Montana is home to an abundance of natural hot springs, which provide healing and relaxing mineral waters.

Many of the springs in Montana are conveniently located to ski resorts and parks, making them a great place to relax after a full day of activity. Many others are part of their own resorts, so guests can step out of their luxurious rooms or rustic cabins and watch the stars from the comfort of a steaming pool.

1. Boulder Hot Springs, Montana

Boulder Hot Springs, Montana
© Boulder Hot Springs

Boulder Hot Springs is part of the Inn and Spa of the same name, which has been open and operating since 1883 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The sprawling, historic building is set on nearly 300 acres of land and is surrounded by a forest full of elk, deer, bear, fox, and more. Rooms at Boulder Hot Springs are elegant and comfortable, but what really draws guests is the natural, geothermal hot springs. The springs heat the entire building, and are also present in an outdoor swimming pool, indoor plunge pools, showers, and even a mineral steam room.

31 Hot Springs Rd, Boulder, Montana 59632, Phone: 406-225-4339

2. Bozeman Hot Springs Spa

Bozeman Hot Springs Spa
© Bozeman Hot Springs Spa

Conveniently located near Yellowstone National Park and Gallatin International Airport, Bozeman Hot Springs Spa has been providing a relaxing natural setting for guests for over a century. The hot springs spa features twelve individual and unique pools that range anywhere from a brisk 59 degrees to a balmy 106. They also offer a full gym and fitness facility for guests looking for a workout. Bozeman Hot Springs Spa is open year round, and it is a great place to relax the muscles after a long hike in Yellowstone or after a long day spent skiing at nearby Big Sky Resort.

81123 Gallatin Rd, Bozeman, MT 59718, Phone: 406-586-6492

3. Broadwater Hot Springs, Montana

Broadwater Hot Springs, Montana
© Broadwater Hot Springs

Broadwater Hot Springs is on the site of both a hot and cold springs, so each of their pools and spas are both heated and cooled with naturally flowing hot and cold springs to create the optimal temperature for guests to soak and relax. Visitors to Broadwater Hot Springs can choose to relax in the large Springs Pool, which stays between 97 and 102 degrees, the Hot Tub (101-104 degrees), the Cold Plunge (60-70 degrees), or the Soaking Pool (97 to 102 degrees) which is lined with benches and perfect for relaxing. Visitors who want to play and swim can use the Recreation Pool which, at 25 x 70 feet, is large enough for playing, kids, and swimming laps, and at 89 to 93 degrees, the water is warm and comfortable without being too hot.

4920 West Highway 12, Helena, MT 59601, Phone: 406-443-5777

4. Chico Hot Springs, Montana

Chico Hot Springs, Montana
© Chico Hot Springs

Just a short drive from Yellowstone National Park, Chico Hot Springs is a great destination for families, friends, solo travelers, and adventurers of all kinds. The hot springs are home to Chico hot Springs Resort and Day Spa, a historic hotel and restaurant with delicious food and comfortable accommodations that range from elegant guest rooms to rustic private cabins and cottages. There are two natural mineral springs on the property, which are naturally heated and provide a great setting for watching the sunrise, gazing at stars in the big Montana sky, or chatting and relaxing with friends while letting every ache and worry soak away.

163 Chico Rd, Pray, MT 59065, Phone: 406-333-4933

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5. Elkhorn Hot Springs, Montana

Elkhorn Hot Springs, Montana
© Elkhorn Hot Springs

This hot springs resort is open year round for guests, and in the winter visitors will have convenient access to Maverick Mountain, where they can ski, snowboard, snowmobile, and more. At Elkhorn Hot Springs, guests will stay in beautifully appointed lodge rooms, or comfortable, modern cabins on the premises. The resort is home to two large, natural hot spring mineral pools, and a sauna as well. Visitors staying at Elkhorn Hot Springs resort will find many attractions nearby, like Elkhorn Mine, hikes to an old ghost town, and cross-country skiing or hiking trails to the top of Comet Mountain.

Polaris, MT 59746, Phone: 406-834-3434

6. Fairmont Hot Springs, Montana

Fairmont Hot Springs, Montana
© Fairmont Hot Springs

Relaxing in a hot springs pool is one thing, but at Fairmont Hot Springs, visitors can take it one step further and slide down an epic, 350 foot waterslide into the pool. There are two hot springs swimming pools at Fairmont Hot Springs, one of which is indoors and the other of which -- the one with the waterslide -- is located outside. There are also two mineral soaking pools at the resort, one inside and one outside, for guest use. The natural spring water is about 155 degrees, which is then cooled to various comfortable temperatures around the resort. During the summer, guests can enjoy the use of a poolside bar right next to the hot springs pools, where they can partake in a delicious cocktail as they relax in the warm, mineral waters.

