From the oddly named Dog Slaughter Falls and the Flat Lick Falls to the “Niagara of the South,” Cumberland Falls, KY is home to some breathtaking landscapes, featuring rolling hills, forested woodlands and glassy lakes Kentucky also boasts some spectacular waterfalls that offer excellent hiking trails, fantastic spring-time swimming, lovely picnicking spots, and great bird and wildlife watching.

1. Anglin Falls

Anglin Falls
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Located in the John B. Stephenson Memorial Forest State Nature Preserve in Rockcastle County, near Berea, Anglin Falls is a pretty 75-foot cascade fed by Anglin Creek that is best experienced after a good rainfall.

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes filled with wildflowers, Anglin Falls can be reached on an easy 0.7-mile trail with a slight incline that is located just a few miles from Berea.

The path boasts spectacular views of Anglin Falls along the way, and once at the falls, there are beautiful cliff lines and natural scenery to enjoy.

Anglin Falls is open year round, however, tend to dry up in the summer months so are best viewed in the spring after the winter snow melts. More day trips in Kentucky

John B. Stephenson Memorial Forest State Nature Preserve: 842 Anglin Falls Rd, McKee, Kentucky 40447

2. Bad Branch Falls

Bad Branch Falls
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Bad Branch Falls is set within the Bad Branch Falls State Nature Preserve in Letcher County, Kentucky. The 2,639-acre nature preserve is home to the 60-foot Bad Branch Falls, which is nestled in a stunning forested gorge on the south face of Pine Mountain in the heart of the preserve and cascades over sandstone cliffs to create a beautiful natural scene. The falls can be reached by hiking on a trail that follows the stream until the falls, surrounded by verdant forests and woods filled with mountain laurel and hemlocks. The hiking trail is of average difficulty with several strenuous elevations and rocks to scramble over and takes about 2 hours in total.

Bad Branch Falls State Nature Preserve: KY-932, Eolia, KY 40826, Phone: 606-633-0362

3. Broke Leg Falls

Broke Leg Falls
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Located in the Daniel Boone National Forest between Wellington and Ezel in Menifee County, Broke Leg Falls features several waterfalls running through a scenic canyon that can be reached by a 0.3-mile moderately trafficked out and back trail. The 60-foot cascade is set in a canyon with clear tornado evidence, such as the debris of several small trees from the destruction caused by the 2012 F-3 tornado that hit the area. Despite this, however, the hike to the waterfalls and the falls themselves are worth a visit, offering a beautiful off-the-beaten-path adventure to enjoy on a sunny day. Broke Leg Falls tend to dry up in the summer months, so are best visited after a good rainfall or post-spring melts.

Wellington, KY 40387, Phone: 606-768-9000

4. Cumberland Falls

Cumberland Falls
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Known as the “Niagara of the South,” Cumberland Falls, also known as Little Niagara or the Great Falls, is a beautiful 125-foot-wide curtain of water on the Cumberland River in southeastern Kentucky. Forming the central feature of Cumberland Falls State Resort Park and offering dramatic views both day and night, Cumberland Falls spans the Cumberland River at the border of the McCreary and Whitley counties and is the only place in the Western Hemisphere where a moonbow is regularly visible. Cumberland Falls State Resort Park also offers comfortable overnight lodging, a campground with 50 campsites with utilities, a restaurant with beautiful river views, a modern visitors center, and an array of activities, including hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and whitewater rafting on the Cumberland River.

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, McCreary County & Whitley County, Kentucky

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5. Dog Slaughter Falls

Dog Slaughter Falls
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Located near Cumberland Falls in Whitley County’s Daniel Boone National Forest, Dog Slaughter Falls is a lovely 20-foot waterfall set near the mouth of Dog Slaughter Creek that empties into the Cumberland River. Situated in the London Ranger District of the Daniel Boone National Forest, the falls are thought to be named for the loss of hunting dogs to predatory wildlife. Dog Slaughter Falls rests about 4.5 miles east of Cumberland Falls and can be reached by a 2.9-mile hike along the Sheltowee Trace, which runs from Cumberland Falls to Dog Slaughter Falls.

