These are testing times for the world around us, with countless reports and scientific studies showing that our activities over recent years have dramatically affected and harmed our world.

Clearly, changes need to be made if we wish to preserve and protect the Earth for future generations, while still enjoying many of the comforts and conveniences that make our lives safe and enjoyable, and one of the biggest areas in need of revolution is transport.

Cars, trucks, bikes, planes, and other vehicles contribute enormously to climate change, but things are finally starting to move in a positive direction, with many innovators and out of the box thinkers seeking to solve these problems and provide alternate options for those who want to drive with style and power, while also making a positive step for the environment.

Electric cars and hybrids are becoming more and more common, but work still needs to be done in this field to offer the kind of range and power that so many people crave. For a long time, the concept of an all-electric 4x4 truck seemed like a distant dream, but thanks to the incredible efforts and expertise of the design team at Bollinger Motors, that dream is coming closer to reality.

Bollinger Motors - All Electric Trucks

Based out of Detroit, Michigan, Bollinger Motors is an innovative new creator of all electric, all wheel drive trucks. Growing tired with the monotony of modern truck design and an over-reliance on old systems, with a real lack of new ideas and fresh thinking, the Bollinger Motors team decided to try something different.

They wanted to reinvent trucks, preserving everything people love about them while bringing in new features and capabilities, all in an electric, eco-friendly frame. The results of their hard work are clear to see in the Bollinger B1 and Bollinger B2, the two truck models currently under construction at Bollinger Motors and ready to be shipped out and start hitting roads, trails, paths, and any other terrain all over the globe in 2020.

With an incredible team of designers and engineers at the helm, each and every one dedicated to creating the best trucks on the planet, Bollinger Motors is set to redefine the world of trucks, making use of high grade aluminum shells, impeccable designs, flawless engineering, and electrical power to craft truly world class vehicles that will change the way we all think about trucks forever more.

The Bollinger B1

The Bollinger B1 is Bollinger Motors' sport utility truck. Here's all you need to know:

- The Design - The Bollinger B1 is designed to be the world's most capable sport utility truck, designed from the ground up with performance, convenience, and comfort in mind. It brings together all the elements of a classic utility vehicle with the flairs and flourishes of the modern world, culminating in a breathtakingly brilliant and truly cutting-edge design. Designed to be the one and only truck you'll ever need, the B1 has been the main focus of the Bolling Motors' team ever since the brand got started.

- The Specs - The B1 will feature 614 horsepower and 668 ft-lb torque. It will have an interior space of 113 cubic feet and a 5,000 payload, complete with a minimum 200 mile range. It's an all-electric, all-wheel drive, all aluminum body truck for the modern driver.

The Bollinger B1 can be reserved today through Bollinger Motors, with a deposit being taken as soon as the MSRP is announced.

The Bollinger B2

The Bollinger B2 is the second vehicle to be designed and produced by Bollinger Motors. Here's all you need to know:

- The Design - The Bollinger B2 is a pick-up truck. Designed to be the strongest, most effective, and most reliable pick-up on the planet, the B2 features the same all electric, all wheel drive, all aluminum body design as the B1, complete with impressive specs and high quality construction. It's identical to the B1 in many ways, but comes with that ever-essential pick-up capability and storage space, with more than enough room for 16-foot cargo via an innovative pass-through system.

- The Specs - Just as powerful as the Bollinger B1, the B2 offers 614 horsepower and 688 ft-lb torque. It has a towing capacity of 7,500, a payload of 5,000 pounds, an expandable bed measuring up at 96 inches, and a minimum 200 mile range.

Just like the B1, the Bollinger B2 is available for reservation right now via the Bollinger Motors site. website