9409, 1500 Fairmont Rd, Anaconda, MT 59711, Phone: 406-797-3241

7. K Bar L Ranch & Medicine Springs

K Bar L Ranch & Medicine Springs
© K Bar L Ranch & Medicine Springs

This guest ranch is located on the Sun River, where the North and South forks converge, and its scenic backroads location, miles from the nearest town and with a maximum of only 20 guests at one time, K bar L Ranch and Medicine Springs is the perfect spot for a relaxing vacation. Guests can spend their days horseback riding, hiking, fishing, or hunting, and then come back to the ranch at the end of the day for a delicious evening meal and a therapeutic soak in the natural geothermal springs that collect into a warm, 86 degree swimming pool.

108C, Sun Canyon Rd, Augusta, MT 59410, Phone: 406-562-3551

8. Lolo Hot Springs, Montana

Lolo Hot Springs, Montana
© Lolo Hot Springs

Lolo Hot Springs has both indoor and outdoor hot springs and swimming pools, some of which are open seasonally. The resort has a bar, restaurant, and casino on the premises, so guests will find themselves with no shortage of entertainment options. There is also lots of opportunity at Lolo Hot Springs for horseback riding, miniature golf, and cross country skiing. Visitors can stay in a tent, a cabin, or bring their RV for an epic hunting or fishing trip, or just for a relaxing vacation away from it all. After a long day spent taking advantage of all the activities and excitement that Lolo Hot Springs has to offer, guests will love a relaxing soak in the hot, natural springs pools.

38500 W. Highway 12, Lolo, MT 59847, Phone: 877-541-5117

9. Lost Trail Hot Springs, Montana

Lost Trail Hot Springs, Montana
© Lost Trail Hot Springs

Lost Trail Hot Springs, or Gallogly Hot Springs, has been used for centuries by people crossing the Continental Divide. The springs are located along an old Indian trail, and the first building at the springs was built in the 19th century by a woman who wanted her sick son to experience the medicinal healing powers of the hot springs. Today, this peaceful spring is located in the Bitterroot Valley in Montana’s western region. Visitors traveling between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks will find it a convenient halfway point to camp out and enjoy the peaceful sounds and sights of nature, perfect for photographers, birdwatchers, and more.

283 Lost Trail Hot Springs Road, Sula, MT 59871, Phone: 406-821-3574

10. Spa Hot Springs Motel

Spa Hot Springs Motel
© Spa Hot Springs Motel

Spa Hot Springs Motel is just a short 35 mile drive from Showdown Ski Area, and is also close to Kings Hill, which has over 200 miles of amazing trails for snowmobiling, making this spot a great choice for a winter vacation. It’s great during the summer too, with access to plenty of hiking, biking, wildlife, hunting, and fishing in the area. Spa Hot Springs Motel has taken the naturally occuring geothermal spring which has been used for centuries by Native Americans and settlers in the area, and turned it into a comfortable, spacious pool where guests can relax and relieve their tense muscles after a long day of enjoying the great outdoors.

202 W Main St, White Sulphur Springs, MT 59645, Phone: 406-547-3366

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11. Norris Hot Springs, Montana

Norris Hot Springs, Montana
© Norris Hot Springs

At Norris Hot Springs, the ‘Water of the Gods’ is a flowing natural spring at a temperature of about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The waters are cooled to a more reasonable temperature of 100, and collected into a spacious, comfortable pool with wooden bench seating around the edges. The pool is drained every night to prevent buildup of grime and bacteria, and then it refills naturally every day. Norris Hot Springs also has a music venue, bar and restaurant, and a campground on site.

42 Montana Hwy 84, Norris, MT 59745, Phone: 406-685-3303

12. Quinn's Hot Springs, Montana

Quinn's Hot Springs, Montana
© Quinn's Hot Springs

The hot springs at Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort in Plains, Montana consist of several pools which vary from a steamy 106 degrees down to a more mellow 89 degrees, as well as an ice pool where the very brave can plunge into cold waters to increase circulation or take a break from their hot soak. Guests staying at the resort, with its rustic wood cabins overlooking water and mountains, have access to the springs pools as much as they want, but visitors to the area can also purchase access to the springs in 3 hour blocks throughout the day.

190 Quinn's Canyon Rd Route 135, Plains, MT 59859, Phone: 406-826-3150

13. Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs, Montana

Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs, Montana
© Courtesy of C. Strom -

Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs was named such because of a nearby rock formation, and it has been in continuous use since 1922. The springs collect into two indoor pools at the resort, and the waters there take on a unique reddish color due to the high concentration of iron in the springs. The two pools are about 106 degrees and 90 degrees, respectively, and there is also lodging on site for guests who wish to stay at the springs. Visitors can choose from a hotel room or rustic cabin, and there is also a cafe, gift shop, and banquet rooms at the resort, all of which are available for guest use.

669 Buffalo Terrace, Saco, MT 59261, Phone: 406-527-3320

14. Symes Hot Springs, Montana

Symes Hot Springs, Montana
© Courtesy of Günter Menzl -

Guests staying at Symes Hot Springs Hotel have unlimited access during their stay to the three hot springs pools. The three pools are, on average, at 107 degrees, 101 degrees, and 95 degrees, and the largest of the three is a perfectly comfortable swimming pool for exercise or recreational activities. For visitors to the area who would like to purchase a day pass for the pools, Symes Hot Springs charges $10 a day for adults and $5.50 for kids under 11. They are open every day of the year, and on weekends the pools are open until midnight, so whether using the springs for relaxation or socialization, Symes Hot Springs is the perfect place for a soak.

209 N Wall St, Hot Springs, MT 59845, Phone: 406-741-2361

15. Pipestone Village and Hot Springs, Whitehall, MT

Pipestone Village and Hot Springs, Whitehall, MT
© Pipestone Village and Hot Springs

Located within the Pipestone OHV Area, which covers a fascinating 30,000 acres of old railways, ancient megalithic sites and many miles of ATV trails, Pipestone Village and Hot Springs is an exceptional place to get back to nature. The area has a long history of thermal hot springs which were used by native tribes to treat various ailments. While the original springs are no longer in use, each of the rustic cabins and domes at Pipestone Village boasts a private hot tub fed by the hot springs. You can spend your days exploring on foot, by mountain bike or with your ATV, returning at nightfall to do some star gazing from your private hot tub.

36 Delmoe Lake Rd, Whitehall, MT 59759, 406 461 7310

16. Jackson Hot Springs Resort

Jackson Hot Springs Resort
© Jackson Hot Springs Resort

Located in the heart of Montana’s Big Hole Valley, Jackson Hot Springs Resort offers visitors the chance to relax, recharge and experience true western hospitality. Jackson is the perfect place to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities including fishing, hiking, hunting, skiing and more; at the end of a busy day you can enjoy a wonderful soak in the pure thermal waters which bubble up from the very core of the earth. The thermal pool maintains a temperature of between 100 and 106 degrees and the waters are believed to have extensive health benefits. Jackson Hot Springs also offers comfortable lodging and a restaurant.

108 Jardine Ave, Jackson, MT 59736, 406 834 3151

17. Yellowstone Hot Springs Resort

Yellowstone Hot Springs Resort
© Yellowstone Hot Springs Resort

Nestled between 2 mountain ranges along the banks of the Yellowstone River, Yellowstone Hot Springs Resort is just 8 miles from the North entrance of Yellowstone Park. The resort offers the ideal base from which you can uncover all the wonders of Yellowstone Park. The pure thermal waters which naturally bubble up from the ground flow continually through 2 outdoor pools where you can soak up all their beneficial minerals. The Hot pool is always around 100-103 degrees, while the Main Pool is kept at a very pleasant 98-100 degree temperature. There is also a (really) cold plunge pool. Visitors can rent a rustic cabin or bring their RV to the serviced RV Park.

Gardiner, MT 59030, 406 848 4141

18. Wild Horse Hot Springs, Montana

Wild Horse Hot Springs, Montana
© Andriy Blokhin/

The Wild Horse Hot Springs are located 7 miles from the town of Hot Springs. The facility offers several above-ground soaking tanks through which the pure thermal waters are continually pumped. The pools are fed by the naturally-occurring Mother Dragon Geyser and the water maintains a temperature of between 95 and 120 degrees. During busy times guests are requested to restrict their soak to 2 hours to give everyone a turn. If you would like to linger overnight you can rent one of the rustic (dry) cabins or bring your RV to one of the serviced camp sites – first come, first served.