Daniel Boone National Forest, 1700 Bypass Rd, KY, Phone: 859-745-3100

6. Eagle Falls, Kentucky

Eagle Falls, Kentucky
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Eagle Falls is a 44-foot waterfall fed by Eagle Creek in Cumberland Falls State Resort Park. The short, lightly flowing waterfall is set downstream of Cumberland Falls and flows into the Cumberland River. The cascade is located within a beautiful gorge and can be reached on a 3-mile round trip (1.5 miles each way) on Trail 9, which features several hills and inclines, overhanging rocks and boulders to scramble, and beautiful scenery along the way, including spectacular views of Cumberland Falls. Cumberland Falls State Resort Park also offers comfortable overnight lodging, a campground with 50 campsites with utilities, a restaurant with beautiful river views, a modern visitors center and an array of activities, including hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and whitewater rafting on the Cumberland River.

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, McCreary County & Whitley County, Kentucky

7. Kentucky Waterfalls: Flat Lick Falls

Kentucky Waterfalls: Flat Lick Falls
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Located in the Flat Lick Falls Recreational Scenic Area in Gray Hawk, Jackson County, Kentucky, Flat Lick Falls is 30-foot perennial cascade and the main attraction of the Recreational Scenic Area, which attracts visitors to see the falls as well as explore the several surrounding caves and overhangs nearby. Flat Lick Falls can be reached by the Flat Lick Falls Trail, which is a 0.4-mile loop trail located near Mildred that is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding. Jackson County is home to the 56,000-acre Daniel Boone National Forest and a place of spectacular natural beauty, featuring Flat Lick Falls, Turkey Foot Campground, S-Tree Campground, and the Flat Lick Falls Trail.

Hays Road off US 421 and Hwy 1071 Junction, Gray Hawk, KY 4044

8. Seventy Six Falls

Seventy Six Falls
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Seventy Six Falls is a plunging 90-foot waterfall set on Lake Cumberland in Albany, Clinton County. Believed to either have been named for the nearby community of Seventy Six or the number of breaks, or small falls, on Indian Creek, Seventy Six Falls is surrounded by a park maintained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. A picnic area with tables, benches, and a blue-roofed shelter can be found at the point where Indian Creek drops approximately 40 feet into Lake Cumberland, creating the Seventy Six Falls. Unobstructed side-views of the falls can be enjoyed by following a path from the picnic area, behind a stone wall and down a narrow trail to the lake shore where beautiful views of the cascading waterfall can be seen.

Lake Cumberland in Albany, Clinton County

9. Star Creek Falls

Star Creek Falls
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Star Creek Falls is a 50 to 60-foot-high multi-tiered waterfall located in the beautiful Daniel Boone National Forest in Whitley County. The falls can be reached by hiking for about 2 miles along the Sheltowee Trace via Dog Slaughter Trail #414. The Sheltowee Trace is also known as the Moonbow Trail, which runs parallels to the Cumberland River and features several key attractions and interesting rock formations en route, including Godzilla Rock, which is the size of a mansion and boasts an enormous body and elongated neck that stretches out over the trail, resembling a giant lizard towering overhead. Another unusual rock formation worth seeing along the way is Star Creek Arch, which is formed by a massive boulder wedged precariously between two natural stone abutments that have likely stood for centuries.

Daniel Boone National Forest, 1700 Bypass Rd, KY, Phone: 859-745-3100

10. Tioga Falls

Tioga Falls
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Located in West Point in Hardin County north of Fort Knox and close to Louisville, Tioga Falls is a 130-foot scenic waterfall fed by Tioga Creek and is best after in the spring or after a good rain. The falls are set on land belonging to the United States Army and are sometimes off-limits due to military exercises. Tioga Falls features several drops separated by short sections of the creek, the highest of which is 30 feet tall, while the uppermost a twin fall and can be reached by following a hiking trail for about a mile.

Louisville Nashville Turnpike, West Point, KY 40177, Phone: 812-225-0149

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11. Torrent Falls

Torrent Falls
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Located the Middle Fork of the Red River next to the Red River Gorge Geologic Area in the magnificent Red River Gorge area, Torrent Falls is a 165-foot waterfall that is one of the tallest in the state along with Yahoo Falls. Set within Natural Bridge State Resort Park in Powell and Wolfe Counties, the falls are surrounded by the Daniel Boone National Forest and part of the Torrent Falls Resort, which also offers a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and birdwatching.

