Why do we travel? For some, trips and vacations are all about getting away from the rat race, feeling relaxed and soothed in a cozy hotel suite with nothing but soft sand and sunshine for company.

Others, meanwhile, see travel as a way to explore and adventure all over the globe, learning more about different nations and ways of living, visiting historic monuments, touring around national parks, and more.

Whatever your reasons happen to be to go traveling, everyone can agree that luxury travel experiences are the most desirable. When we go away, we want to have the best possible time, with magical memories each day and no compromises on quality. For the finest luxury trips and tours of key locations around Central and South America, as well as several Mediterranean countries, Blue Parallel is the name to know.

Blue Parallel - Luxury Travel in Latin America and the Mediterranean

Founded in 2003, Blue Parallel has swiftly established itself as one of the leading names in the world of bespoke luxury travel to Latin America and the Mediterranean. Creating private, exclusive, carefully crafted journeys to big cities and World Heritage Sites alike, offering all kinds of outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, and fascinating guided tours, Blue Parallel gives you behind the scenes access to some of the world's most amazing destinations.

- For Outdoor Adventurers - A big part of Blue Parallel's focus is on outdoor experiences and natural adventures of all kinds. Whether you're interested in scuba diving and snorkeling among the coral reefs of Central America, trekking through the mountains of Patagonia, or even staying overnight in the Sahara, Blue Parallel can bring your dreams to life.

- Behind The Scenes - There are plenty of luxury travel companies out there, but none can boast of the same network of contacts of Blue Parallel. Forging strong relationships with artists, athletes, chefs, and so many more professionals and talented people and businesses around Latin America and the Mediterranean, Blue Parallel is able to offer truly one of a kind experiences and access to its travelers.

- Private Tours - Many luxury travel companies put you together with other people as part of group trips around the world, but Blue Parallel knows the importance of privacy and intimacy, specializing in offering truly private tours and experiences in Spain, Argentina, Panama, and many other locations.

Examples of Luxury Travel Experiences with Blue Parallel

It's clear to see that Blue Parallel is one of the leading names when it comes to luxury travel in Latin America and the Mediterranean, with this company excelling in every single aspect of organizing luxury trips and experiences. Here are just a few of the kinds of experiences you can expect to enjoy when traveling with Blue Parallel:

- San Blas Islands Luxury Tour - The San Blas Islands Luxury Tour takes you to the stunning San Blas archipelago off the coast of Panama. There are a total of 365 islands here, one for each day of the year, but you'll get to see plenty of them in just three days after spending the first couple of nights of your trip in Panama City, staying at a luxury hotel in the Old Quarter of the city and touring the local area with a friendly guide as you build up towards your island hopping adventure later on. Optional extensions for this trip include luxury tours of Colombia, Costa Rica, and Boquete in Panama.

- Patagonia, Argentina & Chile Luxury Tour - The Patagonia, Argentina & Chile Luxury Tour takes you down to South America for a trip around some of the continent's most magical scenery. You'll visit the vibrant city of Buenos Aires for some urban adventures to start off, before heading out to the Perito Moreno Glacier and beholding the unbridled beauty and majesty of the Torres del Paine National Park for hikes, ice treks, horseback rides, and even a gourmet picnic looking out over the glacier. It’s the perfect way to see a lot of South America’s prettiest sites in a short amount of time.

- Morocco Luxury Tour - The Blue Parallel Morocco Luxury Tour takes you into the vibrant, diverse Kingdom of Morocco for an adventure quite unlike any other. You'll browse the markets of Marrakesh, explore the amazing religious and historic sites of Fes, hike and trek among the Atlas Mountains, and even spend a night out in the Sahara Desert iself. The cultural gems and hidden treasures of Morocco will hold no secrets for you as your friendly guides lead the way, taking you deep into the heart of this extraordinary nation for world class dining, accommodation, and cultural exchange. website