Detroit has always been a unique city with an identity all its own. Standing out among the many major cities of the United States with its industrial heritage and major cultural contributions, the city has drawn in and inspired countless creative minds across multiple generations and continues to serve as an inspiring hub for art and culture.

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Home of the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, the Detroit Artists Market, The Heidelberg Project, and The Butcher's Daughter Gallery, Detroit is a haven for art lovers, with so many amazing galleries, museums, and art exhibitions to enjoy all around the city, and now, the Wasserman Projects can be added to that list.

Wasserman Projects - Detroit Art Gallery

Founded by Gary Wasserman, CEO of Allied Metals Corporation and lifelong art lover, who felt compelled to open up a new gallery in Detroit after seeing all of the recent revitalization and rebirth of the city, the Wasserman Projects is one of the top art galleries in Michigan's biggest urban area. Opened in late 2015, Wasserman Projects is located in the Eastern Market neighborhood and housed in an old, abandoned fire station.

Offering around 9,000 square feet of floor space, the Wasserman Projects was designed to simply offer something new and interesting for locals and visitors to check out, and it quickly caught the eye of many people due to one of its most fascinating and unique exhibitions: the Cosmopolitan Chicken Project. Now, associated with several leading and emerging artists from Detroit and around the world, Wasserman Projects stands out as one of Detroit’s must-visit art galleries.

- The Gallery - Located in the Eastern Market, a trendy spot with locals and young people, Wasserman Projects is split up between two connected, historic brick buildings. Once a fire station, the gallery offers spacious, airy scenes, perfect for exhibitions and events of all kinds. The initial space offers a classic gallery experience, housing paintings and sculptures throughout the year, while the second space is larger and more flexible, ideal for performances and big events. The Wasserman Projects gallery also features a third indoor area dedicated to innovative and emerging art and providing a platform for artists to meet, engage, and connect.

- Artists and Exhibitions - All through the year, Wasserman Projects provides a platform to local and emerging artists, as well as more established talents from around the world. With flexible gallery spaces, Wasserman Projects is able to cater to many different styles and disciplines of artistic expression, ensuring that the Wasserman Projects gallery always has surprises in store for its guests. Both art and music are celebrated here, with sound festivals, sculpture displays, painting exhibitions, live performances, and more taking place each month. Some of the top artists working with Wasserman Projects right now include Josh Bolin, Ken Aptekar, John Dunivant, Ed Fraga, Nick Helpi, and Alejandro Campins.

- The Cosmopolitan Chicken Project - Live, clucking chickens aren't exactly the most common occurrence inside an art gallery, and many visitors are surprised and astounded to see these animals roaming around, but it's all part of a thought provoking installation by Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen. Creator of his own, one of a kind form of personal expression, Vanmechelen blends artistic and scientific elements to craft unforgettable visual and sensory experiences, and the Cosmopolitan Chicken Project is surely his crowning glory. Crossbreeding various regional chicken species from all over the world, this installation tells a powerful story about diversity, integration, and evolution.

Visit Wasserman Projects

Wasserman Projects is one of the leading new art galleries in Detroit and is a must-visit location for any Detroit residents or visitors with an interest in art or searching for a new experience in the city. Here are all the details you need to know about visiting the Wasserman Projects gallery:

- Location - Wasserman Projects is located at 3434 Russell St, #502, Detroit, MI 48207. The gallery is in the Eastern Market neighborhood of the city and the entrance can be found on the north side of the building.

- Opening Times - The opening times at Wasserman Projects can vary depending on the exhibitions and events going on throughout the year, but the regular opening hours are as follows: 11am to 5pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 11am to 7pm on Fridays, 11am to 5pm on Saturdays, and the gallery is closed on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.

- Contact - To get in touch with this Detroit art gallery, you can call 313 818 3550 or email You can also follow Wasserman Projects on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram for more updates, or subscribe to the email updates. website