Natural Bridge State Resort Park: 2135 Natural Bridge Rd, Slade, KY 40376, Phone: 606-663-2214

12. Yahoo Falls

Yahoo Falls
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Located in the Big South Fork National Recreation Area in McCreary County, Kentucky, Yahoo Falls is a 113-foot waterfall and the tallest waterfall in the state. Also known as Ywahoo Falls, the seasonal waterfall has a light flow with just a trickle in summer and is best seen after a significant rainfall. Yahoo Falls can be viewed from a scenic trail that winds from the highway along the Red River Gorge to the falls, passing some interesting sights such as the Yahoo Arch, which can be reached by an out and back spur path, adding another 1.6-mile round trip to the existing hike to view Yahoo Falls.

Whitley City, McCreary County, Kentucky

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, 4564 Leatherwood Rd, Oneida, TN 37841, Phone: 423-569-9778

13. Princess Falls, Kentucky

Princess Falls, Kentucky
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Largely regarded as Kentucky’s best waterfall hike, Princess Falls is an easy 2-mile hike from the Sheltowee Trace Trailhead in McCreary County. It’s an undeniably popular route that is great for outdoorsy families hiking with young children. The trail will take hikers along the picturesque Lick Creek parallel to the Cumberland River which is dotted with several small waterfalls and eye-catching rock formations. With minute elevation changes and great stops along the way, like bridges and creeks, it’s a fantastic introductory hike to first timers which culminates at Princess Falls. To make your trip easier, try to park in the upper area to avoid trekking through thick mud that sometimes accumulates along the trail.

979 KY-92, Stearns, Kentucky 42647

14. Kentucky Waterfalls: Shanty Hollow Lake

Kentucky Waterfalls: Shanty Hollow Lake
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A sterling example of Kentucky-style serenity, Shanty Hollow Lake is a lovely getaway destination for recreation and lake-side activities. The lake, which is situated in Warren County, is 114 acres large and provides guests with an enjoyable escape to mother nature. Groups visiting Shanty Hollow Lake can enjoy multiple hiking trails, and mountain biking trails, as well as great fishing and boating opportunities. Additionally, adventurous visitors can set off to discover many waterfalls that come to life along the lake’s trails from the tail end of winter up until the early months of spring. Hikers can expect generally easy trails with a few obstacles along the way.

Bowling Green, Kentucky 42104

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15. Honeymoon Falls

Honeymoon Falls
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There’s no contesting the fact that Kentucky has tons of incredible state parks to visit. From long and strenuous hikes to quick and easy hikes, there’s a ton of variety available to lovers of the outdoors at Kentucky. However, if you’re one of those people looking for shorter and easier trails, but with just as much beauty as all the others, then the Honeymoon Falls Loop Trail could be for you. Situated in the Pine Mountain State Resort Park, this loop is a short 1.5-mile hike with two trailheads. Those looking for a bit more challenge can take the trailhead closest to the park’s lodge, which has greater elevation change. Meanwhile, the second trailhead has a simpler and more graduate change in elevation. Along the way, guests will find remnants of buildings, gorgeous plant life, and stunning views before reaching the largest waterfall in the park, the Honeymoon Falls.

Pine Mountain State Resort Park, Pineville, Kentucky 40977; Phone: 606-337-3066

The 15 of the Most Beautiful Kentucky Waterfalls near me today according to local experts:

More Ideas: Campbell House

The double-height columns of the porch instantly offer guests an insight into the elegance and luxury of the Campbell House Lexington, Curio Collection by Hilton.

The boutique hotel sits two miles away from Lexington, Kentucky’s bustling downtown and combines a rich history and Southern hospitality with new renovations and modern amenities. The fantastic service and sumptuous rooms make this hotel a favorite for all VIPs visiting the area, as the hotel also boasts an on-site 24-hour fitness center, an indoor heated pool, and an award-winning restaurant.

Thanks to its location near many sports grounds, The Campbell House is an excellent choice for guests interested in horse-racing or basketball or for those who just want to experience some of Kentucky’s signature charm.

