New Hampshire only has a small stretch of Atlantic coastline, but it is fortunate to have a large number of beautiful sandy beaches. Its inland lakes also have pleasant sandy beaches that great for swimming and picnicking. Unfortunately, dogs are not welcome on any of them during the summer season and even during the off-season the dogs have to be leashed and are allowed only at certain times.

The exception is Sandy Beach on Gilmore Pond, about 3 miles from Jaffrey, where partygoers and dog owners tend to come for some fun on warm days, although strictly speaking both activities are illegal.

1. Jeness Beach

Jeness Beach
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Jeness Beach in Rye, New Hampshire, is over a mile of fine golden sand, perfect for swimming and having fun with the whole family. The beach is divided between the small stretch of the state beach in the middle, the parking lot, and city beaches on both sides. While the state beach forbids dogs during the season, they are allowed on city beaches before 9 am and after 7 pm. All dogs should be on leashes that are no more than 6 feet long, and owners have to clean up after their pets. Walking across the state beach is allowed during the off-season, also on a leash.

2280 Ocean Blvd, Rye, NH 03870

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2. Bass Beach

Bass Beach
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Bass Beach is small beach in a pebbled cove between Causeway Road and Central Road in Rye, New Hampshire, that is very popular with surfers and fishermen. A mix of sand and pebbles, the beach is also popular with dog owners. Dogs are allowed on the beach the whole day during the off-season and before 9 am in the morning and after 7 pm in the evening during the summer season. They have to be on a leash, but that does not prevent them from cooling off in the waves and running with their owners along the packed beach. There are no facilities on the beach, so bring water for your dog and pick up any mess.

2633 Ocean Blvd, Rye, NH 03870

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3. Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach
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Sandy Beach is one of a few sandy spots on the lovely Gilmore Pond, about 3 miles from Jaffrey, New Hampshire, among the foothills of Mount Monadnock. The 115-acre pond is very popular with fishermen and is clear and deep, great for swimming in the summer. Most of the lake banks are private but Sandy Beach and a few other sandy spots are known as party places on weekends and are great for bringing a dog for a walk. There are no lifeguards and no specific limitations about what times dogs are allowed, so on a nice day you can see a whole bunch of dogs playing together in the cool water.

238 Gilmore Pond Rd, Jaffrey, NH 03452

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4. New Castle Beach

New Castle Beach
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New Castle is a small coastal New Hampshire town composed solely of islands. It is a lovely residential and touristy area with several wonderful green spaces with beaches and parks. New Castle Beach is located north of Great Island Common, the town’s largest green space. It is snuggled in a small bay and is quite rocky as well as great for hiking. Dogs are allowed on the beach during the off-season between May 15th and September 15th and have to be on a leash. The owners have to make sure their dogs behave and must clean up after them. The fines for not complying are very high.

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5. Foss Beach, Rye

Foss Beach, Rye
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Foss Beach is a stretch of rocky and sandy beach which is very popular with dog owners, who are welcome to bring their pooches to the beach from sunrise to 9am and again from 7pm to midnight each day from Memorial Day through Labor Day. (The exception is on Saturdays when dogs may only join their owners on the beach after 9pm). The beach is around 300 feet long, stretching from Rye Harbor State Park to just beyond Washington Rd. Dogs are allowed to enjoy the beach off-leash (provided they are voice controlled). You are advised to check the tides before visiting – this narrow stretch of beach almost completely disappears at high tide.

Foss Beach, 1595 Ocean Blvd, Rye, NH 03870

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