175 Camp Aqua Rd, Hot Springs, MT 59845, 406 741 3777

19. Big Medicine Hot Springs, Montana

Big Medicine Hot Springs, Montana
© Big Medicine Hot Springs

Located in the city of Hot Springs, in the Flathead Indian Reservation in Sanders County, Big Medicine Hot Springs offers a basic, no-frills, thermal water experience. The naturally hot mineral waters are believed to offer relief from a wide range of ailments and have been used by the native tribes of Montana for centuries. Big Medicine Hot Springs consists of a rather basic cement tub which contains natural mineral thermal waters which are usually between 101 and 105 degrees hot. The spring is for day-use only and there is a quaint honor box where you are requested to pay for your soak. Other rustic amenities include basic cabins arranged around an outdoor fire pit.

112 E. N Road, Hot Springs, MT 59845, 406 741 5140

20. Nimrod Warm Springs

Nimrod Warm Springs
© goodluz/

Nimrod Warm Springs are located about 30min from the town of Missoula in Byrne County, Montana. These springs are entirely natural and undeveloped - they form a large pool with plenty of room to swim around as well as relax. Nimrod Springs are not as hot as some of the State’s other geothermal springs and the water is usually around 70 degrees. While this temperature is lovely in summer, it can be too cool for comfort in winter. The springs are located on private property but the owner generously allows anyone to use the springs free of charge. There are no other amenities on site so be prepared to bring everything you need for your soak.

Nimrod Warm Springs, off Bearmouth 138, Missoula, MT 59756

The 20 Best Hot Springs in Montana near me today according to local experts:

Spotlight: Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa

Nestled in the foothills of the Absaroka Mountain Range just north of Yellowstone National Park, Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa is a historic resort is located in the heart of Paradise Valley that offers a quintessential Montana getaway. Established in 1900 and listed on the National Historic Register, the year-round resort boasts a variety of comfortable accommodations, exceptional dining and live entertainment, upscale facilities, and an array of outdoor adventures and activities for the whole family.

Western-style accommodations range from guest rooms in the historic main lodge to rustic cabins and chalets and large log cabin homes. Set on 152 acres of pristine mountain landscapes, the resort’s facilities include two family-friendly restaurants, two mineral swimming pools, a full service day spa, and wellness center, a Western saloon, and a modern conference and convention center. Recreational and outdoor activities include hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, fishing, river rafting, kayaking, canoeing, and cross-country skiing, as well as trips to the nearby world-renowned Yellowstone National Park.

Guest Accommodations

Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa features a variety of comfortable accommodations, ranging from standard guest rooms in the Main Lodge to rustic cabins and chalets for couples wanting extra levels of privacy and ample log cabin homes for families. Once the original hotel, the historic Main Lodge is a three-story Victorian Inn that houses the standard guest rooms, the main dining room where breakfast is served and has access to the Saloon and the Poolside Grille.

Accommodations vary in size, layout and location, however, all are decorated with cozy, mountain-style décor and custom furnishings, double, king or queen-size pillow-top beds dressed in luxurious linens, comforters, and plush pillows, and private or shared bathrooms with shower/bath combinations, thick towels, and branded bath products. Some rooms have vanities in the sleeping area, while others have spacious sitting areas with overstuffed armchairs, sofas or pullout sleepers sofas, loveseats, work desks and chairs, and armoires.

Larger accommodations such as the cottages and log cabin homes have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, separate living and dining areas, fully equipped kitchens with all the appliances and utensils necessary for self-catering, and outdoor balconies or decks with spectacular mountain views.

The newest addition to the resort is the custom-built Conestoga Covered Wagon, which can accommodate up to four guests and offers a glamping experience. The wagon features one king-size bed and twin bunk-beds, a fantastic deck and outdoor chairs, climate control with cooling and heating, electricity and water, and the bathroom facilities are nearby in a small outbuilding with a composting toilet and dry sink.


Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa has a renowned landmark dining room that serves creative continental cuisine in a casual and elegant atmosphere. Seasonal menus feature fresh seafood, prime meats, and fresh locally sourced salads and vegetables, accompanied by an extensive wine list. The Poolside Grille serves more casual fare such as fresh salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and ribs, while the Western Saloon offers pub-style grub such as barbecue ribs and chicken wings, along with craft beers, signature cocktails, and wines from around the world.