The Campbell House has 250 total guest rooms spread across its sprawling, white-façade building. The décor throughout the establishment is influenced by both the area’s history and horseracing preoccupation, leading to equestrian and antebellum flourishes.

All the hotel’s guest rooms offer complimentary high speed Wi-Fi, coffee makers, premium cable channel on 37-inch flat screen LCD televisions, and beds with pillow-top mattresses and outsized leather headboards. Air conditioning and heating have in-room controls to adjust to all seasons, while black-out curtains on the windows allow for uninterrupted lazy mornings. The white-tile bathrooms come with bathroom necessities and hair dryers, and irons and ironing boards are also supplied for guest comfort. For security and peace of mind, all guest room doors have double-locking systems and electronic locks.

Standard rooms are available in regular or oversized options, with the only real difference being the amount of floor space around the beds. These guest rooms also have the option of one king-sized bed or two queen-sized beds, depending on the preferred sleeping arrangements.

The Campbell House’s suites are a step up in both space and amenities, and all of them are two-room suites plus a bathroom. The One King One Bedroom Suite and Two Queen Beds One Bedroom Suite come with a separate living room complete with an armchair, ottoman, and sofa to ensure maximum comfort.

The One King Bedroom Suite with Fireplace Dining represents the pinnacle of relaxed luxury, as the sprawling room features a 47-inch television, separate bath tub and shower in the bathroom, and the height of in-room dining. There is a wet bar, a kitchenette with mini refrigerator, and a dining table with chairs to ensure a sumptuous, private dining experience. The statement fireplace makes for a charming feature during the summer and a warm treat during the winter, making for a cozy and intimate feeling.

There is also a large variety of accessible accommodation available for guests with mobility, auditory, or visual needs. The king- or two queen-sized rooms have a wide range of features to help guests depending on the room type. These range from roll-in showers for wheelchair users to visual alarms and notifications to replace knocks or phone calls for guests with hearing difficulties.

Animals up to 50lbs are allowed to stay the the Campbell House. Keeping a pet in your room incurs a non-refundable deposit. Service animals are also allowed for guests with needs, and the deposit is not required under those circumstances.

Kilbern’s Restaurant offers a resplendent Southern dining, serving up traditional American fare that holds its own as a favorite spot for the locals. You’ll find fried chicken, steak, and pot-stickers, along with a buffet style brunch at weekends. No trip to Kilbern’s is complete without the famous bread pudding, and it prides itself on being one of the few true Southern dining rooms still around.

Added to the Campbell House in 2006, Bogart’s Lounge was originally designed to be an upscale nightclub. Instead, it has come into its own as a bar and lounge, offering an excellent selection of drinks and appetizers. Besides the cocktail menu, the bar is best known for its local Kentucky bourbons. Knowledgeable bartenders can recommend you the best tipples and help guide your tasting experience according to your own preferences.

Inside the Campbell House, there are fourteen different meeting and conference rooms available to hire. Private events can be booked for all manner of occasions and guests, and the 18,000 square feet of function space is ideal to rent for weddings, gatherings, and corporate events.

The set-up of rooms is very flexible, allowing for up to 500 people to attend events such as weddings or receptions. In contrast, there is a total of 26,000 square feet available to rent for meetings, meaning there is space for up to 2,100 people to attend conferences.

The hotel also has over 50 years of experience with wedding planning, so it offers help for organizing receptions, ceremonies, catering, and everything in between. Wedding hire includes a dedicated event planner, and various other staff such as floral artist, entertainers, and photographers can also be organized to help make your dream wedding a reality.

Named for a Lexington native, the Gay Brewer Jr. Course at Picadome is a mere 500ft away from the Campbell House so golf enthusiasts have easy access. The facility was originally built in 1927 and therefore offers a course with a distinctly old style. The greens undulate, the fairways are lined with trees, and landing areas are compact. With a par of 72, the 18-hole course is exciting and challenging for amateurs and pros alike.

The Campbell House in Lexington is located a comfortable two miles from the city center, making for a pleasant walk or a quick drive into downtown. There are a lot of attractions nearby that provide appeal for guests in the heart of the Bluegrass region, as well as various arts festivals which that at different points in the year.

