Torch Lake is Michigan's highly popular tourist and recreational spot. Torch Lake runs for 19 miles in length and covers a surface area of 18,770 acres in total. Its maximum width is just two miles, making it very long and narrow, and its average depth is around 111 feet.

Located in Antrim County and surrounded by many different townships and villages, the lake is situated just a short drive away from Traverse City.

1. Location - Torch Lake, Michigan

Location - Torch Lake, Michigan
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Nestled snugly in one of the top corners of Michigan's Lower Peninsula, Torch Lake is one of the state's true treasures. Visitors are astonished to see such beautiful blue waters and the lake really does resemble the sort of scenes you might see on postcards from luxurious Caribbean islands, but without the cost of flying out to the Bahamas. So if you happen to be in Michigan and searching a little slice of paradise, Torch Lake is undoubtedly one of the very best spots to visit.

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2. Visiting Torch Lake

Visiting Torch Lake
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Traverse City is a great place to base yourself if you're planning a trip to Torch Lake, MI. TC, as it is commonly known, is a beautiful little town, renowned for its breweries and vineyards, and is just a short distance from this beautiful glacial lake.

The best time of year to visit Torch Lake is naturally in the warm summer months, when the days are long and the sunsets are bright. At this time of year, Torch Lake tends to be at its busiest, but it's a large location and never gets so crowded as to be unbearable.

One of the best spots at Torch Lake to enjoy is the two-mile sandbar. Featuring white, welcoming sand that also wouldn't look out of place on the shores of a Caribbean vacation resort, this sandbar is a super gathering spot for locals and tourists alike.

All sorts of activities can be enjoyed here, including swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, and fishing. Fishing is especially popular at Lake Torch, MI, with the lake housing huge populations of popular prize fish like lake trout, rock bass, steelhead, brown trout, Atlantic salmon, smallmouth bass, and many more.

Kayaking on Torch Lake is also very popular. The waters on Torch Lake can change from one day to the next depending on the wind and conditions, ranging from totally flat and calm to quite choppy, so it's important to consult the forecast and speak with local kayaking experts to learn more before setting out on your own Torch Lake kayaking adventure.

Pontoon boats and ski boats can also be rented around Lake Torch, and sailing lessons can be enjoyed here too at locations like the Torch Lake Yacht & Country Club (10280 Larson Rd, Bellaire, MI 49615).

3. Other Torch Lake Activities to Enjoy

Other Torch Lake Activities to Enjoy
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If heading out on the water of Torch Lake isn't your thing, the lake can still be enjoyed from dry land too. The sandbar is a lovely spot to set up for a few hours with a good book or good friends, admiring the views and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere all around. Other activities nearby include golf, with over two dozen courses right nearby, and hiking, with many different trails both around Torch Lake itself and a little further away at the Grass River Natural Area. As previously mentioned, nearby Traverse City also runs kayaking tours, vineyard tours, brewery tastings, and more, and plenty of great restaurants and charming little townships and villages can also be discovered and explored around Torch Lake. More Michigan day trips for couples

4. More Ideas - Torch Lake, Michigan

More Ideas - Torch Lake, Michigan
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If you happen to be interested in celebrities like Kid Rock, Michael Moore, or rap star Eminem, you may also be interested to know that all three of these men have holiday homes around Lake Torch that can be spotted from certain locations, and lots of beautiful resorts can be found nearby too. Special events will also be held at Torch Lake from time to time, and parties can sometimes be held on boats out on the lake or even on the sandbar itself in spring and summer. If you enjoy photography, you'll find the gorgeous scenery of Torch Lake will provide the perfect backdrop for any photos and selfies you want to take. In short, there’s a lot to enjoy at Torch Lake, MI and it’s definitely one of the state’s genuine gems. More Lakes in Michigan

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