Amenities and Recreation

Upscale amenities and facilities at the Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa include a full-service day spa that offers an array of pampering and indulgent massages and body treatments in elegantly decorated treatment rooms, a renowned restaurant, poolside grill and bar, and a modern convention center for events and functions. Two mineral swimming pools are ideal for relaxing, and for those who love the great outdoors, the resort offers a wealth of activities, ranging from hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and fishing, to river rafting, kayaking, canoeing, and cross-country skiing, as well as trips to the nearby world-renowned Yellowstone National Park.

Weddings & Events

Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa is an ideal location for special events, ranging from personal celebrations to business and corporate functions. The resort’s picturesque mountain setting in the heart of Montana, deluxe accommodations and first-class amenities and facilities make for a perfect venue for any gathering, from weddings to conferences of all sizes. Professional services include a team of experienced wedding staff on hand to take care of every detail, from floral arrangements to catering, cakes and Champagne, master photographers and video professionals to capture every memory and more.

163 Chico Rd, Pray, MT 59065, Phone: 406-333-4933

More Ideas in MT: Tizer Botanic Gardens

Located in Jefferson City, Montana, the Tizer Botanic Gardens are a feast for the eyes. Though Montana’s dry soil is often unforgiving when it comes to horticulture, the Krotts, who started this garden in 1997, were able to beat the odds by planting a variety of trees, vegetables, and flowering plants on their 6 acres of land. In doing so, this green-thumbed pair created a major tourist hub for the city. Over time, their work culminated in official recognition from the Denver Botanic Gardens, with which the Tizer Gardens are now affiliated.


The story of the Tizer Gardens began in 1997, when a young married couple, Richard Krott and Belva Lotzer, purchased a small plot of land between the Elkhorn Mountains and Prickly Pear Creek. Soon after settling into their new home, the pair took up gardening as a way to relax. As their passion for gardening grew, the Krotts purchased six more acres of land, which allowed them to expand their garden exponentially. Three years after moving in, the gardens began attracting visitors. Soon, what had started as a mere hobby turned into a major undertaking. Tizer Gardens went from welcoming 200 weekend visitors to 2,000 the very next year. In 2003, Tizer Gardens introduced a nursery, which allowed the Krotts to share the plants they had so carefully cultivated. Shortly after that, the gardens attracted the attention of the Denver Botanic Gardens, which led to the Tizer Gardens being designated as an official Botanic Garden and Arboretum. This unprecedented accolade was the first of its kind in Montana. The Denver Botanic Gardens included Tizer Gardens in its Plant Select program, designating it as Montana’s only demonstration garden for the institution. What started out as a calming way to connect with nature grew to become one of the city’s major tourist destinations as well as a point of pride for the community. Today, Tizer Gardens attract 15,000 visitors annually, host several notable festivals, and employ several full and part-time staff who help the Krotts keep the operation running.


Vegetable Garden

The harsh Montana soil rarely sees even 60 consecutive frost-free days. This fact makes the vegetable garden at Tizer Gardens a most extraordinary accomplishment. Visitors can see some of the best raspberry and strawberry batches that Jefferson City has to offer. Depending on the day, it may be possible to taste a few of the vegetable garden’s offerings. Separate from the main vegetable garden, the gardens also have an asparagus patch. This unique vegetable is known for the green ferns and beautiful berries that it sprouts during certain growth phases in its lifecycle. These colorful ornaments can usually be observed during the fall, when the green ferns turn a golden yellow.


Tizer Gardens have several structures for visitors to explore on their property. Throughout the landscape, they form a perfect backdrop for showcasing different species of plants. The Gazebo Garden allows visitors to get better acquainted with cotton candy meadowsweets, climbing clematis, and several species of bushes. One of the most impressive sights near the gazebo are the 9-foot-tall delphiniums. These beautiful ornamental flowers range from misty lilac to deep purple in color. Their name originated from the Latin for dolphin due to their shape.

Another notable set of structures comprise the children’s garden at Tizer Gardens. Here, the youngest visitors can play amongst gnomes and fairies while gazing up at the upside-down trees planted there.

For visitors looking for quiet contemplation, the meditation garden is one of the most tranquil locations at Tizer. Peppered with Buddha statues and wooden benches, this meditation space provides a sheltered ambiance for those seeking solitude.

Those seeking to purchase Tizer Gardens memorabilia to commemorate their visit will enjoy a stroll in the direction of the Old Homesteaders Cabin. This renovated 100-year-old cabin houses the gift shop and snack hut, where ice cream and popcorn is sold.