Sports fans will be entertained by both the Commonwealth Stadium (home of the Kentucky Wildcats football team) and the Kentucky Basketball Academy. Both locations frequently hold games that are sure to entertain and enthuse, and the Commonwealth Stadium’s impressive 61,000 seating capacity means that the University of Kentucky Wildcats play in front of cheering hometown crowds.

If horse racing is more your thing, Lexington is famous for its races. The Keeneland Race Track and Red Mile Harness Race Track are within a few miles of the hotel, and the races are held fairly often. The Red Mile is notable for its harness races, in which horses pull two-wheel carts during their race. Keeneland Race Track also holds auctions for those wishing to purchase thoroughbred or bloodstock race horses.

The University of Kentucky and Sullivan University, Lexington also have campuses in the city, which make for educational and interesting trips. The University of Kentucky has fifteen libraries on campus, almost thirty thousand students and, due to its founding in 1865, boasts some beautiful architecture in the city.

The University of Kentucky is home to the UK Arboretum, which is also known as The State Botanical Garden of Kentucky or Lexington Arboretum. Consisting of 100 acres, it is open from dawn till dusk and contains a mixture of local and international flora that represent the biodiversity found both across the world and throughout America’s own states. It’s a pleasant green space to wander through or picnic in, though the heat during the summer can be oppressive.

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Distillery is fifteen miles east of the Campbell House and offers tours around its premises to give guests an insight into the making of Kentucky bourbon. The tour provides a history of the drink, an insight into flavors and the bottling process, and a tasting of the distillery’s award-winning craft bourbon for guests over 21. The standard tours last for an hour, though there are other options that span two hours and provide a more in-depth look at Kentucky’s best-known spirit.

1375 South Broadway Road, Lexington, Kentucky 40504, Phone: 859-255-4281

More Ideas: Ashley Inn Bed and Breakfast

The Ashley Inn Bed and Breakfast is in a quiet corner of Kentucky’s Bluegrass Region, located on-site at the Meadow Lake Equestrian Center. While the site’s history dates back to 1840, the hotel was built in 2007 to combine modern amenities with classic Southern charm.

The small, welcoming bed and breakfast sits in Lancaster, KY amid 130 acres of surrounding grounds. The peaceful garden, small size and beautiful lake make this the perfect getaway for couples or families seeking a relaxing change of pace, while Lexington is also nearby enough for those seeking the buzz of a city.

The Ashley Inn has six rooms in total which include five unique guest rooms with private bathrooms and one other which welcomes pets. All the guest rooms are decorated in unique ways and feature washrooms with over the bath showerheads (except when stated) and plenty of space. The delicious breakfast is provided for guests in the main dining area of the inn.

The Savannah room caters to couples celebrating weddings, honeymoons or anniversaries. The king-sized bed sits in a room with two especially large closets and plenty of space to take a private breakfast in. The windows provide a northeasterly view, showing trees and acres of rolling countryside. The pale pink and green color scheme accentuates the rustic, heavy wood furniture and the décor is cute without being kitsch.

The Tara Room, in contrast, aims to be family-friendly as it has space to sleep four people. Thanks to its queen-sized bed, twin bed and trundle bed (which slides underneath the twin bed to create more room during the daytime), there are ample spaces to sleep. The Tara bathroom is located across the hall and there is a back staircase that leads to the room’s door. Views show the surrounding grounds and the western facing windows are designed to showcase the beautiful Kentucky sunsets. The Tara Room is decorated in delicate eggshell blues, with a medium wood floor and charmingly mismatched but complementing furniture.

The Dreamer Room reigns over the whole inn, holding court at the top of the grand entry’s curved staircase. The king-sized room is designed to be charming and handsome, with a dark four-poster bed, large fireplace and decorated in shades of peach and oak. Additional seating space is available outside at the top of the staircase, while the room itself contains an additional twin bed to sleep three people. For a fee, another stowaway bed can be added for family or friends’ vacations, sleeping up to four people.

