company, 300 Madison Ave, Spring Lake, NJ 07762, Phone: 732-449-4530

2. Pedego Electric Bikes Spring Lake, Spring Lake, NJ

Pedego Electric Bikes Spring Lake, Spring Lake, NJ
© Pedego Electric Bikes Spring Lake

One of the best ways of exploring a new area is on foot or by bicycle, but many people simply don’t have the energy to get very far on either. Your answer is a fun rental from Pedego Electric Bikes – simply pedal while you can and let the bike take over when you need a break. This way you get to see a far larger slice of beautiful Spring Lake while still getting some exercise and having a lot of fun. Pedago Electric Bikes in Spring Lake offer rentals and also arrange regular tours and experiences for enthusiastic fans and even have tandem bikes which are ideal if you are exploring with the family. More things to do in New Jersey

Pedego Electric Bikes, 217 Jersey Ave, Spring Lake, NJ 07762, Phone: 732-201-4117

3. Jean Louise Homemade Candies

Jean Louise Homemade Candies
© Jean Louise Homemade Candies

Chocoholics and sweet lovers will find themselves in candy heaven when they visit Jean Louise Homemade Candies in Spring Lake. Whether you would sell your soul for a perfect chocolate or lean more towards gummies and jellies, you are guaranteed to find your fix at Jean Louise in 3rd Avenue. All the sweet treats at the store are lovingly homemade, and include hand-dipped chocolate truffles, a fabulous selection of colorful jellies and gums, nonpareils and even more delicious specialties made for special occasions like Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Dieters and diabetics will be delighted to know that the store also stocks a selection of sugar-free candies and chocolates.

Jean Louise Homemade Candies, 1205 3rd Ave, Spring Lake, NJ 07762, Phone: 732-449-2627

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4. Divine Park, Spring Lake, New Jersey

Divine Park, Spring Lake, New Jersey
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Divine Park is a pristine outdoor recreational park which surrounds Spring Lake in the center of downtown Spring Lake. Both the town and the lake get their name from the numerous natural springs which feed the lake and made the town famous back in the 1800’s. The park is a popular meeting place for locals who come to enjoy excellent bird watching (particularly water birds which call the lake home), nature walks and outdoor relaxation. There is a scenic trail which leads you around the edge of the lake and there are two separate playgrounds to suit both younger and older children. You can also enjoy paddling on the lake – kayak rental is available. More weekend getaways in New Jersey

Divine Park, 301 Passaic Ave, Spring Lake, NJ 07762

5. Dune Doughnuts and Bagels, Spring Lake, New Jersey

Dune Doughnuts and Bagels, Spring Lake, New Jersey
© Dune Doughnuts and Bagels

Before your hit the beach, why not indulge in a New Jersey classic bagel or doughnut for breakfast at Dune Doughnuts and Bagels. If you are already on the beach or on your porch at home it’s no problem either – Dune Doughnuts and Bagels will deliver your freshly-ground coffee and favorite sandwich, bagel or doughnut right to your chair with their electric beach buggy. You can rest assured that you will be getting a genuine kettle boiled and baked bagel, filled with locally sourced products. The doughnuts are so delicious that folks find it hard to choose their favorite, which is why Dune Doughnuts make delicious mini-doughnuts so that you can sample a selection.

Dune Doughnuts and Bagels, 1408 3rd Avenue, Spring Lake, NJ 07762, Phone: 732-359-8000

6. Things to Do in Spring Lake, New Jersey: Wreck Pond

Things to Do in Spring Lake, New Jersey: Wreck Pond
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Located in Monmouth County, Wreck Pond is a coastal freshwater tidal pool which was once a very popular recreational area for the residents of Spring Lake. However, due to concerns regarding the water quality, many of the facilities at the pond have been closed to the public for some time. However, following an intensive project to upgrade and revitalize this inland body of water, there is light on the horizon. A fish tube has been built to allow small quantities of sea water to reach the land-locked pond and it is hoped that fish will return to the pond in their numbers to spawn. In the meantime, boating and fishing are banned on the pond. More romantic getaways in New Jersey

7. St. Catherine’s Catholic Church

St. Catherine’s Catholic Church
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St. Catherine’s Catholic Church was built for the Spring Lake congregation in 1901 by Martin Maloney, an influential Irish immigrant who had built a holiday home in the beautiful small town. Tragically, Mr. Maloney had recently lost his daughter Catherine to a protracted illness, and it was his wish that the church be named in her honor. Today the church is still home to a thriving Catholic parish. Visitors to Spring Lake are welcome to visit the church to see its beautiful architecture and interior decoration. You can admire beautiful barrel-vaulted ceilings, decorative coffering and walls covered in frescoes and canvasses which depict copies of Raphael, Bible stories and a collection of murals of Irish themes.

St. Catherine’s Catholic Church, 215 Essex Ave, Spring Lake, NJ 07762, Phone: 732-449-5765

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