New England is a very special part of America, and there are a myriad of reasons to visit this part of the country. States like Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire have a lot of history behind them, with some of the country's oldest towns and cities being established here when the first English pilgrims arrived on American soil.

This effectively makes New England the birthplace of the modern United States of America, and the region is filled with key historical sites and extraordinary old architecture.

1. Herring Cove Beach

Herring Cove Beach
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Herring Cove Beach is one of the two main beaches actually located in Provincetown. So if you're basing yourself in P-town and want a beach right nearby, without the need to hop in the car and drive a little further around Cape Cod, this is a great place to start. Herring Cove Beach is situated over on Cape Cod Bay and provides much calmer and gentler waters than Provincetown's other major beach: Race Point Beach. Due to the conditions at Herring Cove Beach, it's a fine spot for families to come, with the calm waters being just right for paddling and splashing around.

The waters are also surprisingly warm here in the summer, and the sands are nice and soft. This Provincetown beach is also fitted out with some good amenities including refreshment concessions, restrooms, and showers. An important note about Herring Cove Beach, however, is that one side of the beach tends to be more suited to the LGBT crowd, while the other side is more family-focused. It's easy to distinguish between the two sides, but everyone is welcome here and it's a nice spot to watch the sun go down.

2. Race Point Beach

Race Point Beach
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The second major beach of Provincetown, Race Point Beach is located over on the Atlantic Ocean side of the city. It's a really long beach, with miles and miles of sand to enjoy and plenty of space for people to enjoy picnics or play beach games like volleyball. This Provincetown beach definitely has a lot of appeal for wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts, with many different species of seabirds being spotted here and seals often spotted frolicking around just off the shore as well.

Often ranked as one of the prettiest beaches in New England, Race Point Beach is dotted with dunes that can be fun for families to explore and is well-suited to evening strolls as well. Despite the fact that this beach looks out to the east, it's also not a bad spot to sit and enjoy the sunset either. Surfing can be enjoyed here too, and there are several bike trails nearby to check out.

3. Wellfleet Beaches

Wellfleet Beaches
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If you're located in Provincetown and looking for another great beach nearby, the neighboring town of Wellfleet is another super spot to check out and has some of Cape Cod's prettiest beaches. Locations like Cahoon Hallow, Mayo Beach, and Marconi Beach all have their own advantages and features, will Wellfleet beaches definitely being the best option for Provincetown tourists who have already spent a lot of time on Race Point Beach and Herring Cove Beach and are looking for something a little different.

Cahoon Hallow is a pretty beach lined by a 75-foot dune and visitors will have to carefully slide their way down to actually make it onto the sand, but it's definitely worth the trip with some awesome local bars and restaurants to check out. Mayo Beach, meanwhile, is very popular in summer and attracts big crowds, being well-served with lots of excellent eateries and stores. The gentle waters here are just right for wading and swimming. The final Wellfleet beach on our list is Marconi Beach, which is situated on the Atlantic Coast and also gets pretty popular due to its astonishing views and cozy golden sands.

4. Long Point Beach

Long Point Beach
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Long Point Beach, a part of the Long Point Wildlife Refuge, is a Provincetown beach surrounded by broad prairie dotted by scattered woods. Visitors can take a nature walk through savannah and oak forest on the two-mile trail, or relax by the water or go for a swim at the beach. No lifeguards are on duty at the beach. There are also stand up paddleboard and kayak rentals available on a daily basis during the months of July and August. It's also possible for visitors to explore Long Point's Long Cove Pond on a self-guided excursion by renting a vessel.

5. North Truro - High Head Beach

North Truro - High Head Beach
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Located in North Truro, High Head Beach offers both visitors and locals a more off-the-beaten-path beach experience on Massachusetts' Outer Cape. Fishing is a particularly popular activity at the beach since the location provides excellent opportunities for surfcasting and catching bluefish or striped bass. The waters off of High Head Beach are considered some of the East Coast’s best waters for striped bass fishing. Anglers should keep in mind they will need a Recreational Saltwater Fishing Permit for Massachusetts to fish. Guests can also simply relax on the golden sandy beach and sunbathe or play in the sand.

6. More Info About Provincetown Beaches

More Info About Provincetown Beaches
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The coast of New England is made up of both rocky and sandy spaces, with incredible views and lots of pretty little resort towns waiting to be discovered. Provincetown is a prime example. Commonly known as P-town, Provincetown is one of the most popular touristic towns in all of New England. Situated right at the end of Cape Cod, Provincetown's beaches are perfect for fishing, sunbathing, looking out for local wildlife, taking beautiful photographs, watching the sun go down, and more. Provincetown has two main beaches, with several other great spots just a short drive away, and is a lovely town to simply walk around, admiring the pretty homes, visiting the local stores, or dining at one of the area’s super seafood restaurants.

Best Beaches in Provincetown

Offering gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern side and Cape Cod Bay over on the west, Provincetown beaches are beautiful places to gather with friends and family, sitting on the soft sands and admiring the views in every direction. These beaches are ranked as some of the best in the New England region and have to be classed as must-visit locations for anyone in the Cape Cod area. For scenic strolls, lazy sunbathing sessions, playful paddles in the water, and more, visit the following Provincetown beaches.

The Most Beautiful Spots in Provincetown for Getting Your Toes in the Sand & Fun things to do near me today: