With a large German community, you’ll find German influences in everything in Hermann, MO. This is the seat of the Missouri wine country. The city was established in 1842, and since its inception, the city has grown nominally to about 2,500 people.

The small-town feel in this city really leads to the beauty of the countryside and the authenticity of the culture. Wine enthusiasts have their pick on wineries to check out and would be wise to do so as they visit the local historical sites.

1. Hermann Farm

Hermann Farm
© Hermann Farm

This museum was once the house owned by George Husmann, the expert in America’s wines. He emigrated from Germany in 1839 and was greatly impacted by the Civil War. He was an outspoken supporter of the Union army, and when the Confederates camped on his land, they destroyed his harvests and wine surplus. Since its building, the house and farm buildings have been restored to their original look, and Shire draft horses still live on the property. Tractor tours are available at this living museum, offering a chance for visitors to get a good look at the 200-acre lot.

526 East First Street, Hermann, MO 65041, Phone: 573-486-3276

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2. Deutscheim State Historic Site

Deutscheim State Historic Site
© Deutscheim State Historic Site

Hermann was home to many German settlers. To celebrate this heritage, the Deutscheim State Historic Site looks at the culture and heritage of these people. Three tours of the homes are held daily, though guests can view the area’s buildings on their own. Be sure to check out the Carl Strehly house. Built in 1842, this home was used as a printing press for a period, and still houses the original furnishings from the family. The local gardens plant authentic 19th-century plants to show what the gardens looked like back when the emigrants came. If you plan your visit around the holidays, be sure to check out all the special decorations and activities of the weihnachtsfest (German Christmas celebrations and traditions).

109 West Second Street, Hermann, MO 65041, Phone: 573-486-2200

3. Adam Putcha Winery

Adam Putcha Winery
© Adam Putcha Winery

The Adam Putcha Winery is the oldest family-run winery in America. Unlike many wineries in the area, Adam Putcha Winery is unique because it offers lodging for guests wishing to stay on site. Along with the guest cabin, the original stone house home of John Henry Puchta is available for rent. For a small fee, there are three different wine tastings available at the Adam Putcha Winery: the featured wine tasting with eight pre-selected wines, the complete wine tasting, which looks at 16 wines, or the Vintner’s select tasting, which features samples of the premium brews, like the sparkling wine and mead.

1947 Frene Creek Road, Hermann, MO 65041, Phone: 573-486-5596

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4. Herzog Mansion, Hermann, MO

Herzog Mansion, Hermann, MO
© Herzog Mansion

A stunning and rare example in the United States of German Renaissance Revival architecture, the Herzog Mansion was built in 1886 by the original owner of the Stone Hill Winery, William Herzog. The mansion, which is located within a regional park in the center of Missouri’s wine country, served as the Herzog Family Home for many years until it was sold and converted into a bed and breakfast. For three decades, the Herzog Mansion was a bed and breakfast until it was purchased in 2019 by the Morgan Family who has, since then, been pouring a lot of time, love, and effort into the restoration and preservation of this historic family home. With its impact and influence over the region’s economic landscape, it remains a valuable historic monument to this day and can be admired from afar by park visitors enjoying a walk to the Stone Hill Winery or the Deutsch Heim State Historic Site.

700 Goethe Street, Hermann, Missouri 65041, Phone: 573-340-1825

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5. Tin Mill Brewery

Tin Mill Brewery
© Tin Mill Brewery

The ultimate night out awaits at the Tin Mill Brewery, a beloved local watering hole perfect for hanging out with family or grabbing a drink with friends. The brewery is tucked within a beautiful and rustic 100-year-old grain processing plant situated in the downtown area where it produces a stunning range of craft beers. Established in 2005, the Tin Mill Brewery uses only hops and barley sourced from Germany’s famous Hallertau region. Their brew masters, Derek LeRoy and Dalton Gillig, proudly craft their authentic German beers with the same brewing code that has governed Germany’s beer-making industry since 1516, the German Purity Law. Try one of their four craft beer offerings and pair them with simple but delicious American and Bavarian-style snacks or heartier offerings like the juicy bratwurst or the crispy fried chicken. For those who want to get a closer look at the magic of Tin Mill, self-guided brewery tours are also available.

114 Gutenberg Street, Hermann, Missouri 65041, Phone: 573-486-2275

6. Swiss Meat and Sausage Co.,

Swiss Meat and Sausage Co.,
© aceshot/stock.adobe.com

Purchased in 1965, Swiss Meat and Sausage Co. has been selling meats and sausages since the new ownership. Bill Sloan began making his own sausage and hot dogs before building two smokehouses to go along with production. Visitors may recognize the Swiss Meat and Sausage Co. since it was featured on an episode of Food Network’s Road Tasted. Those visiting the retail store or deli can find a delicious mix of meats for sale, including bacon, jerky, snack mixes, summer sausage, bologna, and bratwurst, among other things. You can also purchase unique smoked meats, blood sausage, and head cheese.