This versatility is continued in the Secret Garden Room, which can sleep two people in either two twin-sized beds or one king-sized bed. The en suite bathroom and bedroom both come with large windows offering views over the reflecting pond and luscious acres of the Meadow Lake Equestrian Center. They also showcase the ‘secret’ English Garden of its name, highlighting the courtyard and fountain. The bedroom is located in the back corner of the house and is only accessible via the back staircase, to ensure privacy and seclusion. Bright yellows and light wood furniture foster a sense of both optimism and serenity for guests staying in this room.

In its own building, The Veranda Room is located away from the main house, with walls six inches thick to maximize privacy and quiet. Decorated in verdant apple and autumnal tangerine with crisp white wicker accents, Southern elegance oozes from this room. The private en suite bathroom has two sinks and the extra-large guest room boasts a king-sized bed as well as a separate seating and living room area complete with television. It serves as an ideal peaceful getaway from busy city life, with views of the English courtyard and fountain.

Finally, The Aviary is the hotel’s pet-friendly suite which allows dogs. It comes with a double bed, dresser, seating area and en suite bathroom with a shower, but no bathtub. As a ground-level room, The Aviary is very accessible and has a door opening onto the Meadow Hills Equestrian Center and a private patio, which faces west for fantastic views of the sunset. Furnished with a cast-iron bed, the décor contrasts pale blue-grey walls with dark furniture and drapes.

Ashley Inn Bed and Breakfast has been a popular site for weddings in Kentucky for several years, due to its stunning period architecture and sprawling green grounds. The hotel can cater to parties of all sizes, from an intimate elopement ceremony up to hundreds of guests celebrating the big day.

Wedding planning services include scheduling vendors, organizing catering, hiring photographers and finalizing details. Wedding rental includes a bridal dressing room and exclusive use of the Carriage House, which is complete with a limestone patio, cocktail tables and restrooms. There is also day use of the grounds included, which have many excellent spots for photo opportunities.

Outdoor weddings can take place in several locations which include by the weeping willows which grow lakeside, on the manicured front lawn of Antebellum Mansion or underneath a secluded canopy of tree branches.

There are also indoor wedding locations offered, which are either inside a traditional tobacco barn or within the newly-constructed carriage house pavilion that can accommodate up to 400 guests.

Overnight accommodations are also available to wedding parties, though they are limited due to the small size of the hotel.

Besides weddings, Ashley Inn also has provisions to host corporate meetings and other private events. Elegant spaces are available for business meetings, which can be catered by the inn. Ashley Inn is an ideal location for exploring the Bluegrass area while also talking business.

Most guests staying at Ashley Inn Bed and Breakfast stay due to its position on-site at Meadow Lake Equestrian Center. The full-service facility is dedicated to helping riders of all levels achieve their goals, and as such offers lessons, camps and training programs.

All activities have a focus on riding safely and so are taught by professional staff. Riding lessons offered include dressage, jumping, trail riding, vaulting and classes dedicated to overcoming past fears of riding. Guests at the Ashley Inn may be interested in taking small group or private riding lessons on the well-cared for horses, no matter their previous experience level.

There are also shows hosted at Meadows Lake periodically, for competitive equestrians. Riders with their horse stabled at Meadows Lake are able to go for trail rides around the area and soak up all the beautiful Bluegrass countryside.

Lancaster itself is the seat of Garrard County, Kentucky, with a population of less than 3,500 people. However, it’s very close to Lexington, which has far more to do for guests seeking to get a taste of the southern Kentucky charm. The second-largest city in Kentucky is home to many horse races such as the Kentucky Horse Park, The Red Mile and Keeneland. If horse racing isn’t for you, it also has the largest dedicated basketball arena in the US, Rupp Arena, where you can try and catch a game. June-time visitors to the city can catch the Festival of Bluegrass which celebrates the state’s local music scene, or watch the spectacle of Lexington Pride Festival in late June. There are many other arts and cultural events throughout the year, cementing Lexington’s status as a cosmopolitan city.

Lexington is also packed to the brim with museums and historic sites. The Aviation Museum of Kentucky and the University of Kentucky Art Museum host impressive collections, while the Lexington Public Library and First African Baptist Church boast interesting architectural and social histories. Front of house staff at Ashley Inn Bed and Breakfast can help guide visitors keen to see Lexington and offer advice on the most notable sights.

128 Ashley Inn Way, Lancaster, KY 40444, Phone: 800-548-4922

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