There are several annual events that are hosted at Tizer Gardens. The holiday season allows visitors to see the gardens as a winter wonderland, where they can carol, enjoy hot chocolate, and roast hot dogs. This cherished event brings the community together to celebrate nature, togetherness, and the Christmas spirit. Visitors can also expect to be able to purchase stocking stuffers from a variety of local vendors as well as beautiful Christmas wreaths.

The summer months see much of Tizer Gardens in bloom. From high tea to dress-up fairy-themed parties, Tizer Gardens has much to offer in the way of family-friendly entertainment.

38 Tizer Road, Jefferson City, MT 59638, Phone: 406-933-8789

More Ideas in MT: Discovery Ski Area

Discovery Ski Area in Philipsburg, Montana, is the premier location for skiing in the winter or biking in the warmer months with drops of 1,050 vertical feet, wall rides for bikers, and 2,200 acres of slopes for skiers in three core areas. Discovery Ski Area can be found in Philipsburg Montana and operates year-round with outdoor sport activities on the mountain. There are three different faces to the mountain with the front being the perfect setting for downhill skiing with beginning and more advanced courses.

The second side, Off the Granite Chair features runs that are steeper and more equipped for advanced skiers with more experience. The backside of the mountain has rugged terrain and is also home to Discovery Bike park in the summer months from June to October which features challenging courses for Intermediate to experienced mountain bikers.

The total area of Discovery Park is 2,200 acres with vertical drops reaching 2,388 feet and a summit elevation of 8,158 feet. The longest run, Winning Ridge, is 1.5 miles and the annual snow fall is expected to reach just over 200 inches per year. There is a total of 67 trails at Discovery Ski area and they are divided between beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert, although expert does comprise the majority at 30%. Cross country skiing is also available with 5 km being offered and a terrain park with 2.5 acres of boxes, rails and jumps that is open on the weekend only.

During the summer months of June through mid-October, Discovery Ski Area is only open for the Discovery Bike Park and operating hours are Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 5pm. Winter hours vary and are posted on their website.


There is plenty to do at Discovery Ski Area other than hitting the ski slopes and the entire family can enjoy the area, even those who may not ski or be too young to enjoy skiing. Discovery is considered a family style resort and although doesn’t offer five-star dining or themed hotel rooms, does have amenities to suit a variety of needs.

Discovery Day Lodge- Families can enjoy a rec room, locker room, and staging area that leads right out onto the base of the mountain.

Discovery Café- The café serves cookies, coffee, and light lunch fare. Connected to the café in an outdoor patio with grills that visitors are welcome to use and tables. The mountain views are beautiful and this area of the lodge can get very lively during busy times.

The Tap ‘er Lite Bar- Serving Microbrews and other adult beverages, this pub is the perfect place for those 21 and older to relax after a long day of hitting the slopes.

Noel Shop- The small gift shop is the place to find all the discovery gear you will need for enjoying your ski trip from gloves to goggles, jackets, and t-shirts, even skis and poles.

Grandma’s Kitchen Restaurant- Serving home style comfort food that is made from scratch, and daily entrée specials, this family restaurant is the place to get a hearty meal at the end of an exhausting day of winter sports.

Group lessons are available on the weekends for all levels of skiers. If there are less than 3 students enrolled, the lesson will be considered private and the lesson time will be adjusted accordingly. More information about differences between group and private lessons is available online.

Kinderski- For kids aged 3-6, Kinderski is an introductory class to snow sports. Parents can drop off their kids to this class that has one instructor for every 4 kids and serves lunch in the full day program. Programs are also available for half days.

Kid Kruizers- For ages 6-12, this class focuses on skiing and snowboarding skills that are just past the introductory level. Kids will learn how to overcome their apprehensions and become more confident with their equipment.

Adult 5-week Program- Adult programs run for 5 consecutive Wednesdays or Fridays. Sessions have specific starts dates during the year and preregistration is required. There will be a two-hour lesson each day where participants will learn about the mountain and trails and specific skill sets.

Snow Sports School- The Discovery Ski School instructors are trained by PSIA certified clinicians and work with thousands of students each year to develop their skills through private and group lessons for age 13 and older. Lessons can be bought individually or in packages.

Discovery Ski Club and Race Team- This nonprofit organization provides technical training for kids between the ages of 5 and 16 who want to work with coaches and small groups to enhance their all mountain skiing skills or race training. Kids can participate in USSA sponsored events. There are multiple programs included in the club with more information found on the Discovery Ski website.

180 Discovery Basin Rd, Anaconda, Montana, 59711, Phone: 406-563 2184