2056 S. Highway 19, Hermann, MO 65041, Phone: 573-486-2086

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7. Concert Hall and Barrel Tavern

Concert Hall and Barrel Tavern
© Concert Hall and Barrel Tavern

Built in 1878, the Concert Hall and Barrel Tavern has an old saloon on the first floor, while a hall on the second floor has been home to lectures, plays, and musical shows. Today, the concert hall is used by party-goers for events and live bands. Down in the tavern, the owners have moved further from the saloon-style menu to offer more food dishes on top of the alcoholic offerings. Like much of Hermann, German influences can be found in the food options, such as the bratwurst, Rueben, and schnitzel. The appetizers are where the Barrel Tavern really shines, with may delights to go along with your happy hour get together.

206 East First Street, Hermann, MO 65041, Phone: 573-486-5065

8. Stone Hill Winery, Hermann, Missouri

Stone Hill Winery, Hermann, Missouri
© Stone Hill Winery

Founded by Jim and Betty Held, Stone Hill Winery has remained in the family for over 150 years. Today’s guests can visit the building that is now registered on the National Register of Historic Places. Along with an elegant and relaxing wine-tasting and tour of the facilities, be sure to check out the 165-year-old wine cellars (underground) and the on-site restaurant that features German food and Stone Hill Wines. Try the Kartoffelpuffer (which is as tasty to eat as it is to say), the spaetzle, sauerbraten, or schweineschnitzel. Stone Hill makes sure to include family fun by even selling grape juice made with the same grapes in their wines.

1110 Stone Hill Highway, Hermann, MO 65041, Phone: 573-486-2221

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9. Hermannhof Winery

Hermannhof Winery
© Hermannhof Winery

Another of the early Hermann buildings found on the National Register of Historic Places, the Hermannhof Winery was originally constructed in 1848. As a local establishment, Hermannhof made wine until it took a break during the Prohibition Era. Today, guests can sample wines of various flavors, including wine made from cherry juice. In the tasting room, guests will be able to try the different wines available, along with the house-made sausage, flatbreads (like the Grape flatbread), sandwiches, and a create-your-own charcuterie platter. If you want something a bit more German, try the giant pretzel with beer cheese.

330 East First Street, Hermann, MO 65041, Phone: 573-486-5959

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10. OakGlenn Vineyards and Winery

OakGlenn Vineyards and Winery
© exclusive-design/stock.adobe.com

Perched atop the high and breathtaking bluffs of the Missouri River Valley, the OakGlenn Winery is best described as a ravishing vineyard and wine destination. The winery offers a relaxing and breezy outdoor patio to its guests from which wine tastings and other entertainment are often staged. At the tasting room, OakGlenn offers seventeen different kinds of wines to its patrons. The lineup is composed of a full range of reds, whites, and rose wines. For visitors who aren’t particularly fond of wine, OakGlenn also offers a great selection of beers, mixed drinks, and mocktails to sip on and enjoy. While the winery is great to visit at any time of the year, October is a particularly opportune time to swing by. During this month, Oktoberfest is in full swing with events taking place every weekend.

1104 Oak Glenn Place, Hermann, Missouri 65041, Phone: 573-486-5057

11. Ricky’s Chocolate Box

Ricky’s Chocolate Box
© Ricky’s Chocolate Box

Famous and beloved for its delectable and decadent small-batch artisan chocolates and candies, the products of Ricky’s Chocolate Box as the perfect luxurious gift for close family and friends, or the ultimate sweet way to treat yourself. Ricky’s Chocolate Box was founded in 2004 and is situated within the historic district of Hermann. The store focuses on using only the best ingredients that the shop can get its hands on, and each one of its two hundred varieties of sweets is made carefully with love, care, passion, and precision. Of the many hand-made confections available at Ricky’s Chocolate Box, patrons can sample an array of chocolates, toffees, brittles, hard candies, gummies, marshmallows, as well as taffies. Visitors who have never tried Ricky’s before are encouraged to try an assortment of their best sellers like the Pecan Turtles, Peanut Butter Truffles, Butter Pecan Toffee, Ricky’s Peanut Butter Cups, Strawberry Cheesecake Truffles, and Milk Chocolate Salted Caramels.

312 Market Street, Hermann, Missouri 65041, Phone: 573-486-8950

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12. Hermann Wurst Haus

Hermann Wurst Haus
© Hermann Wurst Haus

If you’re looking for the ultimate foodie destination for meat lovers in Hermann, look no further than Hermann Wurst Haus. A hub for spectacular German produce, Hermann Wurst Haus is home to authentic German meat products. Among their most popular offerings is their award-winning bratwurst, a range of German-style sausages, as well as their house-smoked bacon. Apart from picking up products to take home for the Wurst Haus Market, guests can also visit the Deli and Dining section which serves delicious dishes to dine-in patrons. Sample delicious menu offerings like the mouthwatering Weekend Breakfast, the German Platter, and stuffed sandwiches like the Braunschweiger Sandwich and the Wurstmeister’s Butcher Block Club.

243 E 1st Street, Hermann, Missouri 65041, Phone: 573-486-2266

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